Ledger Blue Review okay so here I am with the ledger blue
let’s just take a look at what comes in the box itself so you open it up now
I’ve already opened this up so I have it already in the little case that is
provided you have this little slip for it and this is the device itself just
for comparison this is a galaxy edge s7 so just for size so you can kind of see
yeah and the only thing on this it’s a it’s a touchscreen and on the side here
there’s a single button for the on and off the rest is all touch for
touchscreen functions here inside the box you pull it up you’ve got your USB
cable to connect to your computer and you’ve got this little packet here
there’s a few things inside this just lets you know that the device itself is
designed to be tamper proof this is the recovery sheet I’m not going to flip
this over because this contains my recovery seed a series of 24 words as a
backup in case I lose or destroy my device and this little sheet that gives
you the getting started page which is start ledger wallet calm a lot of good
information there and it did help me quite a bit in getting this thing set up
and faring out how everything works and that’s it that’s what comes in the box
there okay so let’s take a look at the actual setup to get your device ready to
use so what I’m going to do is I’m going to hit the button on the side I’m going
to hold it down for a moment and that will switch it on you’re gonna get your
intro screen here maybe I’ll turn down the brightness sorry I had to adjust my
brightness there so when you first turn on your device you’re gonna see the
screen and you can configure as a new device or down below it says Rhys sorry
it says restore configuration which would mean entering your old phrase from
perhaps another device from your legend nos or if you happen to have this device
before but you lost it broke it wiped it whatever you happen to do you can input
your 24 word seed phrase here to recover your
money so just so you can see what it looks like when I say configure as a new
device it’s gonna ask me for a PIN number I’m gonna input that twice and
then it’s gonna give me a list of 20 for worse that I write down and it will
check two of those words to see that I have written them down correctly but
this is not what I actually want to do I would much prefer to load up so I’m
going to abort that I’m gonna go back I’m going to actually enter my twenty
four word phrase which I have done previously so I’m going to hit the
second option here and I first asked me again to put in a pin so I’m gonna do
that and then I’m going to enter my twenty four words I’ll show you what
that looks like off screen here and I am just entering
my pin quickly okay and then it’s going to select I have to select the number of
recovery words to restore my device now I made this account with this specific
device before which defaults to 24 words but depending on the wall you use before
it maybe eighteen or twelve words and hit 24 and here it’s just gonna ask me
to input my words one by one which I will do and I will be back after I have
done that okay so I’ve now reentered my 24 word seed phrase and I’ve got to say
this was the easiest device to do this on I’ve experienced to date just because
of the nature of having a touchscreen and a full keyboard most other devices
you’re dealing with either one or two buttons and it can be quite a pain to
recover a wallet this one was a snap and not only that it started to autocomplete
the words for me which most other devices do but this one happens to do it
particularly well especially when you have a keyboard available to you so to
get started I just hit the start button and immediately you’re going to see that
you have a series of apps here that are for various currencies and other things
so you have Bitcoin – aetherium Fido u2f litecoin ripple and your Settings button
so all of those are currencies except for Fido u2f that is something called
second a two-factor authentication and it just allows you to have a secondary
layer of security on accounts like your Facebook Google Dropbox anything like
that so I’m not going to be covering that in this video but it is a feature
that this enables now really quick before I get into anything else I just
want to touch on the settings here there’s one thing that people are gonna
find right away and it’s that this device times out rather quickly by
default and what I mean is the screen turns off and then ask you for your PIN
number within 30 seconds so you can go to settings that’s all it is about it’s
you have your brightness but then you have your auto lock and your power off
so I by default I set mine to the maximum which is five minutes and it
just it just stops it from timing out and having to re-enter my pin number
because when I am plugged into my computer that logs me out of the actual
app itself and that can be annoying so once you bump that up then you’re safe
the other thing I turned the power off delay to the maximum as well to ten
minutes because I just don’t want this device shutting off I don’t want to have
to repower it on when I’m in the midst of using it and lastly down at the
bottom you have the option to check out your firmware and see what version of
the operating system you are currently running and then you can even update it
if you like when you are plugged into a computer accessing the Internet but yeah
you can hit the the top right button by the way when you’re in settings to get
back to your main screen at the top right button there’s a little square you
can tap it you go right back to your main screen with all of your currencies
and your two-factor authentication okay now beyond setting the device up
itself you’re gonna have to do something on your actual computer and that is get
the supporting apps for whatever you wish to use this device for okay so you
have some options here you can either get Chrome extensions installed on your
Chrome browser so right now I’m in the Chrome Web Store
