My name is Brian and I’m the inventor of Quiet Punch and I got caught in a marketing scheme and didn’t sell a thing. This is My Work Through Failure Story. It all started when I was teaching boxing in New York and
I wanted people to learn boxing one doorway at a time. Quiet Punch is a home punching bag that fits in small spaces, in a doorway that’s accessible to everyone. So I came up with the idea and the concept but
had no idea where to go next with it. What I did was I created a video, just a demo video to showcase what is was. Just to get some interest from people. I was being reached out by a lot of different companies
and a particular marketing agency approached me and they had a deal that felt like exactly what I wanted. When I came out of the meeting I felt like on top of the world. What I did was I first signed an agreement with them. It was a
licencing deal and I put my basically me life’s savings. I felt that it was a really worthwhile investment. When we first started it was supposed to
be a process that we work together. So they would take my vision and they would expand on it.
Use their expertise to make everything better. First couple of months was very very exciting cause I
thought this was the win, I found a really good team. When the honeymoon phase faded away what happened was the communication was way more limited and it wasn’t the same vision we had talked about. They had a person in mind they wanted to basically showcase the product. This person had nothing to do with boxing and it was all about kinda just like quick weight loss. So it was almost like a little bit of a you could call like a scheme. It just looked very cheesy. Definitely cheaper than the value of the product. nd they were telling me that they were the experts
and that I was just the inventor. So I should just sit to the side and just wait to
let them do what they were supposed to do. So after a year and a half time working with the
company I was basically ghosted by them. They were looking for a particular price to the product. When they couldn’t get the cost to where
they wanted it they severed the deal. Like, “Goodbye, this didn’t work, see you later”. This hit me hard. Hit me really hard. Probably harder than anything’s ever hit me before because I realized that I had put so much effort, energy, and money into this and that I also started to get a lot of the negative
thoughts that maybe I’m not meant for this. Maybe I’m no good. Just in general not even in entrepreneurship. Just myself personally. So in the very beginning of the process my first manufacturer he told me,
“So Brian should do this yourself.” “You know that other people are going to promise you certain things,” but you know the vision, you know how good
this product is, you need to stick to it.” So I was like, “I need to do this myself.” You know, no one else is going to believe in this but me. And for the next year I sold out of my parents house. But as we were doing this maybe we were selling 30 units a month. It was pretty slow. So then after about a years time one of my Facebook videos went viral. I remember the date very well. It was the end of August. There was the
Conor Mcgregor Floyd Mayweather fight. At that time boxing was trending heavily on Facebook. One of my videos of somebody using the Quiet Punch was up there and it started to be shared. And it started to be shared a lot. That very next day we sold all of the inventory that we had. I’m going to say at that time we sold about 400 units in 10 minutes. The feeling was extremely exciting and at the same time extremely scary because it was everything I wanted and it was happening all at once. It taught me a lot about not only about entrepreneurship but life. Especially because you know the only way to get to a really
good high is to sometimes go through a really deep low. Just because I’m at a low point doesn’t mean I need to give up. And when I realized I didn’t need to give
up I pushed forward and I persevered through it actually took me to a place I never expected. Hi I’m Alex and I have a confession to make. I have failed many many times. And so have you. And that is why I produced this WTF story. So
that you and I can feel a little bit less alone. So if you want to learn more about founders who have
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