I really appreciate you how can you get to live round thank you so much [Applause] give my big ones let hey yeah hey guys big Late Late Show fans yeah guys it’s a pleasure guys anytime sorry big big fans of The Late Late Show I think probably a bit now they probably didn’t want to ask for folks they know I get it all the time true listen this isn’t music let’s do it you don’t is this a music [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I thought it’d be honest when he went when I picked you out just now I didn’t I didn’t recognize you for a minute because you had a top off now did you work out a lot for the Calvin Klein yeah in a lot for the men’s health cover Ryan yeah do they send you unlimited pairs of Calvin plans they send me a lot of Calvin Klein’s like box you just wear them once and just throw them out yeah do you seriously yeah no one here I never know where my place no there’s so many are you serious you wear a pair of Underpants once and then you throw it out that’s the life you [Music] [Music] [Music] must have just sent in text have you kissed you haven’t had kisses no no you don’t want to kiss before Mike I mean it’s just a huge chin its mass it’s a huge chance most dislikes on the Internet what do you listen to your own music when you’re making love so you never listen to your own music when you’re making no ever well but if I was you know how to go back at my house here and we’re like Johnny go upstairs and she’s like sure I’d lay down on the bed I’d create like a silhouette of me in the bathroom door let me turn the turn the light on in the bathroom lights are off and then I’d be like yeah I think I’d very slowly take my clothes off while I go if I was your boyfriend I’ll let you go I could take you places I never been before baby take it chance or you’ll never ever know my hands that I really like to blow that bit I get carrying / it’s just right swipe it’s why are you chillin by the fire while we eatin fondue now that’s the line where I’ve done underwear her now what is fondue is not a good date food yet it no it’s not your luck with cheese dripping down your face I’m okay fine do you have book in America we have this thing called chocolate fondue put dip strawberries and yeah Shabri mmm I get LA why isn’t that a good thing I think you put fondue in there just because it rhymes now tell me what it’s like what does it mean is it just like cool style – uh-huh like your swag is your style your what do you think I – wine comes – mine your swag his culinary nose really although you got going on there no energy no choice in my life that this is the clothes I wear for the rest of my life that’s good it doesn’t know I’m down with it come on that want to switch clothes sure no I think I can be okay I read that you can do a Rubik’s Cube in two minutes you won’t see me do it do you have one no it just so happens let’s do it no way all right ready yeah why are they two [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh my god if instead it’s coming oh my god that’s ridiculous what song music do you listen to when you’re in the car D mm-hmm would you see if we go somewhere do you where do you wanna go where does Justin Bieber want to be in ten years you just be completely secure myself and I have a family and that’s a very that’s a very mature I’m good yeah oh yeah all right nice unders thanks for watching I hope you found it funny if you didn’t I’m sure you’ll post a really positive response underneath anyway click here to subscribe or here to watch more see you soon