if you’re unsure what this looks like when you’re on your Chrome browser
there’s a little tab that says apps and you can go here you can hit the webstore
and if you type in ledger in the search and then pick apps it will show you
it’ll be near the top here these are the three apps that you can have installed
in your Chrome browser the ledger manager the ledger wallet aetherium and
the ledger wallet Bitcoin you can also head over to the ledger website ledger
wallet comm slash apps and this allows you to download them as individual apps
on your computer as well okay so you can get same thing Bitcoin and altcoins this
one is entitled and you’ll see why in a moment
ledger wallet etherium now this one you can only get as an app on your computer
not within your Chrome browser it’s the ledger wallet ripple and then
over here you have a ledger manager and ledger Authenticator i’m not going to be
covering that in this video but in a future video I will so all you’re gonna
need to do is download for sure the ledger wallet bitcoin and all coins and
then likely the ledger manager and if you’re gonna be using aetherium or
ripple you’ll probably want these as well so that’s that’s all you’re gonna
need you can download those and use them as individual apps on your computer okay
so before I get into actually showing how to do a transaction here let’s take
a look at just a couple of these apps and how they work so what I’m gonna do
right now is I’m going to plug in the USB to the bottom of the device I’m
going to plug this into my computer via USB cable now when I do that it asked me for my
PIN immediately so I’m just gonna put this in off-screen and so I’m now into
my wallet here so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna head over to my apps and my
Chrome browser so I’m gonna hit apps here and let’s take a look first at the
ledger manager okay so you have to be on the main screen of your ledger blue in
order to access the ledger manager so just make sure you’re not actually
tapped on one of these individual wallets so I hit the ledger manager and
it’s gonna go and open up as an individual app in its own window and
this is where you can add and remove applications from your device so you can
add a say a Bitcoin cash wallet you could remove your dash wallet you could
add a dogecoin wallet you could do all these different things these are the
available apps that you can install on your device at the moment but they are
constantly adding more so pretty simple this is also where you can go ahead and
you can update your firmware right now there’s no items to display because I’m
I’m already up to date so yeah that’s pretty much what the ledger manager does
now let’s go ahead and take a look at any of these other apps so here I want
to go into my ledger wallet Bitcoin okay so I open that up it’s gonna ask me to
connect my ledger wallet now it is connected here right but I need to
actually select what wallet I’m using so the Bitcoin wallet is good for Bitcoin
and other alt coins except for aetherium and ripple so if I were to hit dash here
it’s going to open up my dash wallet on my desktop okay
takes a moment to synchronize but then once it does it’ll show my dash account
and this is pretty much basic across all of the individual apps you have your
accounts you have send and receive you have
settings for the wallet itself and you can add accounts so on and so forth so
not a lot to see here if you go into your settings you can do things like you
know do I want US dollars well know I’m in Canada so I’m going to change it to
my secondary currency is Canadian dollars so I can switch that over I can
change my language my region so on and so forth and if they’re subunits like in
bitcoins some people use milla bits or bits you can change that here as well
I’m gonna close out of that I’m going to close this app and to get back to my
main screen on my ledger wallet blue I’m going to tap the top right corner the
little square and Here I am now conversely I have also downloaded the
ripple wallet so here on my desktop I can go to my applications you can see
it’s a standalone app where is it there it is okay so it’s a standalone app it’s
not within my Chrome browser and I could do this with any of these apps so I can
open that up individually separate from my Chrome browser and then on my device
I go I hit ripple and it opens up my Robo wallet now it does look a little
bit different on the desktop here same basic functions you still got sin and
receive it just doesn’t see that underneath the arrows
yeah and that’s that’s pretty much it it also doesn’t have a lot of settings here
so it’s a little bit more stripped down and let’s just take a look really quick
at the etherium wallet as well so I’m gonna go over back to my Chrome apps
because that’s where I have it I’ll hit ledger wallet aetherium on my device I
went back to my main screen and I need to tap on aetherium okay and now here on
the etherium app now this is why I’m separate because there’s two chains that
are basically the exact same technology you’ve got aetherium classic and regular
aetherium so you can choose between the two you can hit remember my choice if
you’re primarily going to be using just one or you can click in one it will open
your wallet just the same as it would with any other currency
and then up top here where it says ETH for a regular theorem you can hit switch
and it’ll take you back to the main screen you can hit etherium classic if
that is the currency you choose to use and that’s pretty much it for the
etherium wallet okay lastly what we are going to do is a demo transaction of how
to receive and send funds from any of your wallets so what I’m gonna do here
is I’m gonna go into my Chrome apps and I’m going to hit ledger wallet Bitcoin
because I’m gonna do a Bitcoin transaction here it opens up as its own
individual wallet and remember it’s gonna ask me to connect my wallet it is
connected but I need to hit the app that I want to use which is my Bitcoin wallet
