(pensive piano music) – When Christopher was mainstreamed, he came home very upset many days because he felt very excluded. He was excluded from games, he was excluded from conversations. Although he was just a really
nice boy, he just did not fit, and kids know when somebody doesn’t fit. – I came towards the end of year seven for a lot of bullying,
and learning difficulties, and we just needed to try something new, and it’s been working, so. – We love absolutely everything. We love the teachers,
the small class size. We love how he’s actually
made some friends, real friends for the first
time in a very long time. – I know that they get,
if there’s bullying, there’s warnings, so many warnings, and then they get expelled straight away. So, there’s no suspensions or anything. – There’s no three strikes and you’re out. There’s no, I mean, there are chances, but there’s no, you
know the rules incoming, you sign a contract when you come in. – Mainstream schools are really big, so you just have your groups,
but everyone’s friends with everyone, and if there’s issues then it’s not a big school
to not get dealt with, it’s a small school so it
all gets dealt with fast. – He’s had an occasion
where he’s come home and been a little bit
upset with, you know, the way he was spoken to once, he brought it back to school the next day, it was dealt with absolutely immediately. – Since being here, I am a happy person, and I have a laugh with all my friends, at least, I don’t know
how many times a day, but yeah, we’re very
supportive of each other. (upbeat, energetic music)