Hey, it’s iPugsieHD here and in today’s video I’ll be showing you how to refund any purchase you’ve made on your iOS device whether this be accidental or done intentionally but you’re not really that satisfied with that purchase.
If you didn’t know iOS is the name of the software that iPad iPhone and iPod’s run.

So first of all you want to head to reportaproblem.apple.com or use the link that I provided down in the description to get there easier without having to type it and once you have arrived at the website I sent you to you should be prompted with a login screen.

Here you want to login with there’s normal logins you use for either Apple, or the App Store and even iMessage and once you’ve logged in you should be on the screen that I am on right now. From here you can either search for that purchase or you can scroll down to find it.
Please note if you made the purchase and say 20 minutes after that purchase you want to refund it, it might not be there. So refreshing the page could help. Once you have found purchase that you want to refund you can either select a reasoning that matches your situation or if you just want a refund regardless, you want to put ‘I would like to cancel this purchase’. Now please note if the purchase is not within the 14 days (of purchase), then you cannot cancel the purchase . On some occasions, you might be able to. Now please don’t abuse this by, for say, going to buy 10 items and just refunding them all because of the sake of it, because it does cost people time and money. I hope you did find this helpful, if you are having any problems, please leave a comment down below, and I will respond as quick as I can. But if you did enjoy the video and found it helpful for your purchases do check out my other social medias as well as leaving a like so others can you know see this video and if they are potentially having the same problem they can fix this by refunding the accidental purchase or refunding something they don’t really like. Anyways, thank you for watching and this iPugsieHD, signing out