Equal pay act day made me think about a case. I did 17 years ago Noys Barton. This case concerned equal pay in the city. It was a case concerning an experience female Anna LMAO and the differential pay between them was 700,000, which was obviously a large amount of money. Even then in looking forward from them. I’m amazingly disappointed that we haven’t really moved very far forward. There have been changes within equal within salary and bonuses. They have been addressed in part, but there is still enormous disparity between men and women. And particularly in the financial services and in the insurance world and it’s disappointing that despite these cases. We still see them. Now, as part of the equal pay day. We had the report from the faucet SOC and one of the points about that was the fact that women do not know how much their Malcolm painters are paid and this strangely was a feature of ellouise bottle in case one of the issues was in the case was the finding made by the employment tribunal that the city bonus structure. Depended on the fact that there was a lack of transparency and there was secrecy and if you opened up that and allowed the system to be transparent. It would destroy the whole culture system within the city well. Of course, that was not held on appeal and frankly it’s very much. Contrary to the terms of the equal pay act. Anne frankly, we find it quite shocking at the time, but the question is there should be transparency and paid that’s what the equal pay act requires employers to do and the reality is both. Employers and employees do benefit from transparency employees don’t feel aggrieved by the fact that paid less because they have some visibility. They understand the pay structure and employers are made to be accountable. In relation to their pay systems and most importantly, it avoids discrimination in the pay system where it is opaque it can cover. Discrimination that cannot be permitted not in a modern day society where we’re encouraging both men and women people from all backgrounds to work after work for fair pay.