What’s going on guys Alex Oda here and I’m
excited to finally be making in this video. Because if you’re a consultant, if you are
traveling frequently for work, if you’re in sales, and you can get your travel expenses
reimbursed by your clients or by your firm then you definitely definitely want to watch
this video. And just as a heads up guys I have a free
infographic available for download in the video description below, and it shows 15 productive
apps that you’re probably already using, but most likely not using to their fullest potential. So they have all these little hidden features
and really cool ways that you can you can be using the apps so you can be saving hours
and hours of time every week. So like I said, available for free and for
download in the video description below. But let’s jump into this. So tip number one is to open a travel credit
card and it is the most important tip because this one literally saved me thousands and
thousands of dollars in the span of just three months. What I would define as a travel credit card
is any card that offers a multiplier on travel-related expenses and dining. And travel-related expenses includes things
like airplane tickets, hotel stays, and even ride-sharing or taxis and cabs. So the card that I use is the Chase Sapphire
Reserve Card, and I’m not plugging Chase, they are not sponsoring this video, but that’s
just the card I use. And it offers 3-times the points on travel
and dining as well as a slew of other benefits such as free TSA pre-check reimbursement,
free Priority Pass lounge access, and some travel insurance benefits. The main takeaway is you want to find a card
with that point multiplier because at the end of the day, if your firm reimburses your
travel costs and you can use a personal card and they agree to reimburse on that personal
card, you can be netting thousands and thousands of dollars in just a span of a couple of months. For example, I was on an engagement where
I would be traveling six days a week, every week for three months, and looking at my spending,
I was accumulating maybe two thousand to three thousand dollars of travel expenses and dining
expenses every week. In the span of three months, that really adds
up. By the end of the engagement I had enough
points to cover all my vacation travel costs for myself and a significant other, for the
remainder of the year – and that’s just for a three month engagement. Long story short if your firm will reimburse
you on a personal card, definitely open a travel credit card because you could be netting
thousands and thousands of dollars in vacation and travel just by doing your regular job. So tip number two is to take advantage of
flight status and chances are if you’re traveling a lot for work you’re flying on a single airline
so you can rack up status on that airline. And I know for the big three airline companies
United, American, and Delta, once you hit that first base tier, you get the benefit
of free same-day standby flights. This is huge from a cost saving standpoint
and a time saving standpoint. From a cost saving standpoint, you’re able
to book a flight at a normal fare and then fly out on another flight which would otherwise
be more expensive. And from a time saving standpoint, you’re
potentially flying out at a more desirable time. At the end of the day, who really wants to
sit around an airport for a couple of extra hours? Just from experience, I have been flying standby
on over a half of my flights for the past six months, and I’ve been able to get a standby
spot every single time and I’m just below this tier with American, I’m gold status
right now. So that being said there’s a huge value add
of being able to fly for free standby on same day flights. So that’s tip numbers two guys, take advantage
of that ability to do that with your flight status. So tip number three is to take advantage of
meal delivery services and apps such as UberEats, GrubHub and Fresh n’ Lean. And the app I’m specifically referring to
here it is UberEats, because I know you can schedule meals out in advance in as much as
two week intervals to I think as long as one month. So if you’re traveling often, chances are
you’re at a client site or a different office and the expectation at a client site is normally
you’re working longer hours and you have to stay a bit later. Because of that every minute counts when it
comes to saving time. By being able to bulk schedule your dinner
orders in advance, you end up saving a ton of time, because what would normally take
40 minutes to find a restaurant, drive out to it, and come back, you already have all
of your meals pre-scheduled, ready to go, and delivered either to your client site,
your office or your hotel. I mentioned earlier that I was not an engagement
that required me to travel for six days of the week for three straight months. What I would do was pre-order all my meals
on a Sunday morning and then when I flew out Sunday evening, it was great knowing that
as soon as I got to my hotel there was already an Uber on their way delivering my food. During the week this was even more effective
because I would be able to stay locked into my work and wouldn’t need to drive out somewhere
and waste time. Food would show up at my doorstep, I could
eat, finish my work and get to my hotel sooner. So that’s tip number three guys. Take advantage of grocery delivery services
and apps. Tip number four is to take advantage of your
firm benefits because chances are if you’re client facing and if you work for a large
corporation your firm has affiliations with smaller companies and with those affiliations
come benefits. So what advantages am I talking about? Well some companies might have benefits such
as discount car rentals, discount software purchases, and even discount gym memberships. At the end of the day, it makes sense to either
check on your company website or call HR because the stuff is normally hidden, but if you do
have those benefits make sure to take advantage of them because they can be a huge cost savings. Alright guys there you have it guys. Four quick and easy tips for those who travel
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