– My friends kept bothering me and telling me I should watch him, and I was like no, no, like I
don’t feel like watching him, and then he won like a TCA or something, and I was like, okay I guess
I’ll give this guy a try. – Thanks. – Oh my freaking god. (happy music) – Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley, and to celebrate the end
of my Chosen Family series, I wanted to do something a little special with some of my chosen
family, which is you guys. So I am asking viewers at VidCon
to come share their stories but litle did they know that I am going to be behind
the curtain listening, and I’ma pop in and surprise them. Let’s go. (inspirational dance music) – [Camera Man] Can you introduce yourself and tell us what’s your story? – Uh I’m Stephanie, I’m
from Corona, California. I recently just came out as bisexual, and like I was always like
debating on whether I was, and I was kind of doubting
it because so many people were like, oh bisexuality is not valid. And I was kind of like, okay
maybe I shouldn’t say anything, so I came out officially on Twitter. I’m kind of proud to be
like who I am, you know. Once you get to know yourself more and you get to know
other people a lot more, you become like a part of
it, and they become a family, and you’re like oh,
maybe it’s not all this. – [Camera Man] Is there anything else you’d like to tell Tyler? – Thank you Tyler for making your videos and making people smile,
and making me smile, and you kind of influenced me
on coming out a little bit. So thank you for being you. – Thank you for being you. – Oh my god no way, you’re lying. – Come to me. (laughter) – Hello. – No. – I’m sorry. – No. – I was just listening to the
whole thing, you are so sweet. I love and adore you. Thank you. – Oh my god, thank you so much. Thank you oh my god. – Because I remember growing up, I mean I was kind of
afriad to be who I was, and now it’s like everyone
can just be who they are, and that’s a very beautiful thing. – We’re just a bunch of outcasts that have banded together through
all this adversity. Growing up in a Catholic
school in Houston, there wasn’t much media for me to consume of people that were like me. So people like Tyler
Oakley and the rest of the Five Awesome Gays, showed me that like, there is an outlet, there
are other people like me, and I don’t have to be like
a stereotypical version of what the current media is showing me, I could be just like
myself, like Tyler is. – Yeah definitely, thank
you, I mean I don’t think… – Hi. (yelling and laughter) – Y’all are so cute. Also were you like grabbing each other’s butts behind the camera? – A little bit. – The camera was this high. – Thanks for coming. – Ah bye. – I’m Brooke and I’m from
Toronto area, Canada, and I’m proud that I’m in the
community because it’s just an accepting place for
me to count on people. Like I can talk to my friends or like I could talk to my girlfriend. Oh my god! – Hi, wait come love me. – Oh my god. – Wait come here, hi. – You scared me so much. (laughter) – I’m not sorry. I’m so proud of you. – Thank you. – I’m so proud of you. – I am bisexual and I just
feel like a lot of people are just so iffy about
people who are bisexual because it’s like, oh you can’t choose, you just have to pick one or the other. It’s been a long road actually
being comfortable with it, and like being in the community, really helps a lot with all of that. – I’ve been having to
hide my sexuality since I was around probably eight years old. Recently I did come out
basically to most of my family, and they’re now really accepting, so from then I just felt more
comfortable and more happy where I am and with the community. – Y’all are so sweet. – Oh my god. (laughter) – I am like gonna cry backstage. I was going to let you finish but I literally couldn’t, I’m sorry. Thank you for what you
said, you are so sweet. I’m so proud of both of you. Hi, happy VidCon, happy Pride. – My name is Brianna Peralta. – My name is Courtney. – I’m Debby Hill. – When you’re in the
closet, and you’re not talking to your parents, who can you talk to? And I would go on the
internet and talk to Tyler. – You know Tyler really
encouraged me to be more of an activitist
for the LGBT community. – I’m just seeing such beautiful people with just lots of love, and
not separate from any color, or gender, it didn’t
really matter ya know, it was just another person,
they just chose to love their same sex if that was the deal. – You’re the reason why I’m
in school doing what I’m doing and being a communications major and trying to find a
voice for other people. – You’ve made a huge difference
in my daughter’s life and she’s there, done that,
for lots of other people, and helped lots of people just by following your example as well, so I want to thank you for that. – Thank you. (laughter) – That’s so sweet. – Thank you for being someone that other people can look at and be like, you know what, if Tyler Oakley can be the most awesome dork on the planet, then I can be the most awesome
dork on the planet as well. – You can be. – Shut up, Tyler. Stop. – Come to me. – Tyler you are not here. – Oh my god. (laughter) – Hi, how are you. Thank you for being an
activist and an ally, and your friends should
be so grateful for you, so thank you. Thank you for coming and
thank you for what you said, you’re the sweetest. – My name is Freddy Widmer, I’m 22, and I’ve seen the progressive change from being born in the late
90’s to being alive now. I mean marriage equality,
and rights for trans people and trans kids in schools
and stuff like that, I think it’s just really
amazing to be a part of a group of people that are
seeing their rights pass, it’s so empowering that
someone who started just with videos on the
internet 10 years ago can have the voice that you have. And it’s an inspiration. – You are so sweet. You are so sweet. Hi, how are you? – I’m so good, how are you? – I’m good, I’m like about to cry, you’re so sweet. – I’m an ally and I’m
so proud to be an ally just to support equality
and what I believe in. I think that we’re all born equal and that we should be treated equally. – Being a part of the LGBT
community, I’m asexual. So asexuality doesn’t always get the awareness that it deserves. But it’s nice to know that
we are getting recognition, and people understand it more now. – The number one thing I did
was watch coming out video after coming out video. And seeing someone like Tyler Oakley was really inspirational. And he really proved that
there will be someone for you, and that no matter who you
are, you were born this way, and you should be proud of that. – I love that so much, that was so cute. (yelling) – Hi. (gasps) – Thanks. – Oh my freaking god. How are you? – It means a lot. – That’s so amazing. Wait are those my glasses? – They are. – Work. – I’m proud of you. (laughter) – Stop. – Oh my god! (laughter) – Thank you so much. Hi. (laughter) – Hi Tyler. – Hello. – Oh my god. – Hi. – So that’s it, we are done. This year’s Chosen Family
series is all finished. I hope you loved it as much as I did. What I would love is if you
would let me know in the comments below, what queer
topics I didn’t get to cover. Because obviously I
couldn’t cover everything. There’s so much more that
I want to talk about, so if there’s something
that’s important to you, let me know in the comments, and maybe I’ll make a video
about it in the future. Thank you to everyone that helped make all these videos possible. So much love went into all of the videos, so if you haven’t seen them all, I’m going to put the playlist below and I would love it if you watched it, I would love it if you shared
it, put it on Facebook, put your favorite one
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