Thank you very much No no I insist I was just getting an aspirin See what he leaves $31.26 oh That’s nice Hausa Here’s a check take I used to do all the time “So I thought maybe later we could grab. . .” You just keep talking your eyes So I thought maybe if you drove the car back Are you waiting for me to offer up some cash should I same attention how many more times are you gonna laugh at that? Okay the check is 37 dollars how much tip would you leave 10? You go to hell no wait you move the decimals it was a $40 check you would leave $8 would be 20% No it might possibly help me, I’ll help you Because everyone’s gonna ask her. Oh my god. You waited on Terrace on phone Sarah Jessica Parker how much did they tip you? What do you want her to say 20 bucks? Yeah? 10 you just move the decimal point okay wait you’re gonna leave Wow big shot big shot unbelievable disgusting garish vulgar No, it’s lovely. I’m a total shit, but for real like I know what does look real. What is real? You tell me what real is really got something. I’m really glad you’re not married By the way, it was $20 is the whole check That’s crazy That’s crazy wait two servings of eggs a croissant and a piece of pasta place is frozen in time Yeah, the eggs were three dollars three dollars. Yes. What year is this? No, no this is not me for know you can go can I tell you why no no, I don’t care What meet a wait a minute cheery guys my wallet? Oh that’s perfect please daddy, please? I Very nice dinner last night and Enjoys the dinner got the check at the end of the meal started thinking about the cheque at the end of the meal system It’s not a real good sister my thing money. If you think about it’s very different thing before and after you eat Before you eat money has absolutely no value Do you know anything you sit down at the table? You’re like the ruler of an empire more drinks more appetizers? We must have everything immediately the greatest meal of our lives Then after you eat first of all when you’re really full you can’t remember ever being hungry ever in your life The pants open napkins destroyed cigarette butt in the mashed potatoes, you know it’s really festive They give me the cheque. We were like what is this I? Don’t understand people are always mystified by the cheque aren’t you start passing it around the table does this look right to you? We’re not hungry now, why are we buying all this? Sometimes you go to these nice restaurants they put the check in a little book you ever get this What is this the story of the bill? Once upon a time somebody got the chicken just a Little gold tassel um at the Last Emperor. What’s the damage? Let’s get over here you? Know what I didn’t bring any money off the money in the car. Do you have any money? Yeah? Thank you. I apologize for the yellow you see broken. Oh, thank you. I’m I am. I thank you bought you lunch How much I want to do in show business good. It was Shelby’s okay?