what’s going on guys Brian here back
with yet another online arbitrage sourcing tutorial now the last video I
think I took you through snag shout the video before that I took you through VIP
on which are two great coupon sites that you can use to do coupon arbitrage on
Amazon however today I’m gonna run you through a bulk deal site now a bulk deal
site is a little bit different from a coupon site I personally enjoy sourcing
from the coupon sites better but you can find great great deals with a bulk deal
site as well and I use both deal sites to supplement my products and you know
acquire more arbitrage products so I can scale up and make more money faster it’s
a great way it depends on what you like I personally prefer the coupon sites
which there’s about I think like 18 in the course right now and there’s also
like four or five bulk deals sites if not six I don’t remember the exact
number because I’m constantly adding them in the course now but the course is
online arbitrage pro it’s not coupon arbitrage Pro so I’m gonna give you all
the ways that you can source products and all the ways that you can make money
with online arbitrage on Amazon so today we’re gonna deal with both deal with a
bulk deal site now a bulk deal site for the people that don’t understand the
difference between a coupon site and a bulk deal site with a coupon site you’re
simply buying coupon products that are you know specifically sold on Amazon so
that means that typically speaking you’re only buying one item at a time
and you’re buying a bunch of one item at a time on a but on a coupon site it’s
very very easy to find products with great margins but you have to buy a
bunch of them usually sometimes you can find one where you can buy a quantity of
five or ten or more than that but typically speaking it’s about one you
know to two or three max per item you have to buy a bunch of those items which
is definitely great it’s why I love it but you do have to you know you can only
buy small quantities with a bulk deal site you’re gonna spend a lot more of
your time finding good items so you might not find an item for five to ten
minutes you’re not just gonna hop on the site and see a perfect item there there
there and there and claim them all and then you know all of them have a profit
margin of at least ten bucks with a book deal site you’re gonna have to sort you
know sort through a little bit search a little bit but once you find one item or
two items or three items you can buy a bunch of those items and then you can
flip them very quickly so it’s a very very different aspect from the coupon
sites they’re both very very good use them both and I use them both but it’s
just different tool to your arsenal so today I literally didn’t sort through
this at all I just picked a bunch of them
you know what these are gonna look like and I just literally grabbed a bunch
from the homepage that looked look legit this one looks you know Samuel legit –
obviously it depends on you know where you’re at in the process so you know
some people ask me you know the number one question I usually get is what can
what do I need to start this you know how much money do I need to invest in
the product so I can be profitable and make money and the answer is anything
you can invest anything it’s a return on your investment business so if you have
50 bucks is what I always say you can take that 50 bucks and turn it into like
200 or 300 or 400 each products different and everything is going every
situation is gonna be different but then obviously once you make that 300 bucks
you can take the 300 bucks that you turned your $50 into and then you know
reinvest that 300 bucks back in no more products and then turn that into a
thousand bucks and it’s a scale up process from there
if you have five grand instead of 50 bucks obviously you can afford to spend
more on products thus increasing your return on your investment and you can
scale a lot faster but it just depends on where you are in the process it’s a
return on your investment business you could start with 50 you can start with
5,000 it’s really up to you and what you’re comfortable with and what you’re
working for so if I had five grand to invest and sometimes I invest five grand
and in the next expense video I’m going to go over yeah the month I think it’s a
month of March where I spent over eight grand this is month of month of March
for 2018 because I’m going through all my expenses for the back end of online
arbitrage for last year so you guys can see the back end of it but I spent over
eight grand and some of those were on both deal sites so it’s a great great
way to do it but if you know five eight grand to invest obviously this might be
a product I look into because you know you’re dropping 150 bucks per product
but the return on your investments potentially I haven’t looked into this
product so I don’t even know if I can sell it yet or it’s a good product but
it’s potentially 350 bucks so you’re investing more but you can make more but
obviously the coupon sites the majority of the time you’re spending a dollar or
two dollars on products and if you guys haven’t checked out my let my latest
expense video where I literally show you every purchase I’ve made pretty much in
the month of February 2018 and just how little you have to spend there were
products on there that were like eight cents and ten cents to make like 10
bucks super super easy and super super profitable I’ll drop a card up in the
right-hand corner right now also link that in the description below but like I
said I pulled a bunch of these these products right here didn’t check them
yet I’ve no what they’re gonna look like I just
picked a bunch off the homepage right here that looked like they were good
margins like this woman probably wasn’t that great of a margin because you’re
spending 20 bucks to make 15 you could still be profitable make money off this
but I’m looking for margins that are you know semi good so I think I grabbed this
