Zero people. Can you wait for
at least one person or we live? Yes. Can we wait for at least one person to
join Jeff here and tonight we are coming to you live from Costco. They’ll last night we came to you live
from Lowe’s and a couple of nights before that we can do life from home depot to
show you the latest of the what we think are the better of the father’s day deals.
So let’s hop right into it. I want to show you this generator here,
right here that we got in here. So this one right here is an eight
gallon tank generator here and if you can look up over here with the price,
they’re the, they got a $200 instant off savings on it.
See right over there. So there’s honor, this
is a, uh, let me see, it says 9,400 I think it’s 9,400 watts, but this one here is six 99 so
it’s mark down to be a clock. That right off of that
as a pretty good steel. If you’re looking for a generator and
they’ll come down here. Sherry is, this’ll do the real thing. Does this look at this whole thing here.
This is 50 bucks. This is a default set and
it’s got everything you need. It’s gotten all of the wrenches.
It’s got the socket drivers, it’s got Allen wrenches here,
it’s got all your little mini bits here. He’s got more Allen wrenches over
here as if that wasn’t enough. You got three different ratchet sizes
here, so my guess is it’s a quarter inch, three eighths and a half inch drive and
a big screwdriver here to handle all of these different bits interchangeable
there and of course deep sockets here and then a bunch of regular soccer
all the way around here. So this is a 181 piece. The black chrome mechanic’s
tool set for 49 97 50 bucks. And this is the size of the box and
we’ll stand by this is people can see the whole thing. You’re going, well
this is how big it is here. This to me is one heck
of a steel right here. So if you’re looking for an
idea for dad for father’s day, that really one here, I’ve never seen this set and
home depot or in, in low. So I dunno if this is exclusive
only the Costco or not, but that isn’t a pretty
incredible set. Uh, let’s see. Let’s walk around to the
other aisle over here. I want to show you some of these other
home improvement things that they’d got steeply marked down.
So by the way, tonight at 9:00 PM we’re premiering our
latest video on how to measure lighting in your kitchen.
That’s a really good one. You don’t want to miss out on that video
that’s premiering at 9:00 PM eastern time tonight.
And let’s take a real good, I don’t, I don’t think there was
anything. It was the next aisle over. So let’s take a look.
By the way, we have a lot of this interesting new
flooring and I don’t know if you guys have seen the flooring before. It’s a little
pricey. It’s two 20, uh, per square foot. This is called htpc. It’s a high density
plastic. But take a look at these planes. These are really cool.
These are kind of like the vinyl, I don’t know if they can’t
get it to come out of the box. Well here’s one. So it looks
exactly like wood, but it’s, it’s all plastic and they’ve
got the underlayment built
on, on the bottom of it. See this at a little rubber
underlayment and these use score, whether utility,
knife and snap it, or you can use one of those guillotines
that you rent, that cuts the, uh, the vinyl flooring here. And so this here is two 20 a square foot. It’s 36 99 per box. And each box covers about 16 square feet. So that was just a kind
of a new novel approach. Yes. I wanted to show you here
because look at the price of this. Here’s a resting the entity, it’s three 99 and they got $100 off
here as you can see. So it’s 99. And take a look at this drawer here if
we want to get out and get a little wider view. So the drawer, the top drawer
actually opens on this manatee, which is cool because
most vanities they don’t. So you actually have storage
here that goes around the sink. Brilliant design in its
soft clothes like that. Huh. And there’s the middle
drawer there in a little move things around and it also goes around
the p trap. See? So that’s pretty cool. That’s two 99 that’s,
that one is $100 off. Wow. And then coming over down here, you’re going to let these faucets here. Sorry. Um, this one here, this is the Kohler lost
it here and it’s $199. It’s marked down $50.
So it’s normally two 50. And what’s cool about this one
is this one has the doc netic, which is a magnetic lock.
They don’t have the whole thing here, so I can’t show you,
but you can zoom in right here and see. So it’s got the document had gone there
and it also has an automatic water shutoff feature,
which is kind of cool. And this one works by touch.
I think it’s even touchless that, just see this little sensor right here.
Illa zoom up and take a look at a sensor. If you wave your hand over the sensor,
that’s what turns on the water. So that’s kind of cool. So that’s
a, that’s a pretty good deal. That’s like 25% off. And then you’ve got this other
one over here from hands grow. That’s a journey I put. I think I got this exact one that I
just put in one of them, my flip condos. And so this one is one 39 99 and it’s 60
bucks off of their normal price there. And this one I believe is ours.