okay now you can see here I’ve already done a
couple transactions just to test this out for myself but it’s pretty basic all
you’ve got here is if you want to receive which I’m going to receive for
this transaction is you hit the receive button up in the top left and it’s going
to give you how much you life you’d like to request a specific amount you can put
that in here I’m just going to send directly from my phone it gives you a
Bitcoin address now if you want it to message that or email that to somebody
you could select it all and you could copy it and then paste it into an email
if you choose or you can just get somebody to scan this QR code or send
that as a picture take a screenshot so what I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna
scan it with my phone I’ve got my mycelium wallet open here so I’m just
going to scan that QR code 200 Canadian dollars and I’m gonna hit send I’m doing
my pin number off screen okay so that has been sent and if I close out of this
I can see that a new transaction has just come through just a moment ago
right here I can click on it and get all the details where it went to
the amount that was sent so and so forth what address it came from all that so
that is it for receiving that’s as simple as it gets you can you can scan
the QR code or you can send somebody this address to send to so I will now
just wait for this transaction to confirm and I will show you guys how to
send it out I’ll be back in a minute okay the transaction has now gone
through and so now I’m gonna practice sending it out of this wallet nice and
simple I’m gonna go to the send button up in the top left hit that it’s gonna
ask me how much I want to send for now rather than manually putting that in I’m
gonna send the maximum amount back out okay now it’s going to ask for the
recipient Bitcoin address now there’s two ways to put this in you can copy it
from a source maybe a private message or an email whatever you like and paste it
in or you can hit this little camera in the bottom left corner and that will
open up your webcam at which point you can hold up a wallet to your screen and
it will scan the QR code and send to that address now for myself I’ve already
copied a an address that I’ve sent to myself via messenger so I’m just gonna
paste that in right here I choose the account that it wants to come out of
this is the account I want it to come out from otherwise I would hit a little
drop-down menu here and which show me my other accounts that I could choose from
and then last here you see transaction fees you can choose what kind of
transaction fee you’d like okay so here I am going to choose well I don’t really
care how long it takes so I’m gonna hit lo now lately these transactions have
been going through just fine so I’m not worried about doing a low a low
transaction fee you can even hit custom and you can put in the number of
Satoshi’s per byte but if that sounds like Greek to you then you better just
pick one of these options here so I’m gonna hit low and I’m gonna hit send it
verifies now right here last step it shows you on the screen all
your transaction details and you just get to pick on the device whether you
reject or confirm this transaction so I’m going to hit confirm and off it goes
on my computer sending succeeded and now that I’ve sent from the account to back
to my phone I can pick up my mycelium wallet and check that the transaction
has come in now there’s just one other thing I’d like to take a look at here
and that is related to where it says up top here current chain Bitcoin Segway so
this was an option that I first was given when I initially set up the device
and you may be unfamiliar with what that is so we’re just going to hit the
Settings tab here and here you see in the bottom right there’s an option that
says blockchains okay so here you have the choice between using Bitcoin and
Bitcoin cash all right this was a split of Bitcoin that happened on August 1st
I steal I still deal with only Bitcoin but some people do hold Bitcoin cash
which is an entirely separate currency so you can choose to use that one as
well this is how you would do it but for now I’m gonna hit Bitcoin and then this
is the other option you’re gonna be presented with when first setting up
this wallet it says choose your address type would you like legacy or seg wit or
you can pick I don’t know if you if you don’t know then you can add that but the
long and the short of it is for cheaper transaction fees you can use cygwin now
normally you would be able to use your ledger device with the mycelium wallet
but in this case mycelium at the time of making this video is not capable of
handling cygwin transactions so that may be a sticking point for some people but
for me I do not mind using my computer for transactions because these are long
meant to be long term Holdings for myself anyways my ledger 9os
kept as legacy for some of my accounts just so I can use them with my phone as
well anyways that’s what these options are so I’ll hit segue and you can go
back in you can see my transactions sitting here and that is it that are
those are the ins and outs of your ledger blue I’m very happy with its with
this device it is much easier to use then well pretty much every other
Hardware wallet I have including the ledger nano s just because of the touch
screen that that versatility of being able to use an actual keyboard versus
trying to tap on one or two buttons depending on the device it does help
quite a bit that being said the form factor it’s a little bit larger so maybe
it’s not something you want to carry around with you every day for long-term
storage maybe you could store it at home and have it as an easy device to access
but I guess it’s all personal preference either way I highly recommend this thing
it is absolutely fantastic and I think I’m gonna say this probably takes top
spot for me as far as ease-of-use and usability yeah I think I’m gonna be
using this thing a lot