Hello everyone! Here we are going to talk about the “Promotional Campaign” through which sellers promote their live products on Amazon without offering a discount and it can be used to drive the traffic. First of all, we have to start with adding a new Campaign then please select a “Promotional Campaign” option here. Now, we will be able to see the 4 steps which are required to create a landing page for promoting your product. The basic details of your product will be automatically filled out once you will add your product ASIN of the selected market place. And then you can choose a landing page design whichever you want to prefer. Moving to the 2nd step, here you can customize your landing page design with the help of “Design edit tutorial”. Once you will reach to the 3rd step, here you can set up your delivery page URL. You can build your own URL for that particular product which will be having your preference keywords, brands or store name, etc. This URL acts like manual search & buy URL(2-Step URL) which will enhance your product keyword rankings. Then if you want to track then you can integrate with Google Analytics/ Facebook Pixel. Once you will be done with landing page creation, by clicking on the “Go to Amazon” button, the customer will be redirected to the Amazon page where they can complete the purchase process based on the URL which is selected in the previous step. if you have any queries then feel free to contact us. Thank you!