Hello Girlfriend and welcome to another episode
of Tried and Tested. Today we’re going to be trying out some interesting
beauty products from Don Don Donki. Which is a famous Japanese discount stall
that has now open in Singapore. This is the Kiss You Toothbrush, and it’s
an ionic toothbrush that is supposed to be incredibly effective in removing plaque, helping
to reduce bad breath and helping to prevent gingivitis. So it’s supposedly so amazing because it is ionic. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now. So here is how it work, your teeth and your
plaque are negatively charged and they are next to each other. But apparently your saliva is positively charged,
and so that binds it together because normally negative and negative will repel. So what this toothbrush does is that it releases
a negatively-charged microcurrent that attracts the saliva(binding agent) away. So now you’ve negative and negative the teeth
and the plaque which will now repel each other. So it helps make the removal of plaque easier. Okay so how you use this is, you see here,
you’ve a button, and when you press it down, the light comes on that means that the battery
is still working and then you are suppose to wet your finger and put it here. This allow the charge to start flowing. So it was very very easy to use. And I felt that it was super comfortable. I was really just going like that and they
say for ionic toothbrushes you’re suppose to also get it closer to your gums because
that is where all the bacteria is. And sometimes it can get a little bit sensitive
so you are quite gentle around the area. But for this one, it was very easy to get
close to there without having to worry about injuring my gum. Maybe because the bristle are so soft. Before I was using like a regular toothbrush,
and after I started using this, I could really feel like my teeth felt smoother. And also sometimes the back of your teeth right,
is harder to brush in that area so after using this one, I did feel like it was smoother. So again I can’t tell whether it’s because
of the ion or whether it’s because it was softer so I just kind of like went a bit harder. I don’t know. Alright so I think maybe I’ll hold off on
giving this a rating. Right now in term of just a regular toothbrush,
I think it is pretty awesome. So I’ll give it like a 10/10. But whether or not it really is very effective
as an ionic toothbrush, what I’m going to do is that I’ll keep using it for the next
few month and then I’ll find out when I go to my dentist. Maybe this time she will be like “Wow Shu
An your teeth look amazing! What have you been doing!” then we will know. This is the Beauty Oil Epi Towel. There was literally only one pack left when
we got there and it’s an epilating towel that is supposedly to help you removes fine hairs
and dead skin. We kind of tried something like that way ages ago, it was a sponge and it kind of go like in circles right. So this could be interesting, you uses it in the bath
and it’s suppose to leave your skin feeling smooth. Woooo! It’s really quite long. So you’re suppose to use it like this, so
it gives you a nice scrub. And then I guess like for the front part,
you can do this. When you look at it, there are a few different
textures. So you’ve like the big fluffy bits and they
kind of alternate with these strings, so these are thinner strings and they also have the
slightly thicker strings. And they are all woven together. So I guess the different texture suppose to
help it like exfoliate your skin better because it’s rough without being rough. I’ll be honest like straight up, I mean even
though it is soft and everything, it doesn’t feel like the most comfortable towel. It’s not the kind of towel that makes you
want to snuggle up in, you know what I mean. This contains silk protein and argan oil and
it’s supposed to be gentle and very good for your skin. But like if you tell me silk protein, I’ll
believe you but I can’t smell or feel any argan oil. It feels like a regular towel, it’s really
soft. Okay when I open up like this, you can definitely
feel the holes. It feels like you are washing yourself with
a very soft net. I’ve done both sides. And I’ll say that I did not notice any difference. I mean like the skin are a little bit smoother
but it’s not a lot smoother than say when you use a regular towel or a body scrub. And like the other things is, it didn’t really
remove much fine hair. There is not noticeable difference. Let’s just say that there was really argan
oil and all that inside, after 1 wash wouldn’t that just all disappear, like I am not sure
what technology this is that would allow the argan oil to stay inside and come out only
when you are bathing and not when it’s in the washing machine. I feel like this is alright. It’s an okay bath towel, I like that it’s
so long because you can like do your back with it. But it doesn’t really like remove the fine
hair, dead skin I’ll imagine but again same way a scrub would so I’m alright with this. I’ll give this like a 1/10, cause it’s a nice
towel but ya. It really doesn’t do anything else. This is a super foaming facial soap. Now this is kind of like a 2-in-1 because
it is a facial cleanser and also remove makeup. So it’s supposed to be I guess very strong
and very deep cleansing let’s see about that. As you can see, it’s a bit of an irregular
shape, it’s got these indentations around it like here. So apparently it makes this easier to hold
and also the little pockets can collect more foams. So this is supposed to give you a very thick
rich lather. I got a full face of makeup on now and I’m
going to remove it with this soap. And then I’ll check with some makeup removal
to see if there is anything left. Woo that lathers quick! The lathers is made
up of microbubble which is like creamier and denser than regular lather and because
the bubbles are so small, it covers more surface area and therefore traps more dirt and is
more effective and still gentle. Oh you see it’s so creamy and its like quite
sticky actually. Wow! Hmmm! So creamy! This feels so good. Alright lets wash this off. Can I just say this is so creamy, I’m loving
it! Alright! I had to go to the bathroom to wash off the
rest of it because the foam is quite sticky, it was a little bit difficult to wash off
in a basin. And also there was like a lot, I might have
been a bit over-enthusiastic, but the main thing is that it is quite a sticky dense foam. So I think under the shower no problem but
like this is a bit more of an effort. But like the great thing now is that my face
