now I want to get busy on the first couple of subjects for today everybody that’s okay say I’m okay [Music] here’s the first subject that I’ve I found so interesting I want to share it with you then I want to talk about personal development the subject that I started listening to age 25 that revolutionized my whole life from my mentor mr. Earl show here’s an interesting subject just jot it down oh it’s called enlightened self-interest enlightened self-interest it’s a fascinating study to study the idea of self-interest but just make this note all of us you know have self-interest the key is it for it to be enlightened so that everybody wins and no one loses our first interest is to survive what does it take to survive our second interest is to succeed what does it take to succeed what does it take for me personally to survive and to succeed can i legitimate ly be interested enough in the things that help me both succeed and survive and here’s what I discovered the answer is yes it’s possible to exercise self-interest but to do it in such a way that no one loses everyone benefits keyphrase life was not designed to give us what we need life was designed to give us what we deserve we did not reap a harvest in the fall because we need it we reap a harvest in the fall because we deserve it not necessarily from a moral standpoint of course there are some moral laws as well spiritual and moral laws but just the basic laws that simply say if you wish to reap you must plant so chop this down reaping is reserved for the planters and the reason they reap is because they deserve it they’re the planters they deserve to reap interesting Bible phrase it says if you keep knocking you’ll find open doors good phrase to jot down if you keep knocking you’ll find open doors doors of opportunity doors have a chance to meet someone doors open for Association doors open to find someone special doors open to find a a unique business colleague if you keep knocking the door the phrase says doors of opportunity are open to those who continually knock so we don’t find open doors of opportunity because we need that we find them because we deserve only those who knock deserve to find an opening but the promise is if you continually knock you’ll find doors of opportunity it says if you search you will find so make the note it’s good finding is reserved for the searchers because they deserve it now at first they may have needed it but they now know that just needing it is not sufficient but if they need it now they must qualify for it the reason why you’re going to be blessed with good ideas this weekend is because you’ve come searching you’ve gotten on an airplane to come searching got in your automobile to come searching you got here searching now you’re ready to receive and for those who search they will find answers they will find plans imagination to stir yourself into action for future benefit so if you search to find a good idea you must go looking and searching you’ve got to go to church you’ve got to go to class you’ve got to go to the seminar you’ve got to go to the library you’ve got to go to the books if you wish to find rarely does a good idea interrupt you rarely but if you will search you will find so we get not what we need but we get what we deserve it’s just if you ask someone has an answer if you keep asking the answers belong to you because by virtue of asking you they’ve qualified so we don’t get what we need we get what we deserve the mother on welfare should be talked in some small manner that hopefully she can begin deserving the welfare check not getting it because she needs it but now starting to get it because she deserves it if the welfare worker says to Mary Mary I brought a bucket of paint and a paint brush and the next time I come if the door is painted in the fence here in front is painted I give you the check for four hundred and fifty dollars not the painting the door and painting the fence worth $450 it’s not worth that much but it is the beginning of the process so make that note I want to begin the process of deserving what would that be what process should I begin engaging in to deserve good health to deserve a good relationship to deserve prosperity to deserve an enterprise to deserve the opportunity to build a city what must I do to begin the process of desert so now the welfare worker comes back and the door is painted in the fences pated and now mary gets the four hundred and fifty dollars to help take care of her children not because she needs it but because she’s beginning to deserve it then the welfare worker thinks of some other project she said Mary if these weeds are gone and this little garden is cultivated when I come back now that the door is painted and the fence is painted if the weeds are gone and this little garden is cultivated you get two four hundred and fifty dollars and step by step a new life is emerging learning the process of deserving it not just me we teach our children at home right child says I need ten dollars so that language doesn’t work here there’s plenty of money here and the vaults are full but to say I need ten dollars is not how you open the vault so the challenge has what Wow how can I get that ten dollars that I need so here’s what they learn to say how could I earn ten dollars now the vault opens up now the money starts to flow how could I earn ten dollars what could I do to earn the money not to get the money because you need it with you maybe you need the money that’s all of us have needs here the key is to figure out how to open the vault how to open the bank