what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today we’re gonna do another online arbitrage sourcing tutorial it’s
been probably about a month or so since I’ve done the last one and I figured it
was time to add another one to the list and you know the tutorials of that
playlist so if you guys are interested the entire playlist is always linked in
the description for these it will run you through you know probably about 20
to 30 now online arbitrage sourcing tutorials that will literally show you
how I find products online that make me about five to ten grand a month through
online arbitrage now we’re gonna use snag shout today I’m gonna run you
through another tutorial and I basically just ran through in the last five
minutes and picked a bunch of them that look like semi-decent it’ll give us you
know different examples of good products and I’ve also outlined some here that
are actually bad products that you might not necessarily see at first glance so
I’m gonna explain why they’re bad products and why you should potentially
stay away from them and the types of problems that can arise if you try to
source a product like this so we’ll run through what is there about nine here
nine examples from snag shop now before we actually jump into the tutorial and
what we actually do I have actually launched the premium course online
arbitrage Pro back on teachable so I put it all on teachable organized a lot
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course but if you want to get online arbitrage Pro 50 percent off act now
because they do go fast so let’s move on to the sourcing tutorial now we’re gonna
use snap shout like I said so what I like to do on snag shout is I’ll do
three things right I always click show prime only because sometimes you can get
dropship products from Aliexpress so always click the show prime only right
here then I either go sourcing from biggest savings percentage biggest
savings by dollar since that and then sometimes you can be spending more so
you might be hanging like five to ten bucks potentially on a product but the
margin is a lot higher or I’ll go lowest first solo acerous means like you’re
you’re paying like like 25 cents or 99 cents or 50 cents usually is where it
starts sometimes they’re free every once in a while that’s lowest first so that’s
like Louis purchase price with the coupon so for today I did the biggest
savings by percentage and that’s how I sourced it so we’re gonna run through a
couple of different examples here and exactly why they’re good or bad products
I haven’t actually checked into these they’re literally I’m literally sourcing
like I would any other day I just picked out a bunch of products that look
potentially good two of them that stuck out to me as potentially bad and will
run through examples so this is a good example initially now all I always say
roughly a ten dollar profit margin so that’s about what the perk the retail
price of the actual product is on Amazon which you see here it’s listed at 1171
and the coupon code price is 199 so 1171 minus 199 is a little bit under ten
bucks but it’s roughly ten bucks that’s why I wanted to use this as an example
people sometimes take that as like my gut like the word of the gospel or
something like that and they’re like oh you know it’s 999 I can’t get X it’s not
ten baht ten bucks that’s just a rule of thumb so if it’s around ten dollars and
it looks good and all the numbers check out and you can actually sell it go
ahead and grab it and source it so let’s check it out on Amazon I do I did again
probably forget to sign in to jungle scout so I’m gonna have to sign in real
fast and then we’ll hop back in all right back on to two
Amazon right now this one looks like it’s currently unavailable so it looks
like they’re out of stock so that negates that one it’s a bad product
let’s avoid it now this is one here’s two examples of bad products for you so
this I don’t know if it’s a bad product this is probably a bad product and
there’s a reason for that so you want to stay away in a lot of when you’re doing
the coupon arbitrage and if you go to that online or the arbitrage playlist
you’ll see three different methods that I basically use to source right the
majority of them are gonna be coupon arbitrage with sites like snag shout
like you’re seeing here coupon arbitrage is slightly different than the bulk deal
arbitrage and the liquidation talent arbitrage slightly different so when
you’re doing coupon arbitrage about 90 to 95 percent of the products that
you’re gonna go ahead and buy are going to be sold on amazon.com that’s why
we’re gonna check the sales we’re gonna check the sales velocity and check to
see if we can sell them on seller central right so when you’re doing that
you want to avoid usually clothing items and jewelry because it’s hard to kind of
gauge whether they’re good items or not now I have found good jewelry products I
have found good clothing products that have good coupon codes that you can make
money on just in my experience and I’ve been doing this for about two years
