a whirlwind tour across the globe
spanning four countries in five months and countless memorable moments
official grand finale the 2019 vans park series world championships in Salt Lake
City Utah the state of sport the Vans Park series Pro Tour is the premier
competitive series for park terrain skateboarding the fastest growing
discipline in skateboarding today combining all aspects of skate culture
extreme and transition the park series is home to the most exciting shown
skateboarding hosted in the United States for the first time this year’s
VPS world championships be held at the brand new permanent vans
Utah Sports Commission skate park the Legacy Park terrain skateboarding
facility designed and built for the Utah community the competition to the women
is tougher than ever before as skaters Lizzie our motto
Sakura Yoshizumi and Kaukauna hockey have all elevated their skating this
season it hopes to take home first
series championship title and with defending world champion right
due to injury world champion will be found today the
Utah Sun is beaming down on the brand new permanent skatepark and the best
park skaters in the world are about to show us how it’s done the 2019 Vans Park
series world championship starts right now boys are throwing down out here welcome skateboarders from around the
world the time is now we’re gonna crown some world champions today this is the
Vans Park series world championships live from a brand-new legacy skate park
filled in partnership with fans and the Utah Sports Commission a brand-new
perfect skate park for today’s world championships I’m Chris Cote this is
Tony Hawk and we are fired up world championships this is huge this is what
we’ve been after the whole time traveling around the globe ready for
this moment right now and it’s going off already we are going to go into the
Women’s World Championships first but before we get to where we’re at today
let’s find out where we started we’re gonna go way back to Shanghai China
where it was the high-tech skateboarding of Sakura Yoshizumi who got the win down
in Shanghai an incredible display of skateboarding from Sakura she’ll be in
the finals today from Shanghai we went down to South Paulo Brazil for a
purpose-built legacy skatepark battle in dr.azz from florianópolis got the wind
down in Sao Paulo and Tony after that we went to Paris what didn’t you do there
Montreal she she was riding high went up that we had Brazilian takeover in Brazil
obviously it was her and Pedro they both won the Montreal event as well and they
just had to support the crowd they had the lines they had the tricks and she
killed it and then we were off to Paris Sao Paulo Montreal Paris Paris was a big
one Paris was huge ko Kona really came into her own she’s the nosegrind master
we saw her coming from Shanghai where she was a little timid not really so
sure of herself and then through those other events found her confidence and
killed it in Paris and then she was the winner and now we’re here in Salt Lake
to the finals it all comes down to this the world championships of Park
skateboarding for the women today and everybody’s been pretty unanimous in
their love for this new Park Tony I know you skated this morning this park looks
real fun yeah it’s real good and it’s got some vert walls which I’m a big fan
here so I think it’s got the kind of a best of everything here and we’re gonna
see some the most variety well we got the best Park skaters in the war
here today and legends on legends on the deck we got two of them right here the
Alex white and Chris dune pastures what’s up Thank You boys
yes it’s an honor to have Alex join us here on the deck and Alex I know you’ve
been watching practice we got the world championships on the line who’s skating
well and wide oh my god they’re all skating so good ripping up this world
championship Park series Park mamita zookas ripping braces ripping I
am excited to see what they’re gonna throw down and what is the vibe on the
park is it a favorite of the skaters this year
yeah we’re hearing everybody giving it rave reviews this is a great legacy
series Park and it’s just gonna be here for the rest of time for Salt Lake City
do enjoy it all right and we are getting fired up for the competition we’re
watching the Birdman earlier ripping props to you Tony back to you guys right
on thank you Alex and Chris they’ll be with us all day today to talk us through
the action well yesterday was an incredible day of skateboarding a lot of
carnage but also a lot of brilliant skateboarding by some of the world’s
best females let’s take a look at the qualifying rounds from yesterday the video part right there state of
women’s skateboarding alive and well here in Utah that was insane it wasn’t
yesterday was just non-stop madness there was there a few injuries but also
a lot of really good skating people are stepping it up for the finals well I
feel like the level has been raised everybody knows this is the world
championship so you got to go extra hard speaking of going hard in dr.azz went