how to open this unbelievable flow of resources to come our way and here’s the key to deserve it you can’t walk out to the field and say to the field I need a crop here’s what the field says here’s what the ground says who is this clown that brings me his need but brings me no seed so jot that down take your seed to the marketplace not your knee don’t disclose your need to the marketplace only your willingness we’ll talk about that a little later today because the marketplace is not interested in your need but they are interested in your seed they’re interested in your willingness to work they’re interested in your disciplines they’re interested in your eagerness they’re interested in your vitality and your work ethic that’s what the marketplace is interested in not your need but your seed we get what we deserve Old Testament God says if you’ll move toward me I’ll move toward you see that’s that’s how you get those occasions to meet God you must make the move God could say you don’t move I don’t move you say well that’s arbitrary well when you’re God’s you can make it that way so the law says if you wish to receive now let’s talk about enlightened self-interest if you wish to receive and we would call the wish to receive self-interest but if it’s enlightened self-interest here’s what it says I understand that in order to receive I must give receiving is reserved for those who give receiving is not reserved for those who need it it’s reserved for those who deserve it we deserve the receiving by giving in fact there’s an extraordinary phrase in this little context and here’s what it says it’s better to give than it is to receive now the uneducated person would find that difficult to ponder why would it be better to give than it is to receive so let me give you one of the better phrases for the day here it is giving starts the receiving process so of course it’s better to give how much receiving do you wish you must start the giving process for me to receive my additional fortunes for the future not necessarily for the money because I don’t need them I take them up I don’t need the man but here’s what I do need for someone to say a year from now five years so now mr. Rowan that seminar helped to change my life and for whatever reason I was brought here to this place for this time and later someone says that see to receive that kind of thanks it’s unbelievable here’s what you cannot buy that kind of things you can’t buy it with money you have to earn it now let’s expand a little further now that it’s called the law of riches and wealth in our own self-interest if we wish to be rich and wealthy and prosperous and healthy and all the valuable things we can think of for the human experience how could we get there it’s understanding the law of enlightened self-interest and the law of deserving the question was asked in the Bible how can we be great what is the key to greatness great wealth great return great accolades trophies to put on the mantle above the fireplace how can we get great respect great riches great abundance for ourselves how can we get that and the answer was given and here was the answer find a way to serve find a way to serve the many so I paraphrase it to read this service to many leads to greatness service to many leads to greatness someone says well about the best I can do is take care of myself that’s ok self-care you know has its own reward but it’s very limited somebody says I can’t be worried about other people’s problems I got enough problems of my own that’s ok self defense is ok self-preservation is ok but it has a very limited reward if you wish to change that into abundance prosperity and uniqueness then here’s what you must do help solve other people’s problems help find answers for someone else not just for yourself but for someone else and in that kind of service you now begin the process of greatness someone asked the question how can I be ruler over many how could I manage a lot of people how could I be the leader of a vast movement or enterprise here was the answer nothing wrong with that wish we call that self-interest of the highest kind wishing to be the manager the ruler wishing to be presiding over many people here was the answer be faithful when the amounts are small be faithful when there’s just a few be disciplined when there’s only a few that starts to entitle you to some day be ruler over many you say well if I had a big organization you know I’d really run it with a strong hand and I’d be a fabulous leader but I’ve only got a few and I don’t know where they are see that that’s not gonna work if you wish to preside over riches you must start when the amounts are small someone says oh if I had a fortune I’d really take good care of it but I’ve only got a paycheck I don’t know where it goes see not knowing where it goes disqualifies you now for presiding over the fortune we’ve all heard that right I don’t know where it all goes do you hear that expression Oh we’d love to have you run the company you don’t know where it all goes somebody says it just gets away from me Oh we’d love to have you run the world right it just gets away from you somebody says it’s only pennies and it’s only a few here’s where you begin to qualify for abundance and riches and greatness and respect is to be disciplined when the amounts are small someone finds it unique right that this many people would come here what I’ve got to say for a whole weekend but this is not where I started I started with just a few but I was so on fire with the few trying to translate for them in my awkward ways back