Oh, oh! this isn’t good Susan, I hate my house. You have to sell it. I Hate to cook in my kitchen and I will not take a bath in my bathtub That’s pretty bad. Hey, but you know what problems gonna be is if she hates her house so badly that she wants to sell it Because of the kitchens and bathrooms then no buyer is gonna want it either! I have solutions Want to talk about it? Meet me on the other side! Hey, hey, welcome back. I’m Susan Thetford with Parks Properties here in the Nashville, Tennessee area. People hate kitchens and baths. They make buying decisions based on kitchens and baths and if you hate your kitchen and bath enough to want to sell it… Probably no buyers are going to want to buy it either! Hey, I’ve got solutions. I sell ranch homes on these great properties that (often) need some updating all the time_ So I’ve got some great solutions for her! Can’t wait to share that with her and talk over ideas with my friend Kim Pearse, who is a staging Consultant. She’ll have some great ideas and we’re gonna talk about it! If this is the type of thing that’s of interest to you- all things Nashville… design, real estate, Then I invite you to subscribe to my channel Tap that Bell so you don’t miss a thing because I do a new video every single week okay, let’s Get your pen and paper. We’re gonna take some notes! What are the best home improvements to increase (home) value? That’s what everybody wants to know whether they’re putting their home on the market today or five years from now. If I’m gonna I have $5000 for improvements… What’s the best that I can do and make sure I get that return Today I’m talking with Kim Pearse financial planner turned professional Stager. She turned her passion into her business! I did and and she is uniquely I think really qualified to help us have this conversation about – I’ve got five thousand dollars I want to turn that into money! multiple ROI investment, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. What is $5,000 what will $5,000 what somebody has after they’ve cleaned, they decluttered they… Yes, we’ve prepacked and we have edited out some things So for five thousand dollars, let’s stay on kitchens and bathrooms just for a minute from what we did in our last video Absolutely So in kitchens and bathrooms most the time I’m going to recommend if we have a budget if we have a little bit of Budget of $5,000. I’m going to recommend if you have wood or those light oak cabinetry. I’m gonna recommend painting I’m so glad that you said that! Yes, I know Everybody says well .. I don’t want grey cabinets. So, you know gray gray gray but white cabinets are Timeless ; they were around 60 years ago 70 years ago and so white cabinetry is the cleanest The most on trend right now and if you update the hardware like we talked about last time It’s really gonna give you a wonderful Yeah, a wonderful investment. You have a wide range of hardware You can use could you could use every single tone you can use the oil rub bronze; You can use the satin nickels, right! Where is a lot and you could do the pulls and the drawers … there’s so many I never heard Anybody walk into a kitchen and say I wish this was that yellow oak! No!!! And then said nobody ever said nobody and that’s my great next point is flooring. flooring is One of those things that you know, the 12 by 12 tiles that we used to all have Those I have a little bit of a time stamp on them now. So we really would like to have hardwoods or even the engineered hardwoods. There’s so many fabulous projects… that’s good in a kitchen, especially if you have children Yes, it’s fabulous in a kitchen. So they look so much like hardwoods, but they will t hey’ll stand the test of time; So it’s one of those things that is it’s great So if in the bathrooms, I’m gonna go stay with tile Because obviously you have all the wet way more wetness stuff in the bathrooms So but the tiles instead of the 12 by 12, we’re now going to the 12 by 24 so a little bit longer and for selling I try to say real plain. I don’t want to get into a lot Like can you open the design magazines? You’re seeing all this beautiful pattern tile flooring and bathrooms and powder rooms. Don’t do that That is a very personal decision. But if you go with long 12 by 24 even 12 by 36 Tiles that will update it tremendously and always go with a (Excuse me) a little bit darker grout The other thing in bathrooms and kitchens is back splashes so many ways Inexpensive that you can update back splashes the timeless backsplash is the white subway tile or even the off white subway tile and then you can do those with Matching grout you can do them with the charcoal grout Very “Joanna Gaines” like she likes to do that or the dark charcoal Don’t use black grout because that is charcoal is going to be the same color to our eyes But black grout actually— it gets on to the white subway tile and it’s hard to come off. So charcoal is so much better and much better choice So those are available and Also worse comes to you know, if you really are out of money because you’ve updated the counter now you can actually paint Your tile that is on your backsplash. Now, I will say that I’ve seen a lot of 50s-60s we have a lot of 50s 60s ranches (homes) here and It’s the pink and green. Yeah, the green and blue blue. Yes, and I’ve seen many people paint that and it works well, especially if it goes up the wall because that doesn’t get a lot of wear They’re amazing It’s worth that money on those bathrooms it it was amazing. … Go back to the slider doors on the bathtub