hey guys it's Joshua and today I'm going to show you how to add a coupon code to deals plus so I'm here on Tommy Hilfiger and I found an extra 40 percent off sale code and let's go ahead and add this to deals plus on the right hand corner go ahead and click the button click on coupon and for store you can type in the URL or the store name so there are four choices for coupon type there's online in-store coupon in-store offer and weekly ad in this case we're gonna choose online the coupon code is upgrade and now for the URL if the code is found on the homepage you can leave it blank but in this case since it's extra 40% off sale let's go ahead and go to the sale page and let's add this link for description the first line would be the title so that's going to be extra then click on enter and this will be the description section in the description you can add exclusions and shipping information so in this case it says excludes final sale so I'll add that information and the free shipping next we're gonna work on discount value and in this case I'll be 40% off and the expiration date is 8 and now you just have to click on submit and there you go here is your coupon code on deals plus so now I'm going to show you how to add an in-store printable coupon so once you find your in-store printable coupon go ahead and save the image to your computer now let's go to deals plus calm and on the right hand corner click on the button and click on coupon so forth store go ahead and add in the URL or store name in this case it's pet supermarket for a coupon type click on in-store coupon now you can share a link to the coupon or upload an image here in this case we're gonna go ahead and upload the image click on choose file now for a description the first line would be the title then when you click on enter the following information will be the description so for the discount value you can put $15 off expiration date is August 5th now you can click on submit to submit your coupon and there you go here is your in-store printable coupon on deals plus stay tuned for more how-to videos