Oh thank god there’s a truck Oh sweet Oh yes we can get into the circle! Ah shit it’s out of gas Ah damn Oh all good I’ve got a gas can Wait you actually picked up a gas can? yeah they’re kind of useful now that they explode Okay Sweet Ah Adam what are you doing? I’m filling the truck up with gas? Doesn’t look like you’re filling the truck What does it look like I’m doing then? To be honest it just looks like you’re pouring gasoline on the back of the flatbed here Look you want me to fill up the truck, I’m filling up the truck! That’s not how you fill a truck How do you fill up a truck then Rowan?? I don’t know – most people would actually put the gas in the gas tank So you expect me to get out of the vehicle, walk all the way around Fiddle with the little opening and pour it all into the gas tank do you?? …Yes? That is far too impractical – no! Adam I feel like you’ve made the vehicle like way more dangerous actually Not to mention a massive waste of petrol – think about the environment! Go and check the gas gage Fine Well f*** me days Okay – ahh – sorry Adam. Great job there mate see? Okay lets head out Hey guys – you may have now noticed that our channel is sponsored by SteelSeries So one new way you can support us is by clicking the link below and using the code ‘VLDL12’ to buy some SteelSeries products It’s like a win / win – you get a 12% discount and we get a little cut of the profits. It’s awesome So go check out the link below. Thanks guys!