Hi, my name is Corinna. I’m with MoVend’s developer relations program. I am here today to show you how easy it is to integrate MoVend with your Android application. MoVend is an in-app mobile commerce platform that helps to sell your in-app items within your applications. I assume that you are an Android developer and have setup your PC or laptop for Android development. There are four basic steps in integrating MoVend within your application. First, you would need to sign up and download the MoVend SDK from MoVend.com. Next, register your application information on our MoVend dashboard so that MoVend can keep track of it. The third step, you would need to import the MoVend SDK and use the MoVendAPI to initiate the purchase of products, this portion requires some coding for integration with MoVend. Lastly, submit the applications onto the MoVend dashboard for your apps to be approved. Let’s get started. You would need to sign up for a developer’s account at MoVend.com. Fill in your credentials and you will immediately receive an email to verify your account. That is all that’s required for a MoVend account. Once you have registered, Login to the MoVend dashboard using your credentials. Here you can access the link to the Integration Guide at our wiki page, have access to the MoVend SDK for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 and download the MoVend White Paper for reference. You also can customize the details of your app as well as your profile details. This DashBoard provides a management system to track, trace and monitor the performance of your applications. Before you start integrating the SDK, we would need you to provide information about your application and the products that you will be selling, in order for us to keep track of and display to the end-users. Click on Create new app to register your application. Fill up the details with regards to your application. Don’t worry if you’re not able to furnish
the information today, you can always return later to edit the application information once you have finalized the details via the manage application button. Once you’re done creating your application, your next step is to Create A New Product, Click on Next. For each MoVend application, we can support multiple products of different types that you wish to sell within the application. This is controlled by the application and product details that you’ve registered on our website. Click on Create New Product. Enter the product name and a description of how the product is to be used, which will be seen by users before they purchase. For example, we have a magical sword here as the product. Other than the basic information of the product, we would need you to indicate how you want to classify your product. There are three types of products that MoVend can support. Activation products are software licenses meant for unlimited usage. Examples include new maps, advanced levels or full versions of the app. Subscription products are time-based licenses which will automatically expire based on your time requirements. Examples of these include monthly subscriptions to E-books or mobile services. Consumable products are usage-based products defined manually within your code, these items could be used once or any number of times based on your custom settings. Game-play life, weapons or avatar costumes are examples of consumables. Apart from the product type, we need you to indicate the pricing of the products. MoVend supports PayPal, operator billing, prepaid credits and credit cards. Enter a price that you would like to charge users if they select to purchase via PayPal. As for operator billing, the prices vary from country to country based on the currency, and for simplicity, we have provided three basic tiers to which you can quickly assign product prices to your products. You can also choose custom price under Custom Local Prices dropdown panel. At any time during development or even after approval, if you would like to change your price, all you have to do is to return to manage apps and edit the price, which will then be updated to all users’ handsets automatically. This can also be used as a feature for you to run promotional discounts and campaigns for your users in real-time. Once you have finished registering your product, you would need to download the MoVend.xml file in order to get started with the code integration. MoVend.xml is a configuration file which contains essential information such as the developer API key, application and product information. Now, we will be integrating MoVend SDK into your application. Inside the MoVend SDK package, you will find all the necessary codes for integration and sample applications with examples you can refer to within the package. Over here, we are looking at a sample application without MoVend integrated. Setup an android application as per usual, be it a new or existing Android app that you already have. First, copy MoVend.xml file to resource values folder of the project. Second, Modify Manifest.xml Add these following lines of code undertag of AndroidManifest file to allow MoVend to utilize some activities and services to run within your application Third, Import MoVend.jar into Project MoVend.jar is a library, which allows your application to utilize MoVend services. So now you are ready to call upon the MoVend API to handle the purchases. There is only one API that you need to know to utilize all of MoVend’s services for your in-app purchases. Now to integrate MoVend APIs into user events, this is where the user will initiate the purchase of the product, we’ll need to.. First, Initialize MoVendAPI in the class file. Make sure you invoke this method in your Activity’s onCreate method when the application starts in order for the MoVendAPI to function. Secondly, we will need to place the purchase API within the event handler that handles the purchase of a product by a user. This is where you can place your buy button of your products. This following line of code checks whether the user has already bought a product. Use this onActivityResult callback function outside your onCreate method to handle the three possible outcomes of transaction: successful, failed cancelled. With this you can control the user interface of your application to the corresponding outcomes of the transaction. Please remember to change the productid of the individual product as each one of them is unique. Thirdly, if the product is a consumable, you will need to invoke this finishConsumable API for you to expire your product. That’s all you need to start using MoVend! You can now begin testing your development for the purchase experience within your application. Once you are ready to launch your MoVendized app, you have to submit your app to us for review. The purpose of this review is to make sure that there’s no violation of the developers’ terms of use, sell illegal content or services such as gambling and pornography. Return to MoVend.com dashboard, click on Manage Apps tab. You will find your registered application in the pending list, click on Send for Approval button. Here,Upload the APK file of your application onto the dashboard. We will review your application and will revert to you within 5 working days through email. That’s all! We have just shown you how easy it is to enable in-app purchases within your Android application through MoVend. I hoped you’ve found this video useful and we look forward to the great applications that you will be creating with MoVend. We want to help make your application a success and earn more money together. To sign up, please visit MoVend.com. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate
to contact us at [email protected] Thank you for watching!