The Madison School District makes a
large number of assistance programs available to students and their families.
In some cases a family socioeconomic level, or how much money a family makes,
may be one factor used when deciding whether a student or family is eligible
for a program. These programs include Madison Metro bus passes, student fee
waivers such as for instrument rental, field trips or MSCR programs and
access to educational programs such as Avid Tops and ACT preparation classes.
If you are not comfortable providing access to your students free or reduced
lunch status but are still interested in getting a fee waiver you can choose from
one of the following options. Providing information about whether you currently
receive public assistance programs such as food share. Proof is required that you
are receiving these benefits prior to receiving the waiver or you may request
consideration based on other special circumstances that you would like to
discuss with the school principal or a staff member in the district’s
accounting office. Approval by the principal or the accounting office is
required prior to receiving the waiver. If you wish to withhold your information
or do not request specific waivers your student will not be eligible for Madison
Metro bus passes, student fee waivers and access to educational programs.