I have a big day planned today I was
gonna do all outside work until hubby told me uh-uh
tessie I got something that you need to help me with Oh No so you’re gonna go
along in the adventure because this is something a little bit out of my comfort
zone so what are we gonna be doing we’re going to the scrapyard yep you heard it
right we’re going to the scrapyard because when you save money that’s what
you do so what are we gonna do we’re going to take something to the scrapyard
can you believe it and you’re gonna go along in the car with me because I’ve
never done this before yikes alright everybody as you can see on the
knowledge of this it is two hundred and eighty nine thousand eight hundred and
eighty six this Chevy vehicle is going to go to the scrapyard it can’t be fixed
anymore and this was the work van it served its purpose and now we are going
to take it to the scrapyard the one tire is not very good so we hope
we can make it so this is how we save money right yes done spinning the scrap
log we’re gonna do down to one vehicle we’re going to use the hard enough to
work in for personal the Honda’s good vehicle has a lot of miles on it but
it’s a good vehicle so if it doesn’t work out when you find
something cheap this man here I had four and a half years I paid
$2,000 for so we did all right we’ve got a couple hundred dollars at the
scrapyard so cold cold morning but I’m going to the scrapyard something I’ve
never done before so the van has a tire that is really really bad on it we’re
hoping that we can make it and so this is something new for me so going to the
scrapyard we’re promised $200 for it which is the highest we can find
anywhere the van has a lot of issues with it but brew it’s cold but it’s
gonna be exciting you’re gonna follow along with us because this is part of my
life and these are the things that I am doing it’s gonna be always something
exciting in something different so we are going to be near the thrift store
and I’m hoping I can talk hubby into letting me go to the thrift store today
so this would be fun so it’s gonna be a little bit of an outing for us I don’t
know what a scrap yard is like never been to one and surely I’ve never driven
to one get that good old seatbelt on and get started so come on let’s see where
we go had my camera off this isn’t right Alan
this is a little little exciting I kind of got lost the tire didn’t go flat
oh my something else I’ll tell you one thing I’m not used to this kind of
driving I’m not used to this it would have been just as easy to get somebody
come out and tow it for and give us some money here we go people
I’m going into I don’t know what I’m going into
where am I going salvage yard salvage yard I’m going into a salvage yard well
I am NOT going in there I’m just gonna be parking the way over here because I
have no idea what I’m doing I’ll tell you one thing I’ve been
getting to look good like Christmas everywhere you go this is exciting scary alright I’m a little bit flustered we
had to go bypass a cop I got lost because he was pointing for me to go
somewhere and I thought that’s where I’m supposed to go so I was going there and
went into a what was it Carla Carla we made it here I’m hot
you know I do I get hot like when I’m nervous so now we’re here and we’re
waiting because he’s going to I guess give the title then he’s got to go in
the junkyard and then he’s going to meet me here now may I ask you why were you
pointing we don’t know what we’re doing in life we cannot be pointing at stuff
he was pointing for me to look at a car when you’re following somebody and you
don’t know where you’re going and that person is pointing I would think that
that’s where we’re supposed to go well we got out of the mess so I’m done all
right so now he’s gonna drive and I can do what I do best and that’s be in the
passenger side I like to be in the passenger side that way I can tell
everybody where to go and what to do and I don’t have to be the one that drives
so there we go sitting here editing my video I thought
you know what maybe I should explain a little bit what you just seen a lot of
you know about my fear of driving and a lot of you know about my story of having
severe anxiety and having severe panic attacks for many years of my life I had
a lot of panic attacks and one of the things was was driving and so for many
years I didn’t drive I have a license and I can drive but I don’t like driving
very much and so in this video I made a big deal about it because it’s something
I’m not used to doing and so we had a work vehicle now my husband has reduced
his work to about 80 percent of what he had and he is helping my son and showing
my son all of the things about the business so my son can
eventually take over well the work man needed about two thousand dollars worth
of work on it and really it wasn’t worth it
so we decided to scrap it save that two hundred dollars and we decided to just
use one vehicle so we have one a vehicle to work one vehicle for a home and
that’s how we can save money we reduced the insurance bill we reduce everything
and this is how we live our life and so I wanted to share with you you know just
another way that we are saving money and it’s by getting rid of vehicle that
really wasn’t worth fixing so that is my story about my driving and though I can
drive I don’t like it at all I don’t like driving and so it was you know it
gets me a little flustered if you didn’t see the video I’m gonna share with you
right above here this video I did not long ago and it was the first time in
many many years that I went on a highway to just conquer my fear and I had you
all come along with me the number one thing with fear in your life is you need
to face it whatever that fear may be because what happens is if you allow the
fear to take over your life it will and so I faced my fear and driving on a
highway and it was something that was very refreshing to me I drove in an area
that was a little hard for me and I wasn’t used to it but my daughter was
with me and it was so much fun and so how I got lost in the parking lot was my
husband was doing a little sightseeing and he saw a really nice vehicle and he
was pointing for me to look at it and I’m not interested in vehicle so I had
no idea what he was doing and he was trying to get me to look at it not
telling me to go in the parking lot I went in the parking lot it was so
congested this is how I am this is how I am I am so much like this I’m always
like running by the seat of my pants so they say and I’m always just doing
things have had it certainly in spare the moment and so I was a little
flustered with that but it was a fun day I always have
fun no matter what we do in life and conquering your fears is something that
I want to just tell everyone out there you know whatever you have a fear of
conquer that fear and that fear will no longer take hold of your life whatever
it may be and so I did that and I am easy with driving now I don’t have a
problem of driving like I used to but it’s just something that I don’t really
care for just one minute please it’s time for
Fanny’s diary and we are on November the 29th 1943 and Fanny writes I think we
can all understand Fanny today I cut a dress for Marion I also had a bad tooth
pulled and it sure did hurt hmm how many of us had a tooth pulled and we sure do
know what it feels like here’s the video of me driving on the highway after so
many years I thought you might like to see it and here’s some other videos I
bet a lot of you missed see you tomorrow you