then what had happened to me my life got changed my income got changed my health got changed everything got changed for the better and now I’ve lived the most extraordinary life but it started with my passion for just a few to translate for just the few someone says there’s just a few here you know does this meeting matter when there’s only a few and the answer is yes chop this down you never know who’s in the audience whether it’s a few or a thousand or whatever but you got to be faithful when there’s just a few tell your story when there’s just a few be just as passionate about ideas that can change someone’s life when there’s just a few now you begin you’re not fully qualified but you begin the qualification to someday speak to many someday preside over a vast crowd someday be the manager or the leader of millions it starts in those early days to deserve it now shut this down also give yourself a chance to change some things I held on to that I thought this was it this was it I’m telling you after a while I gave it up found out it wasn’t it so give yourself a chance to change refine your philosophy refine your direction if you’ll give yourself a chance to do that here’s what will happen down the road aways the new door will open that you haven’t discovered before give yourself a chance to change reevaluate okay so let your library be a testimonial of your dedicated interest in accelerated personal development that you will read whatever you have to read you will hear whatever you must hear and you will watch and see whatever you must see in order to make your life refined and worthwhile and achieve all of your purposes that’s what I want this stopping station to be these three days just to come here and sit for a while and listen and ponder and take notes and work hard and see if you can’t absorb get all that you possibly can here so that it will start to refine your life even before you get on an airplane and fly back to wherever you came from before you get in your car and drive away what we share with you here was whatever all the rest that you’ve learned this will be a catalyst to start a process even before you get home that’ll start working for you some of you are gonna set some goals we’re gonna do the workshop tomorrow designing the next 10 years hopefully you’ll come up with some new promises some new objectives some new ideas and by the time we’re finished here these two three days I’m telling you you’ll see yourself able to accomplish two times three times five times more than you ever thought it was possible which will make this cost of the seminar small price to pay and hopefully it’ll make the time you spent here small price to pay compared to making this an investment in your future in what will flow in in terms of money and income and return and reward and respect and dignity and accolades trophies all the stuff that can be yours a marriage that lasts forever a friendship that nourishes you forever things that you’ll find that you’ll keep and treasure for a lifetime hopefully this is one of those weekends it takes a lot of effort to learn takes a lot of effort to grow it takes a lot of effort to decide and debate but jot this down it’s all worth the price whatever stimulates you to think whatever stimulates you to wonder whatever stimulates you to react or even to debate even if you hear something you say well that’s not right see that’s still valuable it means you’re awake it means you’re alert it means you’re alive it means your mind is ready to take on something whether it’s agreeable or not agreeable something right something wrong who cares what it is we’ve got to listen to a variety of voices and some are going to come from the left and some are gonna come from the right and some are gonna come from mysterious sources and some will try to entice you with all kinds of stuff but that’s okay just so you’re alive and alert and awake ready to process anything that comes your way take the best of it and make it beneficial for you so that tomorrow you walk with a stronger step next month you see a clearer vision and a month from now the purpose for your life is x two three five that’s what I want to create here so now to hurry and get through because we have so many subjects to cover let’s cover now some other things under personal development here’s one that’s important as you read and as you listen and as you study and as you grow and as you take notes and as you fill up your journal and then try to work on the ideas to make yourself valuable in the marketplace here’s something to remember under personal development some things I had to learn first steps to success first of all you need good ideas just decide right now you’re going to accelerate your plan for collecting good ideas ideas for your life ideas for your health ideas for your marriage your relationships ideas that stimulate one idea sometimes lead to that leads to the next needs to the next and the four or five ideas in the future that really thrust acceleration into your life you couldn’t have gotten unless you went through the first one in the second one in the third one next you need a good plan so we’re going to talk about time management game plans tomorrow need a good health plan traveling around the world you can imagine the kind of health plan I have to have if I didn’t have a superb extreme got an underline the word extreme if I didn’t have a superb extreme health plan do you think I could travel all over the world people look at my calendar and say impossible I’m the only one that can do it everyone else is too