How to Get a Tax Refund. When it comes to getting your tax refund check,
there’s no need to procrastinate when you have all the information you need at your
finger tips. You will need Internet access Tax professional
or tax software W-2 Forms 1099s Previous year’s completed tax return Social security number
Receipts and bank account (optional). Step 1. Decide whether to hire a tax professional
to complete your tax return, or purchase software online or via IRS’s Freefile at
(if your adjusted gross income meets the requirements). Step 2. Before you complete your income tax return,
research any new tax laws from the previous year so you don’t miss out on any significant
tax credits or tax breaks. Go online to the IRS website at, where
you will find updated information pertaining to the current tax filing year. Step 3. Gather all information to complete your tax
return, such as W-2 forms, 1099s, a previous year’s tax return, your social security number,
and receipts. Step 4. Complete the tax return with the method of
choice. Proof, sign, and send your completed tax return
via online or mail. Be accurate to avoid delays A refund anticipation
loan (RAL) allows you to get your refund in one to two days, but you will lose approximately
10 percent of your tax return. Step 5. Check the status of your tax return by going
online to and look for “Where’s My Refund,” normally within 72 hours after the
IRS acknowledges that they received your e-filed return. Enjoy spending your money. Did you know For the 2006 tax year, 1.4 million
U.S. tax payers failed to claim more than $1.3 billion in tax refunds.