incredibly well yesterday until one vicious slam took her out of the
competition but before that happened we’re lucky enough to get a follow from
the one and only Chris Gregson who followed in Diarra around this park Tony
I know you were here for the opening of this park
I mean Utah came correct Salt Lake City the Sports Commission everybody came
together and this park right here I mean this is a park that is among the world’s
best it is yeah actually I came for the ribbon-cutting and it was already a full
session happening no one could wait for us to cut the
wrists and Matt was barely dressed ya know but it was really good you could
tell it’s got a little bit everything he’s got some Bank and of course the the
wall plant famous in dietrich there but it’s got a little bit everything he’s
got some vert walls got some balls really good hips volcano and then some
of those Bank wedges we call those the boneless banks but I think it shows how
versatile everyone is absolutely and we want to say get well soon to in dr.azz
but now Tony we’ve been having fun with this throughout this you know entire
season here on the vans Park series but now it’s serious
it used to be who to watch who we want to see skate now it’s who’s gonna win no
pressure bird man make your pick Wow well I think
my pick is obvious it would be miss Lizzie Armond toe because she’s better
it’s crazy because I think of her as being so young but she is truly a
veteran of these events so and she’s comfortable on every transition size
even the big vert walls she’s got something even small ones mini ramp
tricks she uses her strategy where she will build on each run that she makes
where a lot of these a lot of skiers a little bit green they don’t really
understand that strategy and she understands that she’s gonna get better
and better and also I have a lot of peer pressure from the birdhouse team so I
come to peer pressure what can I say Lizzie hey you know you have you got to
make the pixie yeah and that’s a solid pick Lizzie would be a great world
champion well first I say I don’t want to get
taking out the group text and you would if he didn’t make that pick but that’s a
good one well for my pick I’m going with an 11 year old I know that sounds crazy
but the way Konoha Rocky skates is well beyond her years and she showed us her
grit her toughness yesterday literally smashed her face got right back up and
kept skating even qualifying in first place
she won Paris she’s full of confidence and of course we all know kikuna as the
nosegrind master so she is going to be fun to watch and we have a potential for
an 11 year old world championship park skater which is very exciting now let’s
go back to the deck where the Alex White is waiting Alex who’s gonna win the
World Championship today well my pick for the world championship
winner here is mommy to Zuka she’s 17 years old from Japan she’s got style
she’s got power she’s been improving all year and fun fact she’s a classically
trained pianist so you know she’s got that composure and flow all right well
playing piano practice makes perfect you’re not gonna get hurt
practicing piano but I like the clever segue though I like the thread we go in
there way to bring it in all right well those are our picks and we’ll see if any
of those come true we know we have eight solid skaters in the final now let’s
talk about the format we’re gonna stick with what works we’ve been doing this
all year long so here’s what we got for the finals format coming into the World
Championships today in Salt Lake City Utah top eight skaters from a cut of 24
runs each 40 seconds max you skate until you fall and Tony that first wall rebate
is in full effect fourth run only but everything resets yeah I like that it’s
kind of your own little best trick event but also the best run counts is is
unique in that some people just have to go all out they just want that one up
just to make one run and that’s the one that could win it instead of being more
conservative but we’ll see what happens because some people it’s all or nothing
for them anyway love it well we’re getting fired up here we got a packed
house the stands are absolutely full and here are your finalists we got a high
percentage of a chance of a Japanese skater to get the win here as we have
four of eight finalists representing Japan Kahana Ogawa kodiak Tommen AHA
Grace Tamar Hoffer Sakura yosuzume poppy start Olsen Lizzy our Monto mommy Tezuka
and Kakuna Nawrocki our eleven-year-old skater out of Hokkaido Japan coming
through as our top qualifier so we’re gonna fit we’re gonna start with our
eighth qualifier and go all the way up to number one
so Tony mean what more can we say let’s skate game on we’re gonna start the
World Championships here in Salt Lake City Utah with Quijano Ogawa she’s 18
years old representing Japan one of our four Japanese skaters in the finals here
which is a huge statement to the advance with the level that Japan is showing us
here in female skateboarding yeah they have definitely stepped it up just from