young incredible but I’ve got to be extremely healthy I can’t let up at all in terms of diet and nutrition exercise all that stuff in order to stay healthy so a good health plan a good family plan here’s a good one a good marriage plan some people just go along married but their fingers crossed you’ve got to have a better plan than that some are whistling in the dark hoping everything will work out not not a good plan you need a good plan for how to use the day we’ll talk about that tomorrow best-kept secret of the rich how to use your time a good plan to meet the right people over the right amount of time to stimulate your life you need a game plan for lifestyle we’ll talk about that later so to succeed we need good ideas and good plans here’s the next we have to learn to handle the passing of time because all of this takes time to learn to grow to change getting through the seasons takes time the spring has a certain amount of time the summer has time harvest has time the winter has time learning to handle the passing of time duck this down if you’re involved in business you got to give your project time you’ve got to give your people time give people a chance to learn chance to grow a chance to change one of the great requirements especially in such an industrialized busy mad dashing society and that is to have people patience first we exercise it with our children and our family getting people to work together gotta have patience even with your family if you’re involved with independent people it’s a challenge it’s like herding cats trying to get them to work together herding sheep is easy they very quickly get going the same direction but try herding cats it’s like you’re children different ages and different personalities and different opinions to get the family all go in the same direction kind of working together to make things work I’m telling you it is a challenge but if you’ll have some patience you can do it now here’s the big one to have patience with yourself give yourself time to learn give yourself time to understand good ideas give yourself time to make changes and then grow into those changes give yourself time to refine your personality to fit the business whatever business you’re engaged and some you may have to speak up a little stronger and some you may have to calm down just a little bit more just learn to refine your personality and your temperament to suit all of us can do that but it takes it takes time have patience with yourself we had to do that from the beginning learning to tie the shoe strings of your shoes if you tried a couple of times and says I’ll never learn this it’s over sitting no you can’t go through life with your shoes untied come on some people maybe it happens for them a little quicker than others some people get the hang of it almost overnight someone else it takes a little longer if it takes you a little longer have patience with yourself because patience has its own reward patience is a virtue of the extraordinary kind we have to have patience with our employers we have to have patience with government officials you’ve got to have patience with IRS you got to have patience with the army you got to have patience with the FBI here’s a good thing to remember while you’re exercising patience usually enough good people will finally make it right you just gotta jump that down usually enough good people will finally make right not everyone in the community is going to toe the line and do the moral thing but let me tell you what most will that’s how we create a society that we can live in most will every teenager will not obey all the rules and regulations and live a model life not everyone will but jot this down most will enough will when the good Lord recruited 12 not every disciple not every one of the twelve but it was enough of the twelve to start a movement that’s lasted for 2,000 years not everyone but enough with there’s only been a couple of exceptions to that rule one was the story of Sodom and Gomorrah God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their evil ways Abraham had a friend that lived there and Abraham implored and said God if I can go to Sodom and Gomorrah and find 50 righteous people will you spare the city and God said Abraham you’ve been such an excellent friend of mine yes I’ll spare the city if you can find 50 so he searches the city can’t find 50 good people comes back and says Lord would you take 40 God says Abraham for you come on I’ll do it if you can find 40 so he searches for 40 can’t find 40 and he comes back and says would you take 30 good Lord says Abraham only for you well I reduce it to 30 can’t find 30 can’t find 20 Abraham said this is my last request would you take ten God said only for you Abraham so he went searching for ten and you know the story couldn’t find him that’s the exception to the rule so he said Abraham get your friend lot and his family out of there because the end let’s go but that’s the exception to the rule so jot down the general rule most will in a civilized society most will will be the rules in government most will not every senator will but what enough will to build a stable government in a future not everyone in the armed forces will but enough will not everyone in the community will but enough will not every teenager in this high school will but I’m telling you the most will and that’s how we survive in a civilized society because most will and that’s a good feeling to know most will okay so have patience next under personal development is learning to solve problems by the way having patience