Hi, I’m Razan I fled the war in Syria
to secure my family’s future And now I’m running an
award-winning cheese business in Yorkshire, and I
couldn’t be happier than that We came from Syria by
late 2012 After the explosion at my
husband’s office, we thought we cannot
risk our kid’s lives After we settled down, I
start searching for a job but I couldn’t find anything And, at this point I start to think
what am I good in? I’m kind of a foodie person,
I love cooking And I love cheese actually And I noticed that halloumi
cheese is not available all seasons in the UK At this point I start to think that
we are in a very nice green area, where milk is available widely
and it’s very beautiful milk, So, why not make halloumi cheese? I contacted the Jobcentre and
they referred me to the New Enterprise Allowance They can support you financially They can support you mentoring I did lots of workshops as well This has helped me to understand
the marketing, sales They will help you in the regulation The mentoring role, it was really
important for me because I’d never done any cheese
in all my life, but after then you meet the mentor,
say “Yes you can do it” “You are doing correct, you are
in the right direction” So this has given me back the
confidence that, yes I can do it When we started we couldn’t think
that we would reach this point after three years But, everything going just in the
correct direction and that’s amazing