You’re back You want to divorce You sell Qinglian to a brothel Forcing her to swallow herself You pretend to be okay You’re for a niece To divorce me Lewdness, jealousy, nonsense You made three I can’t stand it Pack up immediately Leave here This is a wedding from the emperor I will explain to the emperor I will not leave when I marry Fucha You want to divorce Unless i die In your eyes Is it so easy to die The life of a niece is also a life Aren’t you afraid of going to bed at night and having nightmares? Why are you laughing I’m afraid of having nightmares at night It was in the Forbidden City The master is dead in a word They are not afraid, are they on board? Besides Qinglian murdered An Er If it weren’t for me Your mother killed her long ago I never believed she would push An Ershui She was taken out of the house I thought it was a good thing I never thought you were so crazy A born cheap bone It’s perfect for delivery to a brothel Died so early Cheap her. You need not say Pack your luggage right away I won’t go now You just entered the military aircraft, and you are not stable. Can’t wait to divorce Still for a niece If it goes out Someone sue you Inadequate governance By the time I see if you, the military minister, can sit still, I order you to leave immediately I told you many times Even if i die I am also your wife You are a woman Since you don’t want to leave, I have to ask someone to send you away Come in. excuse me She is no longer young lady Are you crazy Let go of me I won’t leave you I won’t leave you He took a break from me He is going to take a break from me She is generous Actually poison Qinglian is just a niece You just want to put your wife off because of such a woman This woman by your side Hate for jealousy Rumors She is not worthy of being my wife at all If I keep her Is a scourge left behind Listen to what he said As soon as you arrive at the military plane, you must give up your domineering In the future, you do n’t need it anymore. Bad family Why be an official and take her away! No, let mom go to rest Why are you so cruel You can’t drive me away You can’t drive me away Have a mother like you preach Not good for children’s growth Take him away No one of you can hold her, he is my son He is my son Third brother, you are too much So you are to your wife You sympathize with this crying woman Have you ever seen her take away an innocent life? That smug and ugly face Have you experienced it with your heart Same flesh and blood How sad Qinglian’s parents will be After you have read the sage books for so many years, you learn to distinguish Black and white unknown? Qinglian I tell you you Even if I divorce, I have to wait for me to die Don’t try to escape me in your life Don’t miss me go Third brother, it is very painful to destroy love But do you really want to kill your wife for a niece? today If she really died Not to mention retaliation The reputation of the entire Fucha Province will be ruined once Er Qing do not worry I will never let him divorce you mom I know I know You too disappoint me She is your wife who brought you in the big red flower sedan There are always millions of hers. You must forgive him. What your mother said You heard everything I can’t divorce her Really From today She lives in a temple Eat Zhai Nian Buddha all your life Atonement for myself