about nine out of every ten ones that you’re gonna potentially look at as good
potential jewelry or clothing products tend to be bad products and they look
good a lot of times but they’re not so I would just say stay away from them
unless you want to do your homework on them so I’m gonna show you an example
two examples here of why they might be bad so this one’s currently unavailable
as well figures as I’m trying to show you a tutorial let’s see if this one is
unavailable as well so this one retails right here it’s it that’s a major red
flag right it tells you that it retails at ninety nine ninety and you get it for
$9.99 you click on it and it’s only retailing for eleven sixty five so
that’s a bad product now one of the things that you’ll see and I’ve seen
this from time to time is it will actually retail at $99.99 right for a
jewelry specifically and it’s clearly you know not sterling silver it’s not
gold or it’s not real diamonds most of the time on Amazon so it looks like a
good product but what people are actually doing is they’re trying to get
they’re trying to make $9.99 on this product by giving you a coupon code
they’re not actually trying to make $99 sale and generate coupon codes for that
to get reviews or get sales like that so if that makes sense let me know if
people question down below in the comments if that confuses you but
basically what I’m trying to say is stay away from jewelry stay away from
clothing it’s very very very difficult to gauge a good product and you really
have to do your homework so that leaves us with the rest of them which is a good
thing because they’re a lot easier to gauge and test to see if they’re good
products so this one says it retails for $25.99 you can get it for two sixty on
with the coupon code so let’s check it out
now this is a little bit of a red flag as I see here first of all it doesn’t
have any reviews which you know if you’ve taken my course if you watch any
of the endless tutorials on YouTube that I have in that playlist you’ll notice
that I looked initially for two things okay first and foremost is the retail
price exactly what they listen to that no it’s not right because they say
$25.99 and it’s retailing for $17.99 which means that they were they lower
the price fairly recently right so that’s that doesn’t necessarily mean
that it’s a bad product but it’s just an indicator that hey they could change the
price or lower in the future right which shrinks your margin after you buy it so
that’s just something to worry about and keep in mind also the second thing that
I noticed it doesn’t have any reviews now you can buy products that you know
with a different retail price and you can buy products with no reviews it’s
just a red flag that I say to watch out for so if we scroll down and pretend
everything else is good let’s check it out first thing you want to do is take
the Asin and make sure that you can sell it right because if you can’t sell it it
doesn’t matter about the margin unless you want to resell back on eBay or car
your Poshmark then it becomes alright but if you’re
trying to resell it back on Amazon because you know that there’s a market
for it and you know the price and you know that there’s a margin you always
want to check to see if you can sell it first so let’s see you can sell it new
and used conditions sell yours so this is a potentially good product if we go
back to it now you’ll see here that it’s ranked 49,000 roughly in tools and home
improvement right so that’s pretty solid I always say to keep it under a hundred
thousand best seller rank if you don’t use the jungle shout chrome extension
but I always recommend for the people that are cherry-picking to use the
jungle Scout Chrome extension the reason being if you click the extension it’s
simply going to give you the straight number so you don’t have to play
guessing games you don’t have to stay a hundred under a hundred thousand you
100% know for a fact that hey it’s roughly selling about ninety sales a
month right and about five per day and this is the revenue that it brings in on
a monthly basis roughly so that that’s why I recommend that
or cherry picking you want some SAP Chrome extension there’s an affiliate
link linked in the description right next to the online arbitrage Pro course
go ahead and grab that if you want it it is a $99 payment I believe once a year
they changed it used to be a one-time payment now it’s once a year but it’s
still 100% steel and it’s gonna pay for itself literally in the first week it’s
it’s almost a must you don’t need it if you’re just starting out you don’t have
a lot of money to spend you know get make some money first make some profit
then invest it into the jungle scott chrome extension but always go for the
jungle style chrome extension if you can afford it it’s worth it and it’s gonna
save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle and you do need the light you
don’t need the pro you don’t need to go for the 197 just ninety nine so this one
looks like it’s a pretty solid product the only red flag being is that it
