according to AAA gas has gone up
41% in the last three years and since it’s not likely it’s gonna go down
anytime soon and honestly after the election I’ll probably go back up some
as well today we’re going into some tips and
tricks on how to save a lot of gas at the tank today but we’re also gonna be
going in my top number one way I save money on gas every single week so if
you’re ready for that let’s get into it hello my name is Kat Theo and on my channel
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linked on the notification belt to not miss out on any of it first we’re gonna
get into some general tips and tricks to save gas while you’re driving the first
one is to get your gas early on in the week and early on in the day according
to a recent study from Gas Buddy typically gas stations will have lower
prices in the morning and also beginning of the week like on Monday for example
most people watching how the full tank of gas before they start the week going
to work so most people will usually gas up on Sunday right if that you comment
down below if you usually gas up on Sundays
I know my mother guesses up on every single Sunday but if she would wait
until Monday morning she might actually be saving a lot more on gas this also
does depend on where you live in the country so do be looking out in your
city weekly just to kind of compare this is true or not where you are but I have
noticed where island this is true my next way is asking for a cash discount I
have a gas station by my house it’s what those gas stations you know like one of
those gun stations but they will give me a cash discount just for not using my
card at the pump so this is something easy that will save me a few dollars
every time I go to the gas station because they don’t want to pay and the
processing fees that the credit card companies charge you so this probably is
not going to work for these big national brands like
BP and shell and all these other ones but if you live by a local gas station
that it’s just a mom-and-pop there’s not change just them you’d be surprised how
willing they are to do a cash discount my next way is to accelerate gradually
obviously you know by speeding and constantly stopping on the highway
because your yourse going so fast and accelerating and stop eating celery at
stopping just waste a lot of gas the reason why a highway you get better
mileage is because they’re calculating that you’re staying at a constant speed
for a lot longer than your if you’re just on the regulars Road so don’t wait
right before you’re about to hit a light to slam on the brakes and don’t be
speeding up as soon as the light goes green you know just gradually and stop
and accelerate and this will actually save you gas and it’s blot better on
your car my next way is keeping your windows rolled up I have heard back and
forth what’s better for your car putting air conditioning on or just opening the
window but it seems like in general by keeping your windows open that will
reduce the aerodynamic drag that is on your car in this way you’ll be getting
better gas mileage on your car my next tip for savings of gas is getting a
remote job so you don’t have to commute to work every single day but how you may
ask well check out a lot of these videos on my channel take a picture on my
channel I have a crap ton of videos that are all remote so you can transition
from your office job into a remote position okay now for the fun stuff so
if you have stuck around until this point thank you very much now we’re
going into my number one ways to save actually save a lot of money on gas the
first one is to download the fueler saver this is an app that is conjunction
to the Shell gas station are you ready for this nugget are you ready
drumroll please if you are a t-mobile phone user you get
an extra 10 cents off per gallon every single Tuesday for their t-mobile
Tuesday’s this means in conjunction to the fuel saver app that will save you
five cents per gallon just for using this app at a Shell gas station and
being a t-mobile phone user every week on Tuesday you are getting 15 cents off
per gallon 15 15 15 cents off her Colin there’s just nothing more exciting for
me then save you money I think maybe making money too that excites me with –
if you’re not a t-mobile user like myself I am NOT t-mobile user so if I
cannot take advantage of this but you can download the get up side app so I’m
gonna put a link in the description if you download it with my link you get an
extra 15 cents off per gallon for one time but if you don’t that’s okay they
will tell you the exact prices of the gas stations around your area they’ll
actually give you cash back for when you gas up at these gas stations so for
example the other day the gas was like 236 a gallon something like that and I
use my app and I got it for 229 I go in so obviously you can see there is a cash
back discount that’s pretty heavy and I have just been starting to use this app
recently but I have seen that some reviews or people get back like when $1
back a month this is just free money it’s really just free money at this
point my next app is the Gas Buddy app if you don’t already know what this app
is essentially it tells you the best prices in real time of all the gas
stations around you so the gas stations that are participating with gas buddy
will actively update their gas prices every single day you can see the
cheapest in your area sometimes it might be more beneficial for you to maybe
commute to work and on the way to work you see this gas station has the
cheapest price around it might be worth it for you to make that extra detour to
go get gassed up but in general it will tell you all the cheapest prices in the
area so I’m about to tell you how to do this the correct way you start
with the fuel saver app you’re gonna get five cents off every gallon for any
participating Shell gas station in your area you can check the app to see which
ones are participating immediately you’ll get that five cents off per
gallon then you’re gonna head over to up side up and you’re going to see if that
seems Shell gas station that you’re at is doing cash back and usually it’s like
five cents off a gallon and you’ll get that cash back so you gas up with the
fuel saver app you print your receipt at the gas station
you’re gonna upload that receipt into up side and to get your cash back and bam
you just saved maybe 25 cents a gallon with these two things combined I have
saved some times on different dates up to 25 cents per gallon that is unheard
of that blows my mind that’s just crazy so since you can combine these different
rewards and it’s completely allowed you can see how you can save a lot of money
at the gas station today so go try it out let me know how much money you saved
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