How to Change Payment Method on iPhone! Hello Friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Video #61 Today I’m going to show you, how to change
Payment Method on iPhone or iTunes. So, without further ado, let’s get started! First, let’s see how to change payment method
on iPhone. So, launch ’Settings’ Scroll down and select ‘iTunes & App Store’ You should see your ‘Apple ID’ Select it. Now select ‘View Apple ID’ If it asks for the password or Touch ID, provide
it. And select ‘Payment Information’ Now here, you’ve got few different payment
methods to choose for your Apple ID. First one is ‘Credit/Debit’ Card. Select it and fill in the Credit/Debit Card
Number, Expiry Date and Security Code. You can also use this little camera button
to scan and fill in all the details automatically. And after doing that, just scroll down and
fill in the Billing Name and Billing address including your Country, Zip Code and Phone
Number. So, this is my Apple ID for US. And now, the second option that Apple has
introduced with iOS 11 is PayPal. So, if you’ve got the PayPal account, just
select it and login to your PayPal account to use it for iTunes purchases instead of
using your Credit Card. And now the third option that we have is ‘None’
option. Apple has removed ‘None’ option for many
countries after iOS 11 but it still supports many countries. This Apple ID is US based and I made it before
iOS 11. And that is the reason I’m seeing this NONE
option here which may or may not be true in your case. Some people still get the NONE option, some
don’t. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to
make a new Apple ID with NONE option in my next tutorial. Now proceeding further, after selecting your
preferred payment method, go and tap this’Done’ here. Now again tap this ‘Done’. And that’s all! You’ve successfully changed payment method
or removed credit card from your Apple ID. So, that’s how easy it is to change payment
method on iPhone. Now let’s see how to change payment method
on iTunes. So launch, iTunes on your Computer/Mac. Tap this ‘Account’ on main menu bar. And select ‘View My Account…’. Now input the Apple ID password and hit ‘Sign In’ Now here is your existing Payment Method. Since, I already have selected the NONE option,
it says ‘No Credit Card on File’. Now let’s see, how to change this payment
method. Tap this ‘Edit’ here. Here you’ve different options to choose
as your payment method. First one is VISA. Select it. Fill in the Number, Expiry Month, Year and
Security Code. Then scroll down and fill in the Billing Name,
Billing Address and Contact Number. You’ve also got some other options like
MasterCard, American Express Discover and PayPal. As I said earlier, PayPal is a new payment
method that Apple has introduced after iOS 11. So select it, and login to your PayPal account,
if you have one. And now the best option that you can select
is, this NONE option. You may or may not have this option depending
on your Country and iOS version. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to
get it in my next tutorial. For this tutorial, I’ll select NONE option. So, when you’re done updating your payment
information, go and tap ‘Done’ at the bottom right hand corner. Now scroll down on your Account Information
page and tap ‘Done’ again. That’s all! You’re all set to use your new payment method
with your Apple ID. And that’s how easy it is to change the
payment method on iTunes. So, that’s all for now. If this video helped share it with your friends
and loved ones! I’ll see you in my next video, till then
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