doesn’t have any reviews and then the retail prices is has been changed if it
depends on where you are in the spectrum of sourcing so if you’re just starting
out you just have like maybe a hundred bucks to get into this or maybe you have
fifty bucks to get into this you probably just don’t want you probably
don’t want to buy this right because there’s so many other great products to
buy that you don’t want to take a chance on product like this if you’re more on
the other side of it and you have a lot of money to spend and you’re just
looking for as many products as you can with good profit margins then you’re
gonna go ahead and buy this so I probably go ahead and buy this because
hey even if they drop it like five bucks they’re still a margin to be had there
cuz you’re buying it for 260 right so I would personally go ahead and buy this
but it just depends on where you are and what you want to do people always ask me
you know for like the exact formula to find product there’s no exact formula to
find the good profitable product you just have to source products and you’ll
get better as you go you’ll start to notice red flags bad products good
products and mediocre products that you know you can make money on this is
probably in between a mediocre and a good product but just keep that in mind
so there’s no formula there you can just like basically put everything in and
it’s gonna give you the input so this one’s another potential one retails for
14.99 you can get it for the coupon price of 150 which means the margins
about what is that like a little bit over 13 bucks right so let’s check now
this is not prime it doesn’t appear at least it doesn’t look that way oh it is
prime okay it just doesn’t have a buy box so it doesn’t it has a three point a
3 out of 5 star rating which generally speaking is not necessarily good right
but we’re not too worried about that because we’re not
investing in this listing long-term we’re just gonna flip a product on the
listing and make a quick 13 bucks or whatever it was so that’s okay now the
retail price is $14.99 like they said so that’s a good sign
now let’s check into it a little bit more so it’s under a hundred thousand
before we even run the jungle South Chrome extension so that’s pretty good
now let’s check to see the Asin will copy and paste it in to seller Central
and see whoa and see if we can sell it so you can sell it new condition okay so
that’s a good product so far now let’s run the extension just to be sure
ad monthly sales about a little bit under five a day with an average revenue
per month of about twelve hundred bucks so this is a good product they go ahead
and buy this it’s a thirteen dollar profit margin that’s a solid product now
it’s two three more really fast this is a shady one you know this is another
example of a bad product that grabs electronics you got to be careful with
so a lot of times in electronics you can find it great margins like this with one
buy you’re gonna make like 100 bucks right last one I bought I think was like
two days ago and the margin was like ninety five or something like that so
it’s pretty good now you do have to be careful because with that higher
potential profit margin comes a higher risk and you’re gonna pay more but so
this one’s obviously 1680 right but you also have to be careful that they’re not
just marketing up marking it up like you know a jewelry or a clothing so you have
to do your homework with electronics as well and here you see that doesn’t
retail at twenty-five dollars right it’s clearly saying thirty five sixty so the
margin appears to still be there as a twenty dollar profit margin but that
just is a red flag something to keep in mind so they’re saying that this retails
at thirty five sixty let’s check the rest of it out scrolling down and by all
means guys I’d go over this all this stuff countless times in the course too
so yes if you’re watching the tutorials they’re gonna help you but they’re just
the beginner methods then you don’t get all the other excess information that’s
gonna help you really scale up if you’re serious about this so people always ask
me do you go over this in the course yes everything I teach in the tutorials is
in the course tenfold let’s check to see if we can sell it and we can only sell
it and use conditions so in this situation there’s a couple of things
that I do right I either completely don’t buy the product and just ignore it
or I’ll buy it and sell it in use condition and literally sell it as used
like new but literally in the condition note I’ll say this is brand new
practically it’s never been open never been used and a lot of times that will
sell pretty quickly but it won’t sell obviously as fast as as if you get the
by box so if you sell it and use the like new condition and you put that
condition report so some people when they see the listing right there’ll be a
little thing up here that says if we can find it right right here use then new so
other people are clearly doing this as well right so you click the use and new
not many people do this usually people just hit the Add to Cart which is the