one whatever this was the fast and the furious it was like 20 and it usually
retailed it was right here so this might be one that I look at like you’re
spending 30 to make to make 30 because retail is usually at 60 same thing with
here this is a little bit more you’re spending 40 to make 50 because it
retails at 90 stuff like that I think I pulled this 130 to make 72 idaite this
here it is right here that fascinate fury so you’re spending 20 to make 40
because the retail is that 60 usually so stuff like that I just pulled them we’re
gonna run through them here in a second i’ma show you exactly my approach to
each item so you get a better feel you know kind of a walkthrough of potential
problems that might you know arise with certain products whether I think that
they’re good investments or bad investments and give you the kind of raw
take on how to source for online arbitrage furthermore I am still running
a coupon code sale until Christmas there’s still couple claim codes left a
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so hop on that now and you can get that 50% off let’s hop in and start sourcing
let’s check this one first Fast and the Furious ultimate ride collection you’ll
see some of them I like to especially on select deals and this is one of the bulk
deal sites from the course I like to go after the ones that are already selling
on Amazon because they know that they retail on on
at a specific price and I can get them cheaper through the coupon code on slick
deals or whatever the bokya slider coupon code site that you’re using
sometimes you’ll notice that they’re selling on eBay sometimes they’re
selling on Target and other websites and those are fine too you just have to sort
through them and search a different way and I’ll show you how to do that here in
a second so typically if they were on a different site you can search the name
but since this is on Amazon we can just click see deal and take us to Amazon and
you’ll see here that it’s selling for $19.99 but it retails usually at 60
bucks so what I like to do here is the very first thing that I like to do is I
like to check to see for this specific bulk deal site if it actually retails at
that specific price and of course I’m not logged in to Cam Eliezer so let’s
just take this URL and we’ll search in camel camel camel usually I just have
the extension going but for whatever reason I forgot to sign in like an idiot
this so this and this basically all Cam Eliezer and camel camel camel dogs to
show you the the what it typically sells at in the history of the of the sale
price so you know that okay it’s it they’re claiming that it retails at 60
but it actually does typically retail at 60 so this is a good example of this
it’s right now currently selling for twenty bucks $19.99 but typically
speaking it retails a lot higher sometimes it’s in between fifty and
sixty most months but recently it looks like it’s been around forty bucks
sometimes thirty bucks so there’s still a margin there but typically speaking it
retails higher than twenty so this might be a good product it’s not the best
product we can find a better one but let’s assume just for you know example
here on the video that this what did typically retail at sixty bucks what
would the next step be well the next step is you’re going to check to see if
you can sell it and we’re gonna take the Asin and we’re gonna see if we can sell
it and you cannot sell this you need to request approval so that’s a bad
Prochnow if we could sell this just to give you another example if we could
sell this we ran through the sales you know what the normal price is in that
chat in that part of the checklist we check to see if we can sell it now
obviously you can’t sell this product let’s pretend for a second that you
could what would the next step be well the next step would be how many does it
sell so you can use a jungle Chrome extension and it has a lot of
monthly sales 6000 so it sells a shitload it’s 125 G’s in revenue monthly
so this be a perfect product and that’s why I recommend the jungle Scout Chrome
extension because it literally puts the specific number in sales velocity on
that product so you know that it’s good by now this is a bad example of a
product because it obviously is something that’s that’s has a brand
around it so you’re probably not gonna be able to sell fast and furious stuff
but typically speaking you will find good products and you can always to guys
this question I get a lot of my course you can always file and request approval
for certain categories and get unguided it’s very very easy actually let’s try a
different one this is probably another bad example because it’s a puma and you
can’t typically sell brand name products like Nike or anything like that on
Amazon but let’s just run through it like it was an example so you know to
give you you know a bunch of different raw feels or what you might be able to
sell so if this sells on ebay actually so what we’re gonna do is we’re not
gonna you can’t click to see the listing on Amazon but we’re gonna search Amazon
for this listing and is that the white ones that’s it alright yeah that’s it so
we can buy this for twenty five fifty on eBay with a coupon code or or just
that’s the deal running right now it retails I’m a ten-and-a-half and that’s
typically on average obviously I wouldn’t wear these happy reselling them
but just for you know just to kind of see so what is Amazon Prime which is a
great thing it’s got eight customer reviews so it shows that the person’s
invested in the listing obviously Pumas probably selling this even though it
says sales for it is um it’s 85 bucks so that is a profit margin if you buy it
for twenty five fifty on eBay of about sixty bucks this is a great product now
the next thing that we want to see is can we sell it and what’s the sales
velocity so the it is ranked in 150 in clothing shoes and jewelry so my typical
rule of thumb is stay below 100,000 BSR from category to category because most
