hello friends, how are you? as you may have heard that you will be charged 6 paise per minute for calling to other mobile networks. watch the video till end to know more about the plans of jio. i will tell the availability and validity of jio iuc top ups. so, let’s start the video without wasting any time. subscribe to the channel, for more such videos in future. from today that is 10th october, jio has circulated a notice that all jio users who will call to other service networks like airtel or vodafone, they will be charged 6 paise per minute. this is call IUC means interconnect usage charge. it is not that this rule came suddenly. this rule is valid from 1 st october 2017. before 1 st october 2017, this charge was 14 paise per minute. TRAI after 1st october 2017 has reduced this charge to 6 paise per minute. let’s know what this IUC means. imagine, i use JIO. whenever i will call to an user having different servuice providers, my service provider will have to pay a certain charge to those service providers. this is called IUC. after 2017 1st october, jio was actually carrying this charge on their own. but now there’s an issue. there are still many 2g and 3g users. they are giving missed calls to those friends having jio service. as per data, jio users are getting 25-30 crore missed calls from those users who give missed calls. after getting the missed call, they obviously call back them. for this reason, jio paid rs. 13500 cr. as IUC charge to other service providers. and the rate of this missed call is rising rapidly. that is why jio has charged this 6 paise per minute charge to their customers. this rule will continue till 31st december 2019. from 1st january 2020, this 6 paise per minute charge will finally be 0 paise. then you can call to any networks without freely. this 6 paise per minute thing already started from today. that’s why jio has launched 4 iuc top up vouchers. the left side row shows amount of the vouvher, middle row shows the minute you will get to call to non-jio mibile numbers. there’s a special offer for jio users. the number of times you will recharge your IUC top up voucher, you will get the amount of free internet as shown in the right side row. imagine, you recharged for rs. 10. you will get 124 non-jio IUC minutes. and you will get 1 gb free internet with it. now let’s see who will be at a disadvantage for this rule. those people who calls to other mobile service providers only, they will be affected. if you call from jio to other non-jio landline numbers, you won’t be charged. you can call freely in facebook and whatsapp too. that’s it for today. hope you liked it. dont’ forget to like, share and subscribe the channel if you think the video was helpful. let’s meet later till then STAY TUNED and ALWAYS REMEMBER THINK POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE. THANK YOU.