Magnetic occasion. Well, no, no, it just pulls up by the weight of it.
Okay. So those were some of the uh,
nicer, the bargains and come on over this way
and I’ll show you a couple of other things here. Right here you’ve got the
little giant multi-use. Um, this is a ladder that extends up to 15
feet and it even has wheels two on the bottom.
So this one’s one 5,999 here. That’s a pretty good deal.
I like these. So this right here is what
really has me excited. This is the my mechanic stool here,
the rolling stones. This is nice because it’s
got a nice cushioning on it
and I’ve got a drawer here and a little place here to hold
parts and tools. So this thing is 39, 99 it’s 40 bucks.
But look up at the price here. See it’s marked down from 64 and 99. So this thing is actually $25
off the normal price here. Think I’m going to get this one. This particular one had my eye on it for
awhile and it was 60 bucks before and I was saying no way,
no way. And then over here
they got this little porter cable. Um, back here, here, this is a five gallon
stainless steel vacuum here. So this one’s 40 bucks, not too bad of a deal there
for a vacuum that, so I, I usually I have one this size and the
shop vac and I have a medium size and I have a large size cause on my projects. I usually need three different sizes here.
That’s a vacuum. That thing looks like a
pot. Yeah, that’s a vacuum. Now here’s a pretty decent deal right
here for come around here and look at this one. This is porter cables, 20 volt
Max Kit. So it’s a five tool combo kit. And you can see right here it includes
two batteries and a charger and a carrying bag for all of this because
you’ve got a circular saw and you’ve got a small vacuum here.
This is cool. You’ve got a saws all a reciprocating saw,
you got a uh, impact driver and a regular screwdriver. I don’t know if these are brushless. Usually when companies don’t say Brussels
on the box, they’re not brushless. But uh,
come around up here, look at the price tag of here
for it and you can see you. And if there is one 99
99 and it’s 50 bucks off. So normally they were selling
this to two 50 here in the store. So I like that deal.
See what else can you get this kitchenaid grill?
It looks really small to me though, but you know,
if you live in a small place, this would be a pretty decent one to get.
And so you see him, it’s like you gotta be careful when
they say you’re getting stainless steel. Normally what I do to
confirm stainless steels, I come in with a magnet and you put the
magnet on there to see whether it’s real stainless or not. If it sticks then
you’re not getting real stainless steel. They’re giving you like
some alloy or something. So you’re usually, you want to try to
get pure stainless steel because it’s, it lasts the longest and it’s
easier to clean off and everything. Let’s see what else?
We’ve got older. I wanted to come down here. Here you’ve got a men’s hybrid
mountain bike here. This thing is $200 one 99 99 you’re looking to break in and uh, get
healthier. That’s a pretty inexpensive, you know, mister singer could be in this
life to be a bike for him. He hikes. So I wanted to point this out to you guys.
I have one of these at home and I, I cannot recommend these to you.
I just can’t. We’re going to do another video on
the one that I have now at home. I don’t like this particular company
and this whole thing with the lantern. This one’s a USB. It’s 20
bucks, but I don’t know if it, if you would type of batteries if you
have to put these in there or what. But I have problems, big time problems with the one I have at
home and it takes eight d batteries and it’s just a complete waste.
You can get so much better led lights now. Like these little guys here, he’s
probably these, these require double A’s. That’s what I, and then even comes
with it. Yeah. I’m want smaller, lighter lanterns.
I mean, it’s harder and harder to find a d
sized batteries these days anyway. Okay.
And let’s see what else we have down here. I think that was pretty much it in
terms of what I saw here at Costco. And uh, so just wanted to remind you folks that
at nine o’clock tonight is our premier of the video that we’re doing on how
to measure your kitchen lighting. So you’ve read,
you’ve renovated your kitchen, you put all of this fancy lighting up, and now we’re going to show you how
to measure the lighting to see if it confirms to the,
um, all of the industry standards to make
sure that you’ve implemented it correctly. That’s a really great video. You’re gonna learn a lot about light
placement in that too. Plus in there, we’ll have a link to the other video I
did a few months ago that shows like how to place your kitchen lights, where to put money for the best type of
lighting to avoid shadows and stuff like that. So anyway, um,
remember to tune into, look through our video chat to look at
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