Hi guys, so today I’m going to be doing my top 5 leave-in conditioners for you guys I know I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the leaving conditioner that I use Since I am a gel user when it comes to my curly hair if you don’t know I only strictly use gels for my styling products and you guys wanted to know some of my favorite leave-in Conditioners to pair with those and I felt the last time I did like a top 5 or top Whatever kind of video for hair products I was talking about my favorite gels and I think I did that last summer So if you guys want to check that out You can go watch that video because I still love all of those gels And I still use them this summer so I’m gonna be doing my top 5 leave-in conditioners They’re mostly spray foam erm. I have like one cream leave-in conditioner So if you’re a spray leave-in conditioner girl, if you like something a lot more lightweight Less heavy, then you’ll like this video in my hair is really thick and I have a lot of it so if you have my hair type then I think you will really love these and even if you don’t like these are still pretty Lightweight enough for more fine hair so I’m gonna stop rambling and just hop into the video Ok, so the first leave-in conditioner I have to talk about with you guys. I don’t currently have it with me I have all four with me and I don’t have the fifth one So it is from the grand uncle Funky’s daughter and it’s called midnight train leaving conditioner. I’m obsessed with that leave-in That’s why it’s currently gone. It’s not in my possession right now. I have a hard time finding this leaving conditioner in store Like it’s not in my target and they do have aqua funky starters Products at Target they just don’t have this leave-in conditioner for some reason and you can get it at certain local Beauty Supply stores But I just ordered mine online Amazon of course, so that’s like the quickest way to get it for me If you have a local beauty supply store that does have the midnight train leave-in Beauty. Thank me. Later It smells amazing is the wonderful detangler and is very very high Becca has like Emily juicing or something and it pairs really well with the kerlix stimulator from their same brand That’s their gel and it’s one of my favorite gels ever. So that’s a wonderful pair So I highly recommend that one if like I said it smells so so bomb So the second one that I love so much is from the grant aqua G and this is like a og Product for me because I use this on my straight hair as well. This is they’re providing leave-in conditioner It’s bomb when I said this is probably one of the best leave-in conditioners that you could ever try Your hair is gonna be so soft Soap so like it feels so healthy and strong So I think the pro vitamin part in that it has like some good vitamins In it to help your hair and maintain its health and if your hair it’s not healthy you can get it to a healthier State if you consistently use this a lot of people ask me about their like protein treatments if I’ve used those before and I have I Thought I did a video maybe two years ago on how I got my curls to like the bounce back when they were going through Like a crazy kind of funk And I used their protein treatment. So all of their products are really good at least the ones that I have tried But this has got to be like my favorite product from the entire line It smells like kind of like a cotton candy I really kind of candy like an old school of 90s hair moisturizer the best probably the most random Reference but that’s like what I think of when I smell it. It’s like a really nice mist I love the spray that comes in you can also get the bigger packaging but it’s like a squeeze type situation Yeah, this reminds me of something. My mom may just be used in my hair. I used all of these on damp hair So if you guys are wondering I don’t use these to like refresh my curl I use these as a leave-in Conditioner like they are this one is a really good if you have really damaged hair if you have very fragile hair Or if you just want to maintain the health of the Heritage – it does say serious care and protection So this friends is really good for that and you know, just like an intense let good nourishing Treatment products. So I love this. It says it’s smooth and detangles improves body and shine and it does protects against heat So if you are looking for heat protectant, this is really good for that as well I have so many heat protectants that I don’t use this for that I use this as strictly a leave-in conditioner and This also the tangles really? Well, that’s the one thing. I like about spray leaving conditioners They do a really good job at detangling your hair So I just spray on line in sections like I do most of my products or you can just spread this all over. However You like to apply you’re leaving conditioners. Whatever works the best for you That’s how you can use these but I like to section mine and this one is mom You can get this one at Sally’s or Amazon. So there’s the next one. I’ve also been using for quite a while This is from the brand Carol’s Daughter and this is called their sacred tiara anti breakage in anti frizz leave-in conditioner This one. I was put on – by Kelsey because I used to use the one with the purple Light tram packaging is their hydrating one. I’m not sure about the exact name, but I know it’s got the purple trim It is more hydrating one. That one is also really really good But I love this one because it does a really good job with Tammy frizz a lot better and I like that It’s anti breakage because you know, like if you’re trying to retain length Or you trying to grow out your hair or if you already let the length of your hair anything that says anti breakage I’m all here for because I feel like it does a really good job It’s strengthening the hair and like keeping it strong and healthy. So that’s why I love this one It does say that it’s for damaged fragile frizzy and unruly hair. It restores strength prevents damage and smooths away fries So I do love this. I don’t know if you can use it on straight hair I mean I’m sure you can but probably use a little less because this is left a little bit more like a Heavier like more moisturizing kind of product. Whereas the average E is like lighter So this one I feel is a little bit heavier