Thing’s a pain in my ass. It’s open. Show off. Bernie! Bernie! BERNIE: I’m up here! Hang in there, little man! BERNIE: Hurry! Up the stairs. Let me hear that voice! BERNIE: I’m up here in my room! All right, try and stay calm.
Come on. Where you at, buddy?
Hey! Let’s hear that voice! BERNIE: I’m over here! All right, let’s find a new way in. BERNIE: Help me. BERNIE: Yes! All right, all right. Oh, thank God! Holy Shamu. I’m sorry.
I can’t get out of bed. There’s a bed under there? Can you walk at all? I haven’t walked
in five years! All right, maybe if we strap a rocket ship
on this guy, we’ll get him out of here. No, no, we can do this. People lift cars.
It’s adrenaline, you know? Well, cars.
This guy’s more like a freaking minivan. Hey, buddy, we’re gonna help you
out of here. Come on. How’s my mom?
Your ma? If she survived the birthing process,
nothing’s gonna take her down. So, what, just grab a side,
Chuck, come on. Get a side there.
What do you mean, get him? What are we gonna do here?
Come on, just… Come on. Come on!
We can’t budge this fatso. I know, let me chop him up.
We’ll take him down in pieces. What?
I’m kidding you. We gotta hurry up here.
Let’s go.
All right, all right. Just grab the back of our coats. Turn around, Chuck.
Grab the back.
Okay. All right. Hey, hey, did you start this fire
by lighting one of your farts? That’s funny. Hold on to our coats.
Hold on. Start running! Go! Go! I’m running, Mama! I’m running like the wind! Slow down! Slow down! (MEN YELLING) Mama! (MEN GROANING) Chuck! Chuck,
are you all right? Thank God. (BERNIE FARTS) Oh, my God! Oh, sweet Lord.
Broccoli. Oh, my God! They saved me, those two.
Yeah, they’re my heroes. I like you. I love you! Oh, get me a hero!
I’m starving! Oh, get me out of here!
Bring me to a deli! So, how are the kids doing? Oh, Tori, she’s great, man.