categories have different sales velocities and that’s just a safe bet
but if you have the gentle sell Chrome extension you can just run the numbers
and see for yourself see this is a good example because if you didn’t if you
assumed that this was a bad product because it’s above 100,000
but if you run the numbers you’ll see that it has about 60 monthly sales a
little bit under five a day roughly and it does have a monthly revenue of five
thousand so this isn’t a bad product you can sell this it wouldn’t move fairly
quickly next thing we want to check is can we sell it so let’s run it into
seller central and see and it does look like you need to request approval to
sell this as well now another example you can request approval on shooting and
close typically the the major brands and Puma might be one of them is like Nike
Adidas anything like that you’re gonna have to have to show and prove a valid
sourcing chain but you know if you’re not you’re not selling Nike or adidas
you’re just selling like a different brand name typically you can request
approval and get approved to do that and that’s something that you know we can
discuss when you get to that step however in my experience it’s not that
difficult with most brands if they’re not like Nike or any to talk to your
brand’s now this is another example of something you probably couldn’t sell
because it’s canon and this is men’s vapor this might be a good one because
I’ve never heard of Merrill maybe you have but we’re gonna just sort through a
bunch to see what happens and this is not selling on Amazon so we’re gonna
need to search for it but just to keep in mind too and like I
said it’s online arbitrage Pro it’s not Amazon arbitrage Pro even though 90% of
the stuff is sold from Amazon and I bought by an on Amazon in the course
because it’s literally super super easy you’re seeing seeing things that sell on
Amazon what their normal price is what you can buy that and what the sales
velocity is so you’re pretty much guaranteed to sell that at a profit
that’s why I love it that way that’s what exactly I teaching the online
arbitrage Pro however I teach other things to ITT selling on eBay a little
bit on Macari and on Poshmark slightly because there are other sales you know
tools that you can use in your arsenal to flip products differently so if you
find a great product where for this specifically if I were doing this I
might buy this and then flip it back on eBay if I know that the you know I can’t
sell on Amazon and I don’t know that yet we’re in check but if I’m buying it I
know that it retails typically at like 200 300 bucks and I can get it for 60
because it’s a good Christmas deal I might buy like two or three of these
maybe five of these and then just list them on eBay and whenever they sell I’m
gonna make that markup even buy something for 200 bucks that’s $140
profit margin on each printer on eBay and you can obviously sell anything on
eBay you don’t need to request approval whereas on Amazon you do need to request
approval with the brand owner so something to keep in mind let’s check
that out Neil yeah glass of water or something that is the
right printer right I think it is canon ProSeries that’s the right printer yeah
our brights let’s check it so retails at 308 that’s a great profit margin which
typically means it probably retails if we took it in to ebay probably retail
somewhere similar on eBay I’m not gonna take it on eBay cuz it’s
just you know even if it only sold for 200 bucks on eBay it’s still a $140
profit margin uh check the SI an can we sell it and since this Canon I’m
assuming you’re gonna need request approval but in my experience as long as
it like I said as long as it’s not like Nike Nike approves like literally nobody
you can request approval and have a good chance of selling it
but like I said you can you can buy this for a margin flip it back on eBay which
also has the sales high sales velocity float you can’t flip it on Poshmark cuz
pockmarks mainly clothes but you could also flip it on my car
and I’ve seen a lot of stuff lately selling my car it’s been wild where am I
at so if I were gonna buy this and let’s
check the sales velocity even though just pretending here even though we
can’t sell this back on Amazon let’s requested approval and doesn’t typically
show me it doesn’t have a sales velocity here and this would be one that I
wouldn’t necessarily want to sell on Amazon anyway because it’s deceiving
it’s not 23 in computers and accessories it’s 23 in the subcategory of computers
and accessories so remember to check that when you’re looking and like I said
this is the very different than coupon arbitrage but it’s still very good
because like I said if you find one deal where your profit margins 140 bucks you
don’t have to buy one of those you can buy ten of those if you want and 10
times 50 so let’s just hypothetically say I was gonna flip this back on ebay
for example not Amazon this time 10 times 60 roughly is 600 bucks I’m
spending 600 bucks and what is the profit margin let’s say
I sell it on eBay for 200 bucks so the margin would be 140 what’s 140 times 10
that’s 1,400 bucks on if you can see that for dropping what was it 600 600
bucks to make 1,400 bucks in one buy like that super super easy now just for
for shits and giggles let’s see if it actually does sell on eBay
for that and if it does maybe I might even buy this to be honest but let’s
just check I’ve never sold anything this expensive on Macari but you know I’d be
interested to try but I have seen a lot of sales on Vicari lately here we go
boom it’s selling for there’s a lot of listing on on ebay very very highly but
like I always say check the sold and completed items don’t just assume so
brand new this is selling what did I say roughly 200 bucks so this sold for 185
this sold for 201 literally two days ago so that’s $140 profit margin I honestly
might buy 5 to 10 of these after the video I’m not gonna do it right now cuz
