Open your drawing (For example a Centimeter based drawing file) I’m just confirming dimension that I’m using Centimeter. Once again i’m just showing you my drawing unit Now go to Layout 1 or any other Layout Type PLOT enter or press CTRL+P for plot dialogue box Select printer or plotter (for now we can select DWG to PDF) Select paper to be used for printing or plotting ( I always prefer ISO full bleed as it gives more space) Select drawing orientation (Landscape or Portrait) Specify plot scale : Always make bottom Cell as value 1 In upper cell specify how many mm is your unit (as of now 10mm equals 1 centimeter) Make sure to select layout in What to plot option Click Apply to Layout then Click Cancel (Don’t click OK as we are not going to print now) If there is a viewport just erase/delete it Type MV enter to create a new viewport Double click inside the viewport to activate model space for scaling From the bottom right corner specify scale for printing (For example 1:100) If you need custom scale click custom and create new scale. Double click outside model space to get out of model space or enter command PSpace Type PLOT enter to print / plot, then just click OK to print If the printer is DWG to PDF it will ask for PDF location to Save Thank you for watching, Presented by Crazy AutoCADDian