To make the earrings, you’ll need a matching set of briolettes and these are faceted garnet briolettes. They’re ten millimeters by eight millimeters and they’re top-drilled which means they’re drilled through the top of this way. And then you’ll need some gold seed beads. These gold seed beads are size eleven over zero. For wire we’re using 26-gauge gold wire. We’ve got two gold earring hooks here and we’re going to use round-nose pliers and wire cutters. To make the earrings the first thing we want to do is cut a piece of the 26-gauge wire about 3 inches long or three and a half inches. And we want to make sure that this wire goes through these briolettes. The gemstone faceted gemstone briolettes are very fine. And often the hole is very small. That’s why we’re using 26-gauge, which is a finer wire and you’ll just want to test. If I can find the hole there. To make sure that the briolette fits on the wire. I’m going to test them both to make sure that they work on the wire. And they do. And what we want to do is feed the wire through the briolette, through that top drill in the briolette, and then we want to make a crisscross. I’m gonna go to the center of the wire here and I’m gonna bend one side up and over It’s following the line of the briolette and I’m gonna take the other side and pull it over I’m doing this gently because I don’t want to break the briolette. Like I said, these are very delicate and finally drilled I’ve got a nice little triangle there at the top then I want to take one piece of the wire and make it go straight up and Then this other piece of wire I’m gonna wrap around that first piece of wire and to do that I’m going to use my round nose pliers I’m gonna grasp That triangle that we made across there and then I’m gonna pull this tail around the neck There that we just pulled out two times Like that and then I want to take my wire cutters and trim that piece off I’m just gonna hold on to that tail trim that off and there we have our real life hanging there with our little Wraps around it. I’m just gonna press the end of that wrap down And next what we want to do is feed some seed beads onto this wire These are tiny little size 11 0 seed beads And I’m going to pour a couple into my palm of my hand. I want to feed eight of these beads onto the wire and a trick we like to do is to pour these seed beads into the palm of the hand and Then tip the beads onto the wire Like that, it’s easier than trying to pick them up individually and put them on the wire because they’re so small It also makes it easier to count I can see I’ve got four five Six One got away seven and eight that’s how many we want So I’m gonna slide all of those down and what we’re gonna do is bend the wire With all those beads on it into a loop. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle yet. We’re gonna shape it more When we’re done, but I’m bringing it around So that it meets up with the first loops that we just made those loops. We just finished and I’m just gonna hold that so there’s not a lot of slack in the wire and I’m gonna take this tail and Wrap it around the wraps. We just made we’re going to do two reps like that and Then I’m gonna trim like we did before Make sure you don’t cut the project And cut that little tail off And now we’ve got a little mis-shapen beaded section on the top, but what we can do is use the round nose pliers like a mandrel and Push the beads this little beaded loop down Onto the pliers and it will make it round for us See how that does. It’s kind of magic So it turns it into a rounder shape We have four beads on one side and four on the other. I’m going to slide the earring wire right in between there so that we have four beads on one side and four on the other and Then use the remm nose pliers to close that earring wire that is it gorgeous Do that again? Got another three-inch piece of wire. I’m Going to feed on My real left And then I’m gonna make that little crisscross at the top Like that I’m going to choose one side to go straight up and Then this other side I’m going to wrap around and I like to hold it with my round nose pliers So I can bring that tail around two times one and two I Got to push those little reps together make them tidy and then I want to trim that wire Close And that’s looking great and now I want to feed on eight more of These little seed beads And I really do think it goes faster when you have them in the palm of your hand like this So I’m going to tip on eight of these one two Three four five six Seven eight And there’s our eight seed beads we’re gonna Bend that around pretty much just kind of fold it on itself because as you saw before we can reshape it into a circle after we Match up the ends. So I want to bring that tail around to the beginning make sure I don’t have too much slack in the wire a Little bit of slack and now push the beads around There we go And you could reach in here and hold this with your pliers but at this point I think it’s a little bit easier to hold it with your fingers and then Bring that tail around and wrap it two times like they did before and then reach in there and trim that wire and Then I want to use the round nose pliers like a mandrel again to make that round Cute Now when I count four beads on one side one, two, three four, that’s where I’m going to put the earring wire So that the beads sit four on each side and I slide on that little earring wire four and four and Use the round nose pliers again to close that earring wire up Like serve overcorrected there. Yeah, that’s perfect. And that is a beautiful pair of beaded briolette drop earrings.