it’s gonna show you exactly my address is but that’s a great product to buy you
can buy it for 60 bucks because they’re selling this at a discount right now
flip it back on oh no you can’t sell this one on on Amazon even though a lot
of them that you can and like I said it does take a little bit of time to
find a great deal once you find a great deal you can buy five to ten and make
that thousand dollars like that super super easy but I can sell lists buy a
bunch of these new lists them back on eBay for two hundred bucks or even maybe
one ninety to get a little bit lower than some of the other offers out there
and obviously I’d make that one forty profit margin roughly if I wanted to
sell for 150 well then that’s you know or 116 even that’s still a hundred
dollar profit margin for every printer that I bought now with the coupon
arbitrage you’re not you’re not investing 60 bucks per product which is
you know somewhat high for most people like I said you’re dropping $0.10 dollar
two dollars typically speaking your coupon products when you’re doing coupon
arbitrage are gonna be between one to five dollars to make a profit margin of
at least ten so a lot of those retail for like anywhere from 15 to 30 bucks
roughly and you’re buying them from one to five and that’s like 90% of the
course online arbitrage Pro first link in the description like I said guys use
the coupon code Mary there’s only ten claim codes I don’t know if everybody’s
claiming them yet but there should be a couple left at the time of creating this
video I think that there was only five or six of them claims but it’s a great
great way to make extra money on top of your coupon products because if you’re
using all the coupon sites you might be able to make five to ten grand for sure
but you can also supplement some of your income and make another extra couple
thousand with some bulk deal sites and that’s what I like to do and I’m
actually gonna buy five to ten of these after I end this video let’s check three
more really fast or maybe two more since we found one decent one let’s check this
one I’ve never heard of these shoes before and these don’t sell on Amazon
there’s some on Merrill which is I’m assuming the brand website so what we’re
gonna do is I want to check on Amazon for them let’s move this over so I
remember that okay this looks like the same shoe right there let’s see what
they typically sell for I’m gonna go like ten this time so typically they
sell for fifty bucks you can buy them here for forty so that’s not really
worth my time in my opinion and like I said this is one of the annoying things
about the bulk deal sites is you do have to sort through for about you know ten
minutes maybe but once you find that one product all you need is one product you
can buy multiples those products whereas with the coupon
sites you can buy you know a hundred of single one-off products all with the
margin of 100 bucks and I typically I usually buy about 20 to 30 of those a
day from all the coupon sites in the course there’s about I think like 18 to
20 of them and there’s about four to six bulk deal sites in the course I
typically usually usually do coupon sites like ninety percent of my buyers
are from coupon sites and I supplement with about ten percent of other stuff
like this can in printer I’m gonna buy for you know another you know 10% of my
buys but they’re both great ways to make money you probably can’t sell this as
well because it is a brand but it is on Amazon so let’s check it really fast and Sims 4 that’s the Sims 4 so it retails
for 50 and this is a download right this is a download online game code yeah it’s
a download so that’s probably a bad bad call cuz it’s down then we’re gonna
avoid that but what I might have been making this video it might have been
like a 10 to 15 minute video I already found one product and I barely was even
searching through it I didn’t even sort through on slick deals I’d literally
just grab stuff off the homepage and check them I’m probably gonna buy 5 to
10 of these let’s say just to run the numbers again let’s say I spent 10 bucks
on these so just give you the numbers raw fifty nine times ten is five hundred
ninety bucks obviously right so I spent five hundred
ninety bucks to make back let’s say I list it for one night need to stay a
little bit low so one ninety times ten so five hundred ninety bucks to make 19
hundred bucks for a grand total of thirteen hundred and ten dollars profit
obviously before eBay fees and some of the shipping fees which shouldn’t be too
expensive because typically I like to ship my products out on eBay
I literally ship like almost everything as the what’s the the the cheapest
shipping not not retail it’s a drawing a blank here
meet email meet email so I always should meet the email you don’t have to but
just what I like to do super super cheap super super easy and if you can fit in a
box and ship it Media Mail it’s like it’s like a dot it’s like usually like
two to five bucks so great profit margin great product I’m gonna buy this as soon
as I hop off the video if you have any questions on arbitrage at all whether
it’s coupon sites or both deals let me know down in the comments
I would love to answer them for you on top of that if you guys want to make
five to ten grand a month right from your computer doing online arbitrage
like I’m showing you right here it blows my mind that people aren’t doing this
themselves and hopping on it themselves but I will walk you through everything
step by step give you all the tools you know all every literally everything I
know you know about twenty-two roughly coupon or twenty two sites in total so
coupon sites there’s about eighteen roughly maybe four to six bulk deal
sites that will literally uncap your earning potential and let you make five
to ten grand a month right from your computer doing online arbitrage it’s
super super simple guys use the coupon code meri to get 50% off and with that
being said I’ll see in the next one