Gday there! If you’re thinking about
applying for the farm household allowance here’s a few tips to help you
get started. There are a lot of benefits with
receiving the farm household allowance. It’s worth taking the time on your
application to make sure that it’s correct. The best way to apply is online. I know everything’s online these days but the applications are easy to process which means you’ll get to find out the outcome sooner. You will need a mygov account to
claim online. They’re easy to set up and you can do it right here from the kitchen table. You also need to register and link your centerlink online account to your mygov account. You will need your CRN for this. If you don’t have these
don’t panic you can get help setting up online claiming at a service center or
Centrelink agent. And when you’re ready to claim farm household allowance a rural financial counsellor can also assist you. G’day Sally. Hi Dave, so have you got all your documents prepared? They can even visit you on the farm and go through the application with you. There’s a checklist of the
documents needed depending on your situation. It helps you work out what
documents you have to send in. It’s important that you send all of your
documents in at the time that you lodge your claim. This will help avoid any
delays in processing your application. Anyway, catch you later! Centrelink has more information about
claiming farm household allowance and using my Gov on our website