CRAFTYAMY! Hi everyone welcome back to episode 13 of sewing 101. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to sew a zipper fly. A zipper fly is what you see on pants, the zipper with this piece of fabric behind it. and the one I’ll be showing you how to sew is on muslin, so you don’t mess up any of your jean fabric or nice fabric. I noticed with jeans women’s jeans usually open from the right and men’s jeans open from the left. So, this tutorial will help to do whichever way you would like to do. I also included a printable pattern! The same pattern that I used, and that’s going to be in the description box So you can print that out to practice the zipper fly If you’d like to be notified on my next video, make sure to click the little bell button at the bottom of this video next to my channel name so then you can see when I upload a video. Let’s get started! You will need the pattern from the description box, a zipper, muslin, craft clips or pins. I have a coupon code if you would like to purchase these. a ruler, marking tool, and scissors. Start by cutting out two pieces from the pattern. This would be your two front legs on the real pant. So we can pretend these are two front legs for little shorts. Transfer the marking of where the zipper will stop. Mark your wrong side so you don’t get confused. Cut one piece out for the fly guard. Fold the fly guard in half and sew on the open edges. Place the pattern right sides together and sew the fly opening with the base stitch and sew the rest of the crotch with the regular stitch. Don’t sew the legs together because that is sown with the back of the legs This is my first time using craft clips. I really like how they’re fast and easy to use. It helps keep the fabric smooth, unlike pins that create small lumps. and it’s perfect for leather and vinyl. Stay tuned to the end of the video so you can see how you can enter the giveaway to win these craft clips. Sew using a regular stitch up to the point, then base the opening. Sew the fly guard using a fourth inch seam allowance, or you can surge it. Also, you can add interfacing inside the fly guard to make it stiffer. Here’s what it should look like so far. Open up the fly and place the zipper face down. If you want the opening on the right for men place the zipper on the left. and for women if you want the opening on the left, place the zipper on the right side. Now sew on the zipper tape with a regular stitch using a zipper foot. Turn the zipper over and top stitch. Turn the zipper facing down and turn over the pant Now top stitch through three layers in a rounded L shape. You’re going to stop at the point you marked earlier that’s also marked on the pattern. Make sure not to curve so sudden so your rounded L is a nice curved stitch. Back stitch and stop right inside the seam. Now seam rip the base stitch. I curved my rounded corner a little too sudden, that’s why it looks like that. Turn it over and place the fly guard behind the zipper. Hold it in place and then you’re going to top stitch right on top of the top stitch next to the zipper. Then tack it down at the bottom with a couple stitches. And there you have it that’s how you sew a zipper fly. Thumbs up this video if you found it really helpful thank you so much for watching! On the next sewing 101 video, I’ll be showing you how to sew an invisible zipper on the facing that I did in episode 12. If you would like to purchase these craft clips from Evergreen Art Supply, I have a coupon code for 25% off you can use the coupon code CRAFTYAMY to get 25%off but you can also enter the giveaway to receive the craft clips for free all you need to do is comment below. and i really want to know what your favorite sewing supply is like is your ruler your favorite thing? or your seam ripper? Maybe you make a lot of mistakes, so your seam ripper is your favorite supply. I’m really curious to know My favorite is… Hmmmm My favorite supply is my chalk pen. I use it like in almost every one of my videos. It’s that red pen and chalk comes out that’s one of my favorite things. so just comment below and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. If you like to follow me on my social media, you can follow me at craftyamy on Instagram and CraftyAmy93 on Facebook. Thank you so much for watching!