feels really clean. Like it feels very clean but not squeaky. Do you know what I mean, is like sometimes
when you wash off everything it’s like wow that feels really clean but then it is like
super tight and everything. This feels super clean but not tight, which
is nice. It actually removes a lot of my eye makeup! Which I’m really amazed about because like
my mascara is gone, my eyeliner there is a little bit left but I mean if I really wanted
to, I could have used my towel to kind of like drag it off. Okay so now we’re going to test to see if
there is any foundation left. EHH! AHH! There is nothing here! Waa! I’m really quite amaze. I was not expecting this to come out so clean. I’m very amazed and it also removes my mascara,
Because at first I’m still going around like I’m not going to bother trying to remove my
mascara, my eyeliner and all that with this. But it work. So in term of efficiency, I’ll give this like
a 10/10 hands down, no need to think about it because it is so good. In fact it is better than just good you know
because it like remove all of my makeup like it say it would. And then also, the cream was just so comfortable. Like I love.. I cannot tell you how much I love the cream,
like I would love to use this on my body you know, just like hmmm. So nice.. Okay. But in term of like how to use it, I do feel
like it’s a little bit like troublesome, like it’s a bit, like it gets in the way you know
like. I know it is supposed to be ergonomic but I
still kind of have to turn it a few times and I’m not.. I’m very clumsy so it could like fly out. And if this fell on my bathroom floor, I would
say, I don’t know if might wash it off and use it again. I know it is very stupid because it’s soap
and it’s just like 1 layer so after you wash it off it should be fine but it’s just in
my head, I can’t put that on my face. In term of application, it is a bar soap and
bar soap it comes with like its’ own inconveniences. It’s so 1st world problem! You’ll gonna get a little dish for it, and
then after that the idea that this thing is wet the whole day, in a damp environment and then you kind of like touch it and put it back, touch it and put it back. I mean you know I don’t like tub cream right,
so this is like I’m judging it everywhere. And then it’s wet, erm, but I, I am pretty
sure like the manufacturer thought of that but it still kind of unh-unh. It’s something that I would think about and
also like it is kind of hard to bring around, let say if you are travelling. Overall I would give this 9/10 because as
much as I do not like the fact that it’s a bar soap, I think that the cream and the removal
like just brings it all the way to the other
side. So it still get a 9/10. This is the Dazzle Carat Diamond-Infused Volume
& Curl Mascara. This is infused with diamond, pearl, silk,
and platinum. Oh! All in 1 mascara, am I buying jewellery?
Haha! So this is a proprietary blend of wax with
volume powder and lifting polymer to lift and curl the lashes from the roots. And it says it will give you a 176% increase
in volume, those are very specific numbers. So the packaging doesn’t feel very dazzle-y
or diamond-y. This brush actually looks like a pretty standard
kind of brush. It got a slight curve here, and slightly fatter
at the end, and it’s got a round tip. And you can see the bristle are actually like
pretty short. I actually find this mascara quite ordinary
in fact like a little bit less than ordinary because I feel like mascara nowadays are generally
very good right but this one I feel it was a little hard to coat all the lashes and I’m
not sure it is because of the brush and the way it space out. And the other thing is, that even after it
coat, it doesn’t give a lot of volume. Some of them do increase in length by a little
bit but is a very thin coat but it has a very good lifting effect. Like my lashes do lift up by quite a bit. The good thing is that it is not clumpy, but
it is quite difficult to coat the lashes. I don’t see a huge increase in volume and
it’s supposed to increase by 176%. I don’t really see that. For this mascara I just feel like it’s average
to below average. I’m really not very impressed especially after
all the talk about diamond, pearls and you know platinum and silk. I was going to give this a 1/10 and then I
found out that this is a SGD$25 mascara! Like you can mascara below SGD$20 that do
so much more then this, so I would… 0/10. 0/10, I can’t give point for the packaging
cause it is not very nice also. This is the LB Light Reflector Cream, it’s
a liquid highlighter that you can wear alone or mix with your foundation. It’s a little bit like the CoverFX one that
I really love but at a fraction of the price, so I’m really hoping that this will work. So when I look at this through the light,
I can see the product really only comes up to here. This is like a bag of potato chips. Bag so big but the chips until here. Okay lets try this as a regular highlighter. Don’t feel like this blends very well. I feel like this for this part here is almost
as though it is making the lines or the dryness even more obvious. I don’t feel like it settles very nicely and
maybe for oily skin this could be really good. But I am very picky to be honest because like if you
look, I don’t think you can really see the highlighting effect is not very obvious
considering how much I’ve put because I really put quite a lot to kind of show you guys how
it looks. But it’s not very obvious still, I mean compare
to a lot of other brands that I’ve used. And the other thing is, I feel like that texture
is. Which is the last thing that I want to be
obvious for something like that. I don’t want people to see the powder and
not the effect the powder has. So I can see the cream but not the effect
it is supposed to have. Which is a bit strange. So now I’m going to try mixing it with my
foundation. So it has lightened the colour of my foundation. I mean CoverFX also does that. Okay so this side is the one with the LB cream
and this side is just my regular foundation. This one like you can’t tell there is anything
in there but it does like brighten up the
face. The highlighting thing is, you can sort of
see it and not really see it. In term of like the colour or like the highlighting
effect, I really don’t see that much different and I put quite a lot of this LB cream. Like it was 1 to 1 at least. It might even have been more LB cream than
foundation. For me, I’m really not seeing much that I
love. So I would give this a… 2.5/10 and definitely not a replacement for
my CoverFX. Alright and that brings us to the end of the
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