So what’s going on guys welcome back to the channel your boy Gaza plays back with another video for you all today Now today’s video is going to be Epic because I got two free items inside of roblox that you guys can get easy guys This is gonna be super easy. But listen up I have some huge news I’m not gonna actually tell you guys about the news in the video But one thing I can say is you guys need to be subscribed because something epic is about to drop I’m doing a little collaboration and guys it’s gonna be epic That’s all I gotta say about that. But moving all y’all know we gotta do what we gotta do We got the subscriber of the day. So today’s subscriber of the day is Faith Dockery guys So big shout out to Faith Dockery if you guys want a chance to become the subscriber of the day all y’all gotta do of course is subscribe to the channel Hit that notification bell leave a like and definitely drop a comment because you need to do all those things if you want to become the Subscriber of the day. Alright guys, so let’s get into the part of the video You guys definitely wanna see so the first item I’m gonna be showing you guys is how to get a fedora This is a brand new fedora. I know you guys saw my very last video if you didn’t see it You definitely need to see it i’ll hop a link in the description below. So you guys can get yourself another Fedora So guys listen up here’s what we’re gonna do right now we’re gonna head to the catalog and actually Find ourselves The brand new fedora you could actually just go here and type the name in but maybe you cannot find it like that So I’m gonna actually gonna use the link that I have in the description below. So here we go Let me use that link and there we go we got the brand-new fedora. It’s the international fedora Indonesia if you guys do not know they’re actually releasing like roblox in to different countries like that So that’s why they’re bringing out these new fedoras right now so soon they should be bringing out another fedora now I’ll make another video on it so you guys could definitely you could search the International fedora Indonesia inside the search box or you could just use the link in the description anyone you can do So as you guys can see I got on the last fedora that regard. I didn’t even take it off my head So let me get this bad boy right now. Does it cost any robux guys? It’s 100% free So let’s clean that right now and we could actually try this on should we try it on right now let’s try it on I guess I think we should just try it on. So here we go to international fedora This is the last one we got from the video and let’s put that bad boy on and let’s see how it looks guys So there it goes we do have on some other items right now So let’s go to hats and let’s take off my neon Fedora, which is my custom characters fedora So here we go, guys. There it is. We got the brand new fedora on my character. It looks pretty nice But of course we gotta go back to our bad boy neon Fedora Cause that’s the custom hat or fedora that I use for my character. So I’m gonna leave that alone right there So now guys that’s the first item right now. We’re gonna move on to the second item that you guys can get So I’m gonna pull up this page you guys gonna need to head to roblox com/ Promo codes head to this page. So you guys can catch your second item 100% free so there we go guys. I’m gonna actually paste in the code right now So there we go guys. We got game stop backpack 2019 I’ll have this code down below or it will actually be up on the screen somewhere You guys can definitely see it much better like that. So I’m actually going to redeem this right now and there we go So I’m gonna head to my catalog after we redeem that so let me go to catalog right now, and it’s not even catalog I’m supposed to be going to it’s supposed to be Avatar. So here we go. I’m at avatar and there we go We got the coffin backpack it’s definitely not going to be replacing the backpack that I have right now So but it actually does look really cool. So let’s equip this bad boy right now so there we go guys here is the coffin backpack if you didn’t have no backpack before this is your opportunity to get one and this is coming over Bright in time because August September, I mean we got a lot of time left, but in October It’s going to be Halloween guys. So you definitely probably want to get this for that time, but I won’t be wearing this Of course because I got my very own backup that I should be wearing for my custom character So let me go to my back and let’s unequip that and let’s put on my glowing neon fedora backpack but if you guys enjoyed this video definitely drop the subscribe hit that notification bell leave a like and Definitely comment down below big shoutout once again to our subscriber of the day Faith Dockery and guys, like I said You need to be a subscriber on the channel Something big is coming like you guys gonna really really enjoy this So be on the lookout for the upcoming videos, I told you guys about this and there’s something else added on that I did not tell you guys about so be ready for it guys. It’s going to be super huge So thank you guys for watching this video and I’ll catch you all next time.