this season oh look at that Smith grind the lip slide
I’d say that’s one of her more risky moves and doing the first run Oh missing
that backside blunt alright so 40 seconds Tony describe for
those watching what it’s like to skate this park for a full 40 seconds it’s
exhausting especially at my age I’d say around the 25 to 30 second mark is where
you start to really dig deep and go do I have the energy to finish this and it’s
hard especially it like right there she’s gonna do one of her harder tricks
near the end that requires the most focus the most energy and that’s a
challenge poppy star olson representing Newcastle Australia she’s 19 years old
she’s run everything in Australia and she’s off to a good start in her first
run here she’s got 30 seconds left oh no miss nut boardslide poppy just won
the Red Bull bull rippers event in Marseilles so she’s got to have some
confidence momentum coming in here to the World Championships here at the
van’s Park series the final event so for a lot of these skaters and we saw it
yesterday in the semifinals and prelims I mean it’s all or nothing right I mean
your season could effectively be over for Park skating today what you can see
that these girls are not holding back like even in their first moment their
turn their hardest tricks so so much for the strategy of building upon each run
mililani town on oahu this is Cody Timon aha
no doubt skates a lot at the Banzai skate park she is coach and sponsored by
Hosoi Christian Hosoi he’s on the deck right now no doubt giving her the hosoi
vibes as she’s flying around the park she’s got some of the harder tricks here
especially with this one backside lipslide you don’t see too many of the
competitors doing that especially on the big wall I just want to see you do your
tricks far long slide them far grind them far do high errors you got to
travel in each and every trick oh nice air to fakie up the hip into a little
crooks all right I saw grunt the first first full pull run here full forty
second run from Cody Tom and aha Mililani a small town on Oahu Hawaiian
Islands I bet she surfs good too you can just tell the style there she’s got a
lot of good flow you know let’s go stop staying in Hawaii but alright so that
was a quick look back as scores come through seventy three point two zero for
Cody that’s enough to get her in the top spot for now a lot of skateboarding left
come but a great start you can get yourself on top of the board gonna be
looking good here we go Tony Hawk’s pick four world champion Lizzy Armand toe
from Santa Monica California 26 years old a vet in the skate game France
Edinburgh on the big vert Waldheim like I said she’s comfortable on those big
transitions she’s got the meeting round tricks –
here we go is she gonna do it blunt and not hold
back she is right into that corner so doing tricks into corners and through
corners like that pretty much doubles the difficulty of the trick yeah just
the the risk factor the idea that your feet your feet are gonna move regardless
but once you’re in that corner to push through it it’s really sticky and I’m I
am honestly surprised I feel like that that set the tone that Lizzie is not
going to be conservative at all she’s just gonna do all or nothing here so you
gotta do she want to win the win the title so Lizzie our motto out for now
grace Maher Hoffer from Cocoa Beach Florida 16 years old coming back from a
pretty brutal injury but she is looking like she has 100% absolute Ripper she
she didn’t actually know she didn’t get to skate in 2018 due to that injury and
she did make the finals in Paris she finished 12th place but grace usually
very consistent but unfortunately yeah you gotta know that there’s nerves got a
first-run jitters air so we’re gonna get through this first one second one is
what people gonna start get in the groove all right from hey Coney
she got Japan 17 years old mommy Tezuka owner of probably the best Smith grinds
of the entire field Oh big hand plant there – oh no nerves everyone’s got that
first-run jitters the World Championships I get it they get four
runs by design so four runs we we will see mommy again three more times so
mommy – Zuka fans don’t worry you’re gonna get more mommy coming up up next
17 years old from Wakayama Japan Sakura yosuzume she’s been skating contest too much
every weekend all year every contest I’ve seen her learn a brand new very
difficult trick – and this one’s no exception she’s got a frontside blunt
now which I assume she’s gonna try at the end here
missa 360 she is definitely considered a takács sorceress he’s got every
mini-ramp trick in the books but then you see her gone in the deep end she’s
got good airs – it’s a power skater yeah I think good
she has a strategy in that she wants to she wants to strengthen her weaker
points in terms of like she’s got these really technical tricks but didn’t
necessarily have the virtue X and now she’s got the ver tricks and now she’s
stepping up the difficulty of remaining ramp tricks her number one qualifier
from yesterday from Hokkaido Japan 11 years old Kaukauna kuraki just wait for
