hey everybody so this is a bonus video
for you guys I am filming this on April 1st at about 7:45 I’m gonna be getting
this up in the next 15-20 minutes right after I’m done editing it so JB and Yves
was nice enough to reach out to me and they offered my viewers and subscribers
a ten percent off discount all through the month of April it’s not an affiliate
link or anything like that it’s not an affiliate code I don’t make any money
off of it but I want to share it with you guys so JB and Yves is a discount
like affordable website where they have makeup accessories jewelry intimates
stuff like that so I did want to show you guys really quick a few things I
purchased off of there once again I’ve never you know it was
really really nice of them to reach out to me and offered me this discount code
but something I just really picked up that I forgot to have in my last video
of my JB JB and Yves hall is this amuse set in stone setting spray this stuff is
awesome if I can get it out of the box that would be great okay so as you guys
can see I’ve been using it this was like $5.99 it’s let’s see it is 3.4 fluid
ounces and the supposed to help your your makeup last a long time I have seen
the difference with this has a very nice light fragrance kind of a fruity
fragrance I really really like this stuff very very nice setting spray and
I’m not even into that much of the setting spray they also have super super
cute sunglasses they’ll come in these little black pouches so I got a pair of
these really cute gold leaf aviators really really adorable really really
love these you guys probably saw these a little while back but I picked up these
gorgeous and gaudy cat eye sunglasses they have a whole bunch of different
colors and these were $7.99 but they’re just stunning I love them and then if
you’re a little bit more you know subtle and not like myself they got really
really cute like Wayfarer sunglasses two-toned they’re perfect for spring and
summer I also picked these are really cute I love big
sunglasses I’m a bigger person so I can carry them off they also have really
really affordable cosmetics so all these things I’m going to show you guys was a
dollar you guys saw this was it no today yeah
no this is going up another time anyway the amuse waterproof liquid eyeliner
sorry and pre film today’s was the elf glitter primer this is going up next
Monday sorry a little bit of a sneak peak too but anyway this waterproof
liquid liner I also got this waterproof brow gel that’s a really really nice I
shadow palette some of their I showed up outs are like 15 bucks but they’re huge
um I did get this removes as well an amuse is cruelty free which is great
right right yes cruelty free really really nice I shadow palette very very
pigmented I mean it’s crazy for a buck I mean it’s awesome but yeah for a buck I
mean you really can’t pass it up but yeah that’s that really really nice
i shadow palette and then guys they have amazing amazing eyelashes and they’re a
buck so let’s see I was able to grab one pair but I got like two or three
different pairs and what’s really really nice as you get free shipping when you
spend $20 or more plus with the discount code plus you also get a free gift and
these were my free gift and they are made out of human hair they’re not make
or anything like that but they’re beautiful beautiful eyelashes so yeah
guys um like I said I just wanted to get on here and show this with you guys no
April Fool’s this is no trick or anything so yeah I’m really excited that
they like said they reached out to me and offered this amazing discount code
for you guys 10% off all during the month of April once again here’s the
code right here but anyway it will also be down below in
the description box for you guys but I love you guys I hope you guys have a
wonderful night day whenever you’re watching this but um have a great one
guys I’ll see you tomorrow for regular regularly scheduled programming have a
great one guys bye if you like what I’m doing on this channel please consider
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