what's up guys it's your boy what's up guys I'm Riker welcome to high on life we you are gonna get a whole bunch of travel inspiration marketing tips things were interested in random videos like the homeless millionaire prank over here you know maybe a jean-claude Van Damme video over here you just get everything okay we love making videos that's what we're passionate about and today we are gonna talk about how to make hundred grand from brandy else over the past five years with Haier brand high on life we have been fortunate enough to be a part of some incredible marketing campaigns we've done things like we were the faces we were on billboards all across New York City in Times Square giant friggin digital signage and stuff with our faces we did live periscope campaigns been the face of commercials on TV we've you know helped launch products we've done a lot of really cool stuff I would love to share with you some strategies here to hopefully help you guys understand how you can make 100 grand through brand deals whether that's whether your goal is to make a hundred grand in one brand deal or 100 grand over the course of the year through multiple brand deals there are strategies you can implement right now figure this out and start making cash let's get into it okay first and foremost we got to just say this right off the bat you need to understand the influence your economy and how any of this is possible to really dive into this video so if you don't know what the hell we're talking about please watch one of our previous videos we'll leave a link in the description and then come back to this one now what we do want to say is you also need to have a pretty good understanding of how brand partnerships work we've made a previous video about that as well so go watch that if you haven't seen it already the goal here is to take your existing foundation of understanding how to be an influencer understanding how to provide value to the business create partnerships and let's blow that up make as much money as you possibly can without selling out your brand make that cash engine you know yeah make that money okay the first key to success here is a simple sentence your network is your network who you know how many people you know is your biggest asset in this game now this first strategy I'm gonna share with you is like it is honestly the most empowering thing that we have as a team you know in our toolkit what I want you to understand is this first I want to ask question how do you find brand deals how do businesses reach out to you how do you create relationships with businesses to make those exchanges of services and make money as an influencer you know you create relationships with people if you have ten people that you've worked with in the past or you reached out to great you've got a network of ten different people ten different businesses what if that number was ten thousand not to seems pretty crazy you probably need a really good management tool or like ten VA is to help you do all that stuff but if you had 10,000 people that all owned businesses that have all talked to you that know who you are that understand what you do that if maybe worked with you in the past how easy would it be for you to reach out to this network with the click of a button and say you know what's up blank hope you're doing really well I just want to update you on some things I'm doing and wanted to just touch base and see if you guys have anything in the pipeline like that I could help you with you know here are some examples of things I've been doing and I'd love to connect with you if you did that with 10,000 people or even just a hundred people your success rate of getting a response back and them saying hey thanks for thanks for touching base with us was that we've actually got something in the pipeline that is a perfect fit for your exact brand and here are the details or maybe they'll say you know next next term you know our next year's budget or whatever we we do have some space for influencer marketing we would love to work with you this concept of your network being your net worth is so valuable so what I'd love to see you guys do is constantly create relationships with PR companies with influencer agencies and with businesses that you want to be working with and when I say create relationships I'm not saying pitching them it's merely creating a friendship a bond amount of trust between two people so you know who they are what they're about what their goals are and they know the exact same thing about you by creating these relationships over the course of time that they become your strongest asset well I'm gonna share something with you guys and I want you to like take this with a grain of salt because I don't know how many other people have this capacity but it is the most empowering thing ever as high a life when we were in a place that we like we've got some free time we'd like to make money our team will send an email out to our network of brands of businesses of agencies of PR companies you know influence their brand businesses and we will send customized email to every single person you know based on what that relationship is like and we will get a response back and within a very short period of time one deal will have come through or two or three or six and just like that we've made money that is number one ooop network net worth big dabula perfect another strategy I want to share with you is pitching longer term campaigns with the businesses rather than just a single one-off so for example say a business watch reaches out to you and they're like yo what's up guys we're nvm T watches and we want you to rock a watch in a video and we're willing to pay you X amount of money and you say hey savvy I beep I love your watches they look dope and I think my audience will really like them too what I'd like to do is actually not one post one video I'd like to do a video every month for the span of an entire year and I'm not gonna charge you 12 times the amount that you just ditched I'm only gonna increase it by 3/4 so you're giving them a substantial amount more value for just them a little bit more money boom that's an easy way to create a solid value exchange where the this deal that was just gonna be something like this turns into something a lot bigger no you can do that with a handful of feels and brand relationships that you've got from the pipeline boom you're gonna make a lot more money you know just to break this down so you've got four different businesses that have pitched you on a $5,000 brand deal just a one-off post or like maybe a small media package you can take four of those turn them into twenty five thousand dollar deals by spanning it over the course of an entire year it's a hundred grand my friends that's how you get paid you know what's up I'm Alexi I'm gonna jump in here and talk about thinking big when we work with these companies and it gets to that point what's okay let's send out like a proposal let's send out a number first thing we'll do is we'll try to understand the scope of the entire campaign maybe we'll go on up you know make some phone calls to some friends in the industry back okay like what do you think like what would this be worth or what would you charge or how much can you ask for and then we'll come up with a number no it's okay we're comfortable with this number this makes sense we will do it for this and then we double