with the seasons takes time to develop the crop you can’t plant the seed dig around it in a few days saying where is it where is it and you can’t really help all you can do as a nourish some people plant in the spring leave in the summer just haven’t got the patience to last so next comes solving problems business problems family problems personal problems financial problems emotional problems there’s all kinds here’s a good idea I found in solving problems every once in a while you’ve got to I can just describe it for you take a piece of paper put a line down the center of the paper and on the left side describe the problem so just jot that down a piece of paper in half on the left side describe the problem sometimes it’s a good idea to take a problem out of your head and put it on paper we’ll talk a little bit more tomorrow about how to think on paper this is one of the ways to think on paper our mind usually is too busy sometimes to sort things out so if you take it out of your mind put it on paper what is the problem and you describe to the best of your ability what the problem is and then ask this question is that all of it because if you’re going to prescribe something for the problem you need to know what all of it is when you’ve got it all listed on the other side now of the papers called answers and solutions the problem on one side answers and solutions on the other side and now let me give you three questions three questions that can help solve most any problem here are those questions number one what could I do so just jot that down what could I do then you start developing what we call working papers and the working papers consists of making a list of the things you could do to solve this problem number one and you say well number one would take too long I can see that right now let’s go to number two maybe that’s the answer number three no that isn’t it and let’s say you’ve got several points now and you’ve done your best to try to solve the problem yourself and you can’t solve it yourself here’s the second question what could I read maybe somebody spent a lifetime researching the problem you’ve got got some excellent answers from a lifetime of research maybe in your own journal you’ve taken notes before on something you say hey I remember a class I took seems like there were some answers there so you go back do a little research so under number two is research and if you search what you will find if you research you will find search and research now research as soon as possible because of the problem is severe you don’t want to wait till too late my friend Kenny comes to me and says he just lost a beautiful lady fabulous lady they got a divorce she was really something then after his divorce he comes to me and says you know it’s over but he says you know something strange he said I found a book in my own library that I think would have saved my marriage if I had read it before my divorce and it was a book entitled how to live with another person he said I should have read that book a long time ago he finally read it but it was a little late it’s like reading a book on nutrition after you’ve had a heart attack write to me that’s good that is good but gosh it’s so much better to read it before spare yourself the agony and the lost time and maybe the loss of your life now if you if you tried to solve it yourself and you can’t solve it and you’ve researched and it doesn’t seem like you’ve got the answer here’s number three the third question is who could I ask is there someone around me that might have the answer to my problem now under that put here put this don’t ask first now try to solve it yourself develop some working papers what you think you might do that still isn’t it here’s some books I’ve read this guy’s crazy this guy no answers haven’t got it now I ask but if you now can show your working papers to who you ask you can’t believe how swift the answer will come all of us have heard this but let’s remind ourselves one more time and put it in your notes we all love to help people who first of all try to help themselves back to the philosophy of deserve I’ve tried to work it out haven’t got the answer maybe you can help me somebody is very willing to help you if they know you’ve tried first to help yourself it works that way with our children right my daughter Linda before she got married used to travel a lot she comes to me and say daddy I’m headed for Thailand I said wonderful she said I’ve saved up my money I said fantastic she said I’ve got a thousand dollars I said wonderful she said the kids wanted to go here wanted to go there I didn’t go they wanted to buy this one to buy that I didn’t buy I got my money put aside thousand dollars I said Linda unbelievable you must be my daughter that’s fantastic now she said to make the trip I only need a couple of thousand more an easy 2000 right but she knew she couldn’t get the whole three but she knew that if she worked hard to the best of her ability and put that first thousand together then next two was easy right okay so develop your working papers do your best to solve problems here’s why you try to solve it on your own first you need the mental and emotional muscle you need the discipline if you just quickly go to the answer some of this got it now you’re not developing the muscle you’re not developing the discipline to solve your own problems because there may come a day when there’s no one else to ask so you need the rhythm of learning the rhythm of trying the rhythm of seeing if you can do it first to build the emotional mental muscle