The quickest and easiest way to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances is online. During your application you’ll be asked to give us some information and evidence to help us work out what you’re able to get Make sure you send us the evidence we ask for as soon as possible. This should help avoid any delays to your application. Once you’ve applied for DSAs we may ask you to arrange a Study Needs Assessment to find out exactly what equipment and support you need. This assessment lets us know how we can best support you during your time at uni or college. It’s not a test – it’s just a chat with a specialist advisor about your disability and the impact it may have on your studies. We’ll then contact you and confirm what kind of DSAs you’ll get. We’ll also let you know how to order any specialist equipment or arrange other support. It’s worth remembering that the application process can take up to 14 weeks, so it’s important you apply early. This will help make sure your support is with you in time for starting your course. Find out more and apply online at