it and we just send it out and hold our breaths with happens well not really but we do tack on a little bit more to that and we do send it out and just because what's the worst that can happen this is a negotiation it's a back forth their goal is to get the most out of you for as little as possible your goal is to get your value and then some if you can write you're here to make money but you're not just doing this to make money this isn't the business or just pure making money if you want to be in that business go do like stock trading or something or go learn finance this is a different world this is a world for creators they want to supplement their income they want to create a business out of what they love to do which is what we were lucky enough to do when we get to travel the world at the end work with bands that we love and get paid to do it it's not a bad gig and we don't have to sit in an office looking at screens and numbers and charts and just like don't be afraid to ask for more money the worst thing that can happen is the brand will get back to you and say you know what that's out of our budget or that doesn't work for us but you don't know until you ask how gonna know unless you just try like don't be afraid to try don't be afraid to ask we have never had a brand get back to us and good we are offended by your number we don't want to walk work with you goodbye that doesn't happen what people will get back to you say okay that's out of our budget or you know option B seems more realistic or are you flexible or can we maybe change the deliverables up or maybe a Bic sure sounds good so do not be afraid to ask for more and to think big here's the cool thing about this whole industry there is no set amount there is no limit to what you can make everything is totally individual totally different you are unique shiny and snowflake and nobody else is like you and nobody has the same audience like you and nobody has the same style like and nobody is you which means if they want to work with you you get to set your own vows what you'll learn to recognize is there are different types and kinds of partnerships that you can take advantage of this really comes down to what your role is so maybe the company just wants to you to post an ad of their product that's it like anyone you make campaign like can you post this ad for a bit and then delete it okay well that is worth X maybe you're not even willing to do it it's just it's something different maybe they want you to go out and actually create content with that product well now you're not just posting an ad that exists you are now content creator you're producing what essentially is a mini commercial right or a product placement the same way you see you know products being featured in the movies and it's clearly a BMW riding everywhere and everything is being W and you can kind of realize that this movie is sponsored by BMW same same but different right there's other roles you can play because if you are a content creator you usually have a personality right so sometimes people just want your face on their you know like they they want you to like lead a campaign they want you to take over their brand marketing they maybe they want you to create your content for them and then you want to license that content to use for their own marketing needs to put it on Billboard's to put it on TV commercials to put in magazines this has happened to us as well and at first we didn't actually know the differences and we didn't realize how much more money you can charge just for the word a licensing so here's a keyword for you to look for for any kind of brand partnership if we're licensing is in that contract anywhere that should be like a ding ding ding like you know Red Alert that money means I can pretty much double what we're talking about things like that obviously as you do a couple of these things you gain more experience you gain more expertise and you do begin to kind of understand how this world works you don't want to just be like a greedy person that's just trying to take money in like you want to be cool you want to work with bands that you genuinely endorse and you also want to make money to do it because that is the industry and that is your business and having that money will allow you to you know grow the rest your business to you or whatever other projects you have in mind so leverage your previous partnerships into the new ones because once you've done one or two or three of these campaigns you kind of know the ropes and then when the next one comes along you kind of know your price because like okay well I did X campaign for this amount and I had you know half the followers that I do now or maybe my production wasn't as good maybe now I shoot on a red camera or whatever it is you can kind of leverage all of those compounding previous experiences into everything you do next it's like your resume think of it that way like what have you done before what is your work experience okay you've done this so the next thing you do you can leverage all of this for this look for ways to provide value the best way to sort of upsell is for you to provide them with more values so come up with other creative ideas you can pitch to them other things you're willing to do if you're working with a brand that you like genuinely like that you support really like their stuff don't be afraid to like be creative that okay well I also want to do this and I think my audience would really love this and maybe we can incorporate these other elements to it right like because the more value you can bring to the table well the more value you deliver so you're worth more money so it's all quite simple but it's also a little bit complicated if you just haven't done it before whoa what do you what do you need to under grand for anyways I'll be totally honest with you our grant is a crap ton of money and most people don't need that it's sort of like a surplus but nonetheless when you do have that kind of money you can put that back in your business keep growing things become more valuable to businesses you know start developing your brand on other platforms come up with your own influencer campaigns where people are rocking your merchandise and and they're being influencers and the sky is the limit what I want you guys to understand very clearly is this money is may not be the end goal for you and I don't want you to just go after this being like it's money money money but money does empower you to do things and if you have a vision if you have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish and what you want to provide the world with what your message is and how you want to share it and how you want to reach more people then taking these you know strategies making more money is a surefire way to do that so if you want to go deeper into this stuff click on the link below subscribe to our mailing list that's where we're gonna share it kind of free information and resources and tools we've got a really wicked community of people that are all going down this path to learning how to get paid to travel the world and we'd love to see you in there nonetheless please subscribe to our channel if you haven't already like this video share with a friend and leave a comment if you you know have got a success story yourself or if you've got a question for us we'll answer as many as possible ciao for now see you in the next video