Welcome to the Royal Bank of Scotland how to make an
international payments using Digital Banking video. First you need to
log on to your Digital Banking service in the normal way. You should now see your account summary. To make an international payment click the payments and
transfers link as shown and select make a payment from the
international payments section. First you will need to select if you’re
paying somebody new or someone you have paid before. If paying someone you have paid before please select them from the drop down
menu and click Next. If you’re paying someone for the first time please select that option and click
Next. For this video we will show you how to make
international payment to someone you have not paid before. On this screen you will
enter how much you wish to pay with your international payment. Please
select the country you’re sending the payment to using the
first drop down menu then the currency you’re sending in the
next. Then depending on your situation type in
the amount you are looking to pay in either money
in currency or amount in sterling boxes. Please note: the box you have not used should prefill
using the exchange rate. Then select how quickly you would like the international payment
to arrive using the next drop down menu. Taking note of the payment required to
action this. Finally on this screen please select who will pay any fees associated with
this payment. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a
quote of all fees included in this international payment.
If happy click Next. On this screen you can start to enter
the beneficiaries details All these details should be provided to
you by the payee. Please enter their name, their account number, their bank identified code, IBAN or
national clearing code whichever is requested. Then their bank’s name and address. In the next box you can type a message
to the beneficiary to inform them of the payment. Please note this message cannot be
longer than 35 characters. Then please select the date you wish to
your account to be debited. And the account you wish to have the
international payment taken from. And finally enter a reference for the
payment that will show on your statement. Again this can be a maximum of 35 characters. Check the information you have entered
and if you happy please click Next. Again please check the information
displayed and if happy tick the box to accept the terms and
conditions of this payment. To authorise the transaction you’ll need
to use a card reader. First insert one of your cards into the
card reader, you can select which card using the drop-down menu. When asked to select function press respond the button, the button with the up and down arrow. When prompted enter your card’s PIN and
press okay. Your card reader will be prompting you to enter number Enter the full eight digit number that
appears for you into the card reader then press the OK
button. Your card reader will display a passcode input these numbers into the white text box as shown. Once this
is done click on confirm. Your payment has been arranged subject
to sufficient funds being available in your account on the payment date.
If there are insufficient funds you may incur a charge. Once your payment has been processed
we’ll send you a confirmation slip the post. Thank you for watching.