Essentially, nose reduction surgery is a type
of nose reshaping surgery and it’s performed when the nose is either large overall or has
specific elements of it which are big. During nose reshaping surgery, essentially the framework
of the nose which dictates the shape of the nose is reduced underneath the skin and then
the skin is replaced back down onto the new framework and allowed to shrink to the new
shape. It’s rare to remove skin from the nose and the only real time that is performed is
when the nostrils are too wide and then a small area of skin may be removed to reduce
the nostril width. In all cases, during your consultations, I will pay particular attention
to the specific areas of your nose that you have concerns about and then spend time evaluating your
nose, looking at the specific features of your nose that may be oversized, and planning
the optimal strategy to reduce those and to harmonize your nose in relation to the rest
of your facial features.