in this video we’ll take a look at how
you can set up Garmin pay wallet so that you can pay for purchases using your
garmin vivoactive 4 so I just happen to have a credit card here and what
we’re going to do we’re going to flip over to the phone and set things up in
garmin connect and then if we’re successful I’ll show you how you can
turn it on so that you can tap and pay with the watch so let’s flip over and
take a look and here we are in garmin connect want to tap on the watch icon to
get to our device settings a we’re going to tap on garmin pay and we’ll go
through this the first time wizard by adding a card so we’re going to
initialize the passcode this is for us to enter on the watch when we want to
pay unlike for example Apple pay we just need to use our fingerprint or face ID
but this is a passcode that we’re going to set to use on the watch and we’re
going to get ourselves to set up here we’re gonna enter or tap on MasterCard
because that is what we have yeah we got some terms and conditions here we’re
going to tap through that ere going to get the watch setup this takes about a
couple minutes and then what’s wrong on this screen we’re ready to actually
enter the details of the card so we’re just gonna go in here and punch in the
number expiry date and all the information we would need this probably
not the first time you’ve done this so go through air we’re going to try to
get this card validated here and make sure that we can use it and we are not
allowed to use my credit card unfortunately our bank or a MasterCard
was that supported and that’s why in the link in the video there’s a link you can
check before you do this but let’s say we were successful adding an approved
credit card that supports government pay in order to use it somewhat similar to
an Apple watch we have to use press and hold the a button or the GPS button here
and our wallet icon is right here looks like a couple file folders and you would
tap on it and basically you would have the option to enter the
ask code now if you’re used to using an Apple watch or your phone you would just
validate using your phone with your fingerprint or your face ided that’s how
to get around with it but then we would have to type in our passcode that we set
up on Garmin Connect and then we just tap and pay but in this case that Garmin
pay is not supported in Canada by one of the major banks at this stage so you
might have better luck if you’re in different countries such as the US which
seems to have a lot more options there so there you go that is if you are
successful and you bank at the right place you’ll be able to use Garmin pay
on your vivoactive 4