– [Brent] Richard’s a pretty cool guy. He’s just one of our regular customers. He’s a big part of the community in all sorts of ways. Comes in like clockwork. On Monday and Thursday. 10 to 8. – [Richard] I’ve lived here since 1996 and on shopping days it’s
about a 25 to 30 minute walk from where I’m living to the store. – [Brent] I think our
relationship with Richard and Save-On-Foods is more like
family than anything else. He’s a big part of a lot of our lives. Wes to the service desk please,
Wes to the service desk. – [Wes] Morning Richard! – [Richard] Hi, good morning. – How you doing? – Great. – Just before we get started here, we just wanna do a little
presentation to you if that’s okay? – Oh Jeez. (laughs) – Let’s go on up here. – We said that we had a small gift for ya. – Oh. – That’s partially true. We actually have $2,500 in gift cards. – Oh. – For free groceries. For you. – Oh Jeez. – And there’s 50,000 More Rewards points that we’re going to put into your account. – Holy crow. – And also we know that
you’re a member of the Campbell River Singers choir. – Yeah. – So we’re going get
a bunch of party trays for your Christmas concert. – Wow! Holy crow, no, I thought… – Surprise! (laughs) – Here’s your big cheque. (laughs) – Wow. Holy. Well, thank you. Thank you. Save-On does so much for
the community as it is. And that makes a huge difference. Yeah, thank you. (cheers and applause) – Oh, there’s some applause. (laughs) – All right? – Yeah. – We’ll go get your shopping done. – Okay. I chose Save-On because
of the great assistance that I get here. When I first started, I
asked if I could get help in picking up the food items
that I was [in need of] and I was told yes, no
problem, just show up. It’s hugely commendable the
extent to which the people here have gone out of
their way to help me out.