Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today I went to
the grocery store I did not go inside because our store has pick up with ClickList yay yay yay I still love this guys I’m sorry I haven’t done a video of
wandering around the grocery store for a long time but yeah this just gets rid of
extra stress and gives me extra time so I really do love this feature at our
store they actually just started doing delivery too which I have not tried yet I don’t think it’s that big of a deal I’m not that far away from the grocery store I don’t know if I’ll try that or not but let me know down in the comments if you use a store that has pickup and or delivery and how you like it and if you’re happy with you know what you get I’m very happy with what I get I know a
big question is how are the produce and how’s the meats and stuff like that I haven’t really had that much of a problem in fact today this I guess the
strawberries weren’t looking so great so she just doubled up however much I
ordered for free and that way I can just pick out any that aren’t as fresh , so they really do at least at my store they really do a good job of trying to keep
you happy and stay on your list and all of that so I don’t know I think it’s
pretty cool but anyway I just yab yab yab be sure to hit subscribe thumbs up
check all the links down below let’s bring in our groceries so I can show you
what we got this is my grocery haul alright so we got four gallons of milk, two over there got the gluten-free bread for Quin so
they I ordered two of the little ones but I guess they came out with bigger
ones and they ran out of little ones so they gave me a bigger one for free
or the same price as this either way very nice I like the bigger bread anyway so I’ve got some blueberry bagels for Emma
crinkle fries for whenever Pizza night we got pepperoni and then a gluten-free cheese like I said we got all these strawberries there’s one more pack over there somewhere there it is and yeah I they look pretty
good to me but they are very ripe so we’ll get to pick through those laundry detergent always need that hubby needed some shampoo got the
foaming hand wash Emma was running out of her shampoo and conditioner needed some dish soap and some body wash I am totally out of paper clips I don’t
know I use them the kids use them they get used got some iced tea for Quin needed some flour I almost ran out of flour when I made those cupcakes the other day guys alright we have four, one two three four toilet papers they were on some crazy sales so I was like yeah might as well stock up got some cheese here some shredded cheddar and some shredded parm and what’s under here just some cheddar slices got a couple salads we got sunflower crunch I love that one and a Caesar Quin wanted some raisins he is making his own trail mix so he’s kind of excited for that we got some ground beef here Emma requested these cheddar rice crisps I’ve been getting the rice crisps but
not the cheddar Emma requested Honeycomb we got the chex cinnamon and honey needed some popcorn for movie nights gluten free pasta got to have the
easy sauce so I got Alfredo marinara sauce hubby needed some more
sriracha he puts out on everything and then I needed some sweet and sour for
oriental night and I got some 7up just to have something different than water sometimes more corn chips more tortilla chips
gluten-free pretzel sticks we ran out of sliced ham for sandwiches that’s like
Quin’s favorite sandwich right now some green onions to put on anything lots of fruit we got some grapes I got a pineapple they actually ran out
of regular pineapples that’s what I ordered so then they gave me this for
the same price which saves me some trouble so that’s nice got a little bit of yogurt here’s the other thing of
strawberries got some apples bananas Oh another thing a corn chips Quin requested some banana chips for his
trail mix so we got those and we got some ranch and we needed ranch dip mix for a recipe we’re gonna try tonight oh and the other two milks I already told
you about and the dog food so that is everything that we got a little bit
smaller haul than usual but that’s fine we weren’t totally out of everything alright let’s put it away alright guys that was my grocery haul we
got a lot of good stuff I am really excited so our grand total was $228.82 I didn’t really use any coupons I
didn’t feel like going through them to be honest and I don’t think I really had
anything for what we actually ordered so our total savings without coupons or
anything just with the card was $22.38 so I will take $22.38 and put that in my pocket so that was actually a pretty good haul we got a lot of gluten-free stuff we got
a lot of like shampoos and and personal care stuff I say that the balance came
out pretty well so thank you so much for watching go ahead and hit subscribe
thumbs up check all the links down below and I will see you next time