buy box right but you’ll see here used like new and usually right under the
condition you can you’ll see use like new use like new and then mine will say
this is a new product it’s never been open never been used and people can see
that right here when they’re deciding which one to buy so it obviously
increases your chance to potentially sell that product if you bought this and
try to sell it as used like new even though there’s four other ones used like
new right here your chances of selling it use like new it might take you three
days it might take you two weeks it all depends on the product it all depends on
the on the amount of sales velocity and people coming to this listing for the
actual product me specifically if I were scaling up and I were trying to make a
lot of money and I was more on that spectrum I’d go ahead and buy this
product and sell it as use like new knowing that eventually it will sell and
make me money now if you’re on the other side of the spectrum if that were me and
I only have a twenty five bucks or 100 bucks to invest I would just avoid this
product altogether because I don’t want to drop sixteen eighty of my hundred
dollars right into a product that I might have to wait two three weeks on
the whole idea for most people is to make money and make as much money but
make it as fast as possible that’s what I generally teach but for me
specifically I’d probably buy this and just wait on it knowing that I’m gonna
make the money eventually and the margin is still about 20 bucks cuz it retailed
at what was it it retailed at thirty five sixty right so you’re gonna buy it
for it’s it’s like the margins like what 28 or 29 bucks right there so I
personally go ahead and buy that one now two more really fast this one says it
retails at $19.99 you can buy it for $3 with the coupon code now there is no
it’s not first and foremost it’s not Amazon Prime which is a major red flag I
talked about in my in my course because it could be potentially drop shipped
from Aliexpress so it’s 1990 that’s a good sign that it retails for
the same price they’re claiming it doesn’t have any reviews that’s a red
flag and it’s not ship Amazon Prime right so that’s shady you might look at
it as hey that’s a good thing because if I buy it and ship it into FBA I’m pretty
much guaranteed to get the buy box at the same price because I have it FBA and
it can be delivered to the customer a lot faster
whoever’s retailing whoever selling it right now is either merchants fulfilling
it or their job shipping it so you’d obviously get the buy box now that said
we want to check in to see you everything else about this and the very
first thing that I see before we’re even gonna check the ASI on to see if we can
sell it is it’s a million and a half roughly in Holman kitchen so nobody’s
buying this product it’s probably a dropship product and if we hit the
extension it’ll probably tell us that there’s less than five less than five
monthly sales clearly less than five daily sales right so that’s not a good
product that’s something you want to avoid always be weird or wary whatever
that word is of the products that aren’t being fulfilled by prime it’s just a red
flag it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy products like that I get that question a
lot too if everything else checks out go ahead and grab it but most of the time
they’re going to be drop shipped so last one we’re gonna check out is this hand
towel or whatever this is retails for seventeen twenty six and you can get it
for the coupon price of two fifty nine right so a little bit under $15 profit
margin this is also shady because it’s not fulfilled by Amazon now their
customer review that’s usually we don’t care about customer reviews cuz there’s
one star but because it’s so low and it’s not being fulfilled by Prime it’s
probably not the best product to go after now you can go ahead and
potentially check it if you want so it’s telling 15 huh
one hundred fifteen thousand in kitchen and dining so it might have a good sales
philosophy probably not but sometimes in some and this is why I say get the
extension because some categories are still selling relatively well at 115,000
but some categories if they’re 115,000 might be sales velocity like this so
you’re not playing any guessing games if this might have been like you know
clothing or jewelry or automotive potentially it might have you know forty
sales a month at 115,000 that’s why I say get the extension so you know for
sure but this is obviously a bad product is something you want to stay away from
so I try to give you an example of a bunch of different products good ones
you know for obvious reasons mediocre ones and
recent ones for you know kind of hidden reasons as well as bad ones for obvious
reasons and bad ones that you kind of have to look into a little bit more I
try to give you the the whole different you know overview of all sorts of
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just wanted to bring you some value today and teach you how I make money
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