the nose grind you know it’s coming there’s there’s one yep there it is
perfect every time here comes another one
pretty soon see that bandage on her face she had a vicious slam yesterday
there we go front side nose grind in the corner oh man I can’t stress how hard
that is going through a corner like that did I mention she’s 11 years old that’s
shocking oh no now if she can finish that run
like that we’re looking at a potential world championship run from kou Konoha
rocky so seldom do you see anyone trying to slow down during the run but you can
see right there she went into that Crale slide and she had two deep hump to lose
speed for the kickflip on the hip which is it just shows how dialed in she is
that she’s got so much speed she actually just slowed down her and Pedro
bar yeah I mean that Pedro is the only other one I can say does that right
there that frontside nosegrind and then to come out of that and turn in the
backside direction is very risky we have a new leader
women with seven seconds left on the clock kakuna Hiraki as expected comes
through blazing multiple nose grinds got a beautiful Smith grind in the mix there
almost got the kickflip at the end of that run 74 5/7
so we’re tight up in the first and second spot Cody salmon AHA in second
key Hana Ogawa third Lizzy right there in fourth
so some 40s couple you know low scores there in the bottom line but we’ve got
three more runs from each skater so big scores yet
here’s what the judges are looking for they are the best in the business
they’re looking for you just commit to your tricks do hard tricks be creative
use the whole park you got to do a combination mover you can’t do the same
trick over and over you got to go fast you got a this line right here Tony
emphasis on distance traveled to me that’s the key line of this judging
criteria yeah I think you could do a backside lipslide but if you don’t truly
slide it they’re gonna count you down from it they don’t see mini-ramp tricks
per se they want to see Park tricks long rides around corners over gaps Kahana
Ogawa back in the park for her second run we got equal prize purse for men and
women 20 grand if you win this contest and then you’ll be able to say I am the
world champion of parks gated I like that little combo right there out of the
bowl wow that was a was that a blood it was almost like a salad grind too blunt
I think that kind of killed her speed and that’s what that’s what made her
miss that frontside feeble afterwards so I like the setup that kahana’s got right
now and of course the judges they’re gonna be sticklers about getting that
full forty second run you see a fifty seven point seven seven drop on the
score line for ki Hana that’s enough for third place for now get a lot more
skateboarding left come she goes and talks to Christian Hosoi papi star Olsen vans team rider from
Australia an incredible deep Bowl skater and she is definitely I mean every
contest she just gets better and better and more consistent yeah you can tell
papi is more comfortable on the bigger walls that was solid though transfer to
boardslide Ilia backside air showing her vert
technique gotta give a shout-out to Papi’s mom she’s at every event with
papi cheering a lot of side of anyone in the crowd supportive pero but for
supporters she’s gonna do it right here what is the last trick fastplant how big
is that vert wall right there it’s it’s big but it’s also on the uphill so you
actually have to sort of work your way up just to get speed there which makes
it extra hard and I’m surprised that she would want to do something on that wall
for her last trick when you’re the most exhausted and you have to struggle the
most for speed but she pulled it off the crowd went wild all the skaters on the
decks slapping their tail against the coping great run for poppy star Olson
look at this right here it’s solid I call that an empire plant and I was
surprising that lean to tail slide right there that is not a wall conducive to
that trick score comes through a 78 9 7 we’ve got a skate contest on our hands
poppy star Olson your new leader now that is the score to beat 78 9 7 second
place score for now 74 5 7 now we go back to Cody Tom and aha she got 40
seconds on the clock nice frontside air I don’t want to be
cliche but that was truly Hawaiian style inside air yeah and unfortunately right
there just kind of one of those transitional Falls maybe thinking about
the next trick coming up I’m not paying close attention to the trick at hand it
happens we see it even with the veterans of skateboarding Cody will have two more
runs that score comes through in 11 5 3 love to the start of that run but just
one of those unforced errors I think sometimes your think that they’re
thinking so far ahead they don’t consider at the moment
Ryan may be a basic trick just falls apart because it’s like wait I
this was point A to point B this is not the thing ups us to fall on so when you
see people falling on fronts hanging around or 450 50s that’s the kiss of
