first thing I want to say is that the bungled withdrawal of the solar rebate scheme has badly disrupted this industry this business and the thousands of people working in this industry and it’s typical of a government which doesn’t understand business it’s typical of a government which acts first and thinks later it’s typical of a government that has no conception of the need of business and workers for predictability and certainty in their in their lives the other problem that manufacturing generally faces in this country is the carbon tax now a business like this which uses a lot of steel which is a lot of power is going to be particularly prone to the carbon tax and the problem with the carbon tax is that it creates an unlevel playing field it actually advantages foreign manufacturers in this country and overseas as opposed to Australian manufacturers because the room hot water system made in australia is subject to the carbon tax the imported system is not impacted by the carbon tax and that is just unfair now up to try to help as much as we can from opposition businesses like rim and we will be introducing a private member’s bill when Parliament goes back in a week’s time to try to ensure that the solar rebate money is spent and that the solar rebate scheme lasts at least until the 30th of June as it was supposed to we will try to restore a predictability to this industry the other thing of course is that there will be no carbon tax under the coalition this is incredibly important that we take away this threat to families cost of living and this threat to Australian jobs I’m now gonna ask up Greg to say a few words then over to Matt and then I’ll take some questions thanks very much Tony and Matt that we’ve reached a point of economic lunacy where the government is working on a carbon tax and taking the long handle to the solar hot water rebate two things are clear from this firstly the costs of manufacturing are going to go up and up and up because the costs of electricity the costs of gas the costs of steel are all going to go up and up and up and secondly it’s not going to work because it will simply send jobs and emissions offshore so Australian manufacturing goes offshore and instead of being a country that makes things we become a country that imports things and against that background with no notice and no warning and no preparation to take away the solar hot water rebate was an act of economic vandalism very simply this Factory has been in this place for 60 years we want to take action that will help it be here for another 60 years I’m happy to take any questions but we’ve got five factories like this one we’re fully able to compete if we have a little playing field our only issue with announcements this week really whether they made an unlevel playing field even more unlevel imports remain with the subsidies three times the subsidy of Australian made products and that’s our only issue so we take those away then we’re competitive we don’t need support thanks mate power people are nervous they’re very concerned because certainly this does really have an impact on them we’ve got 600 people around our solar business nearly half our workforce just engaged with solar so it does have a big impact on them yes you’re nervous any questions I’m sorry look that’s Labour’s spin I think labour will say anything and do anything at this time because they are desperate to get themselves out of a terrible hole that they have died for themselves now it’s very interesting that all Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were arguing about in the context of their leadership fight to the death was who could beat Tony Abbott and the coalition now how negative can you get than to have two people whose only pitch to their fellow MPs was that they could beat someone else rather than promote their own positives look the last Labor luminary who burst into the pages of the monthly was Kevin Rudd when he attacked market economies in February of 2008 before bringing in what was an incredibly wasteful stimulus program that gave us pink batts and over price school halls so I think that yet again we are seeing a lot of half-baked neo socialism from senior members of this government can I just say about the targets of Wayne Swan’s attack and they can speak for themselves and I don’t need to go out there and defend some of the richest people in our country but they are wealth creators Wayne Swan is a wealth waster they are wealth creators they create jobs they create investment that they create prosperity for the families of Australia Wayne Swan has wasted billions on pink bats and overpriced school halls and now digging up people’s streets to give them fiber whether they need it want it or I prepared to pay more for it so really and truly when it comes to making a constructive contribution to our country I think Wayne Swan has got his targets all wrong let’s not worry so much about Labour’s phony class war let’s worry about Labour’s real war against Middle Australia even the economic climate is dangerous for the treasure the mining companies especially is that it over it’s typical of a treasure treasure who doesn’t really understand our economy that he should be attacking an industry which has been responsible for keeping us out largely out of the global financial crisis and he should be attacking individuals who have been a very important part of keeping that industry steaming ahead now the fundamental point I want to make is that Australia is much better off with the mining industry than without it Australia is much better off with the mining boom than without it sure there are some complications associated with the mining boom but thank god we’ve got it otherwise all of us would be in much more difficult economic circumstances and you do not speed up the slow lane by slowing down the fast lane Prime Minister’s reshuffle the bar we know Bob now look you know Stephen Smith getting the Foreign Affairs portfolio is an example of Clark Kent beating up Julia Gillard very very clear case of Julia Gillard being stood over by Stephen Smith now I think we can be absolutely crystal clear that this is a reshuffle that’s being driven more by the factions more by the Faceless Men than by the Prime Minister and let’s wait and see who actually emerges from it but the Faceless Men and the factions are clearly in charge of this government I think that Stephen Smith has been a very flawed defense minister the fact that the government is not releasing the report into the adver skype scandal is I think not the credit of the defense minister I think that one of the reasons why they might be keen to move Stephen Smith out of defense is because of his mishandling his comprehensive miss handling of this whole issue can I just say to paraphrase Wayne to paraphrase mark latham the choice between Steven Smith and Simon Crean is the choice between a rooster and a feather duster look I think it’s fantastic that someone’s prepared to invest in Fairfax when I think it’s great that someone is prepared to invest in Fairfax at a time when newspapers are are in a degree of trouble when Fairfax is particularly under pressure isn’t it fantastic that someone is prepared to invest and rather than attack people who are prepared to create wealth and invest in Australian businesses I think they should be encouraged well we believe in solar that’s why solar is a very important part of a direct action plan to reduce emissions and improve the environment we believe in solar we believe in solar I can’t say that often enough we believe in solar what we want to do immediately from opposition is get our private member’s bill into the parliament that will ensure that the money the government has allocated is spent on this scheme and that the scheme continues at least until the previously announced termination date look it’s typical of a government which has the Midas touch in Reverse everything they do ends up hurting people thanks very much