that always 1) don’t work 2) they hold mold…hold nasty Yes, don’t you know that’s a good place to spend some of that money? I would that is Something that I would really recommend but you’re you know, according to what other things you have to do. That might be over that $5,000 because you really have to make have that done professionally as well. You know one thing I saw when I was in that in Argentina And it was amazing to me. They’ve taken those doors off—this was a nice hotels there’s no Closed in totally right, but they do use a piece on very heavy heavy hinge Yes using glass and it’s keeping…then you don’t have that little cup thing that holds all the bathroom moisture. Yeah. Yeah, so that’s what I was gonna say I would recommend and you can do open, you know, you can just do one glass You don’t have to Encompass the whole bathtub—only half or you can do like almost like a French door look which really looks beautiful. I think for those secondary bathrooms. There’s a hallway bathrooms the whole family uses that that again I’m back to thinking of the 50s-60s houses are getting a lot of that is just such a mold Haven- so nasty! That and no matter how clean you are, you can’t help it. You can’t keep it clean No, you can because of all the moisture, right? so Let’s backtrack? Okay, lighting lighting painting cabinetry painting again hardware like we talked about last time shower in those bathrooms the shower Heads and faucets, sometimes those just have seen their better days. So those are a nice thing and then painting walls Now that is bathrooms kitchens living rooms Oftentimes in these older homes. I see purple dining rooms. I see red rooms So we want to make sure That it is a very clean, light neutral color because we don’t want buyers to come in and say oh I’m gonna have to paint this whole house. We just can’t envision… we cannot envision it …and then they will focus on the red wall or the purple wall and not the beautiful crown molding and not the wonderful hardwood floors. We (realtors) will actually remind the person when in the car with them and you’ve shown them 7 houses Yes. Okay. What do you think about the house with the red dining room? We’re gonna call it out. We’re gonna meet Oh you do it and we don’t name it the cute little perfect house. No, no everybody has a name for those so that would be something I truly recommend is making sure you have a light color scheme when you’re selling house You can actually take one color throughout the whole house I like to have like a powder room a little deeper color, so that’s where you get some interest—a little drama, a little drama Absolutely, that is usually I say paint is “money in a can” Yeah, and it it has a the biggest return on investment I will say it every time that I’ve seen a home that’s painted the same color, especially if it’s a smaller home Yes, it feels much larger. Yes, and it still does it with the same paint color because you have different light in each room, so right it doesn’t scream. It’s the same one. It was cheap. No, it actually is more rich it does! it absolutely looks beautiful and just those nice neutral colors and you talked about this as a reminder when you’re selling your home, you’re actually… … you’ve already moved out of it You need to have it in your mind that you’ve moved out Right your goal now is to make it as possibly Perfect for the buyer absolute means you might need to redo (rearrange) and furniture We may need to move it around right you really want to showcase the features So if you’ve got a beautiful fireplace or beautiful built-ins like we have behind us here We want to showcase those We don’t want to have to walk around furniture To get to those the more people touch and feel that creates that emotional connection to them So we want to showcase those I never like to see In a smaller room the back of the sofa when you walk in Those should be really focused You know, we we don’t need to terribly focus on where we’re gonna watch TV Yeah in these visit while we’re selling I know guys you’re not gonna like that but We need to really showcase. Our furniture furniture is just a function of the room That is shows how you live in the room and it’s not supposed to be the focal point and do not just line up furniture around the room. Oh, I see it all the time. People think that that makes a room so much bigger and it actually if you give 2 to 7 inches of a breathing space behind every piece of furniture it actually lets the room feel, feel bigger Well, as you can tell Kim is a wealth of knowledge and she just tells me that she can also do consults from afar So wherever you are, you might need to talk to Kim Even if it’s to enjoy your own home Or maybe you’ve moved into it and you just didn’t you haven’t fallen in love with it I know that Kim can help you make those changes that some will make a real difference. Well, Kim, this has been terrific again I will put your information and crazy in the notes all below You can reach out to Kim as always if you’re here in Nashville. Call Kim Call me and we can help you with all your residential rukmi home needs. That’s right. This was so much fun I’m glad we haven’t taught you to do much So I hope you took some good notes I know I did and I know exactly what we’re going to do to get this house and you great condition Hey, if you missed one of the first two of our series then you might want to check out Those videos don’t want you to miss anything about you. So Like subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you next week