What’s happening, everybody. My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. in today’s video we’re gonna take a look
at the refund system and how this new system is going to function now. I’m
really glad that it’s finally back in the game. A lot of you guys have been
asking where’s the refund system every single time Fortnite tweets
you guys are like honestly where’s it at we need it now,
give it to us so it’s really weird in a way because they’ve hidden it in a
very odd place it’s a place that I really did not expect and I guess it’s
understandable because they really don’t want you guys to refund your skins and
that’s why they’ve even placed a limit on it so obviously it’s not in the lobby
section there’s nowhere around the screen it’s not placed in the battle
pass, it’s not placed in the challenges now I’d expect it to be placed in the
locker because this is of course where we actually have the items of the things
that we can break down it’s not in the item shop either which is also another
place so to most people it’s gonna seem like the refund system actually doesn’t
exist and it definitely isn’t in the career section which you know where I
think it originally was if I’m correct correct me if I’m wrong in the comments
below and of what I’ve seen there’s nothing in the story that book well you
want to do is you only go up to your settings and in your settings you wanna
then head over to the right hand side right to the far right side and you want
to bill to go here now I love so you have to blurt out my epic account ID
that’s what everyone will have like of their own one and it says here lifetime
refund requests now as it says here in cases where you’re unintentionally
purchase an item of v-bucks you have three lifetime return requests only
areas purchased within the last 30 days are eligible which means customizable
such as Battle pass items and also llamas and so on are not refundable so
if you bought the battle pass any items of the battle pass – you can’t give back
any battle pass tiers you can’t give back and if you bought any llamas for
save the world they also can’t be refunded so it has to be a skin,
pickaxe, backbling or something along those lines what you do is you simply go
to submit a request now you literally have three tickets they look pretty
similar to the tickets that actually you get in Save the world around the time
of the Christmas event pretty similar absurd here all the items
that I bought in the last 30 days so these are the Merman, Mertank. I’ve got the outfits
I’ve got you know different pickaxes and all the different emotes and different
characters I bought quite a lot in the last 30 days to be fair okay. I’ve brought I
probably went through a couple of hundred pounds worth of v-bucks.Now, all
you want to do is you want to select one of these so let’s say for example I’m
gonna go check something that’s in the item shop right now so we’ve got flapper
I think I have. I don’t know if I’ve brought the chicken emote recently
as if I go back over into the settings and I go submit a request
I believe I bought the chicken emote in the last 30 days because it’s a new one
so if we go on to the chicken one just an example you go I am NOT as expected
or you could go an authorized purchase or you could go accidental purchase so
let’s say it was an accidental purchase I mean obviously it wasn’t bought it
says you’ll have three life right to lifetime return requests remain once you
use this no longer be able to request a return for purchased items so if we then
submit a request if we look at the amount of v-bucks I have I have eight
thousand five hundred and twenty five the value of this is five hundred
v-bucks if I then submit a request it then brings up saying your currents are
maximal three life returns issue you are returned this for the request if you go
yes then what will happen is that gift you the v-buck if I then say no
they’ll take me back and it’ll cancel so I don’t mind I’m probably gonna keep all
the items anyway so just for the purpose of this video out refund the chicken and
what happened is a refund and it now gifts me those it goes submit request
and it gives me the 500 v bucks straight back into my account and it burns out
one of the tickets you have now returned the chickens return the chicken 500 V-
bucks have been credited to your account simple as that so now I can obviously go
back in and I’ll see re-buy it because I don’t want to get rid off it so that was a
waste of a ticket for me but I did it entirely for you guys on the video that
is simply how the refund system works a whole today’s video is just gifted you a
little bit of guidance because of course it seems almost impossible to find it’s
hidden deep within the settings we also have some more videos coming later on so
stay tuned for that make sure that you subscribe to the channel leave a like a
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course thank you for watching take care yourself guys. Peace