This is Duke University.>>If you park in one of Duke’s garages
you’ll soon need to pay in a new way using an automated pay station. The pay stations are designed to make
paying and exiting quick and easy. When entering a garage,
you’ll be issued a colored entry ticket. Keep this ticket with
you during your visit, you’ll need it to pay at a pay station
before you return to your vehicle. When you’re ready to leave, visit a pay
station, insert your entry ticket, and follow on screen instructions. The amount you owe will be displayed. If you’d like a receipt,
press the Receipt button. If you have a parking pass
with a scannable code on it, use the pass to pay your parking fee. After inserting your entry
ticket into the pay station, scan the code using the reader
on the left side of the machine. The pay station will display the number
of uses remaining on the pass. If you have a white ticket that
provides you with discounted parking, insert the ticket in the ticket slot. If you still owe a balance,
you may pay with cash or credit card. Note that some pay stations
only accept credit cards. To pay, insert your payment
in the appropriate slot. For credit cards insert
the card all the way. The screen will prompt
you to remove your card. After you pay, the pay stations will
return your colored entry ticket for use in the exit lane. To avoid additional charges,
you must exist within 20 minutes. Upon exiting, insert your pay ticket
to open the gate and you’re done. For more information about parking
at Duke, visit Produced by the office of
communication services. Online at