to me like on my hair at least but I love this one Like it looks like sweet tea love the color of it and I just love that This product is very consistent like the averaging one every time I use it Like my hair loves and stuff it just rinse it up and I just like the consistency. I look consistent products So I highly recommend this you can get this at Target and I’m pretty sure anywhere else that you can find Carol’s Daughter products But I usually get my target Okay So the fourth leave-in conditioner that I have here is from the brand the main choice and it is their tropical marine the sweet oil and Honey, endless moisture restorative spray, it says it helps to support natural growth and retention So I love this leave-in conditioner I actually like it better than me gel that they have even though I’m obsessed with their biotin jail it leaves So mica residue in my hair and I need to figure out a better way to use it because it makes my hair define I actually have it in my hair today and I always pair it with this leave-in and I just wish you didn’t leave so much residue in my hair and stuff But other than that, I love the main choice products love the deep conditioners I’ve mostly like pretty much every product that they have so I’m obsessed with like mostly 30 conditioner So it’s like my favorite thing in their line and I love this leaving in the restorative name kind of got me like I said, I love anything that’s like Restorative anti breakage preventative kind of things like that So those are like the works that I look for in my products and this smells phenomenal It smells very tropical like the name so it’s very accurate the title It does say that it instantly delivers and lots and lasting moisture helps to improve elasticity and definition Refresh and loose curls. I don’t use it as a refresher vice prez softens and hydrates It also enhances natural shine and luster and it helps to strengthen condition and protects So those last three right on a point with what it does for me? I love that It says it’s for curly wavy and kinky hair So this is for all hair types and it’s like a teal kind of like a green liquidy color highly recommend this one if you guys have not any of the Products from the main choices is a really good punch to start with if you’re looking for a new Levant love it You know highly recommend this when I got this one from a local beauty supply store So if you have a beauty supply store going you then you can check it out there and see if they happen Ok, so this very last leave-in. It’s not a spray one. This is the only one like I mentioned earlier That was a cream form But I’m obsessed with this product and it’s probably one of the most nourishing most moisturizing curly hair products that you could ever Try it’s from Camille rose and it’s their curl love moisture milk I love this product so so much When I tell you on my hair so so smooth and it has amazing Slip and it just feels super nourishing if you have really dry hair This is for you. If you don’t have like super dry super thick hair, then this might be a little too heavy But if your hair is the opposite of that thing you’re going to love this It smells like a real sweet if this it has the rights to milk and macadamia oil So I’m assuming that’s probably why it’s really nourishing because of the milk and the macadamia oil It says a softening leave-in conditioning cream with like notes of macadamia and vanilla So I was right about the sweet smell it smells kind of like it kinda like That cake kind of smells like cake. So if you’re not into like sweet smells you won’t like this, but I love it It’s like a nice warm smell. I love this. So it’s a really bit like winter like leave and curly hair products So if you have a hard time keeping your curls and moisturizer in the colder months, then this would be really good for you I love it. It works really well with the Camille Rose curl maker that I’m obsessed with Also another one of my favorite Jill’s. So this says love your curls back with curl of milk Is this our softening leave-in conditioning cream with still the rest milk and droplets? Oil is crafted to hydrate and elongate hair strands. So this does a really good job Betty long getting your curls That’s the one thing I do appreciate about this product It does elongate my curls till I know I got the shrinkage like over here if you struggle with shrinkage outside myself like I was doing this to my hair it says I go from like You know longer looking curls to a bob in like 30 minutes when I first do my hair so this really does a good job with Elongating them and stretching them but I love how hydrated and moisturize my hair feels I also want to add this to my hair first like when I put this on first before the curl maker I feel like my curls last longer So this is a really good Washington go product for like a really long-lasting Wash and go so if you want to try this product, I recommend it It’s not the cheapest like most camille rules products, but they’re still so work that they have really good ingredients in your hair It’s gonna thank you for it So I really would put a price on the ingredients that you put in your hair because you’ll see it later on So I highly recommend trying this I get mine at Target and I also give them sometimes in like pairs of two or Amazon But sometimes some of my favorite hair products come in like a two pack On Amazon and I will get that option because I go through Products quite fast, so I kind of recommend this one. It’s a bomb y’all need to get into it. Okay, so hopefully I Breezed through that rather quickly because I didn’t want to let ramble on and use like the same adjectives that annoys me when I go through these videos in our bedroom and editing them and I’m like Kendra you are and stay that Thank you So hopefully I gave you guys enough information on each leaving conditioner without rambling too much So I will have every leave-in conditioner that I talked about in the video linked below So you guys can check them out read more about them you can try them if you would like and you can kind of Explore the brands that I just mentioned like to see what other products they have that you might like So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and love you Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one You