death Lizzie are Monto from Santa Monica
California a pro 14 birdhouse since 2017 super fast skateboarder obviously that
trademark Lizzie style here we go one right here around the corner and missing
it again alright so with two more runs for Lizzie you keep going back to that
trick do you stay focused and stay in that zone of trying to get your run that
you planned out um are you asking if I’m as II would
imagine you know I’d want it I’d want to make a run first okay
but I was more I was more of a competitor where I had I had a bit of a
strategy I applaud anyone that just says I’m doing it all or nothing and I think
that Lizzie can still make it cuz she has that focus see what happened up and
over to the backside 5050 grace maar Hoffer Cocoa Beach Florida 16 years old
regular footer she’s got a solid line here that eggplant on the deep end I
like her style too you see those kind of like quiet arms down to her down to her
hips beautiful smooth going through the corner
she could use a few more tricks here like through those corners but
everything else she does is solid and difficult final track invert
just get a little bit everything there all right a full run for grace Mart
offer her previous run of 583 so no doubt improving on that I think the
judge is gonna like this they’d like to see not only combination of maneuvers
around the park but when you actually do two tricks in one you star get the crab
disaster quick things like that that get the judges psyched well it mixes up too
because there’s a chance that if you do a lipslide you don’t want to repeat
anything so doing a frontside air jet disaster is a little bit of a version of
that but still a different trick 70 307 you think grace needs more tricks in
that run um yeah it was just spending a lot of time getting from point A to
point B so if she could do a couple of little moves on those smaller walls that
would help her out mamita Zuka 17 years old from he coney
she got japan vans team rider one of our van guards and I just I just hold my
breath because I just want to see this piece Smith grinds from mommy they’re
just so perfect mixing it up here whoa frontside people around the corner
that’s kind of risky this is a good run stiletto hip back Smith nice 10-second
stay on mommy oh my god that is creativity that’s part of the judging
criteria be creative mommy did just that that was an epic run from mommy to Zuka
that was exactly what she wanted to do you see well that smile is always on her
face but it’s just a little bigger after a run like that what a run for
mommy so that trick we saw kind of a sideways disaster up the extension very
few people do it it’s weird to sort of shift your thinking into a different
plane right there and it can go bad that can be very dangerous and to have that
at the end of the run was like probably gonna put her in first place yes you’re
right 81 83 for mommy to Zuka and I love it
that’s a classic mini ranked mini ramp trick that you do honey
attention but she actually had to travel into it so it oh yeah all kinds of
things to go wrong there all right so we have a new leader with mommy at Tezuka
Sakura iOS’s Umi has to be fired up from what she just saw so Sakura one of the
most technical skaters in the field today now right there that seems like oh
no yeah everyone is sort of everyone is pushing the limits of how far they can
turn to get their line through here and even though this course is somewhat
sticky cuz it’s new you can only push it so far
and so right there she was she was so focused on the line that she was turning
too sharply and she slid out a harsh slam for Sakura Josas Umi medical crew
on hand has been BAM on it I mean when the skaters hit the pavement they’re
standing on them are you okay right there they saw Sakura get right back up
Konoha rocky she knows what this pavement feels like to see the bandage
on her face she is a warrior a tough skater at age 11 and a master at that
trick right they’re so comfortable now right here she’s got a trick on
every wall even read there’s Lina Lina tail it still counts for a lot and this
frontside nosegrind around the corner and then to come out and go back side
over this hip as simple as that looks that is a difficult routine like I said she’s where you want it the
crowd wants it she’s got that Crale slide into the kickflip like she’s
already set herself up for one of the hardest lines she has to slow down to do
it but I think she’s gonna make this probably the next drawing let such a
textbook nosegrind Jolyon have that trick can I somehow borrow it or buy it
how do I get that nose grind you got to learn to pop in like that
that’s it that’s the whole trick she makes it look so easy and again you see
the 73 5 3 that’s a proper score for an unfinished run so if she gets that
kickflip and potentially gets one more trick you could be looking at a new
leader let’s go down to the deck Chris dune pastures and the Alex White on the
call Thank You boys yes so Alex we have two runs in the books thoughts on what
we’ve seen so far it’s been a great exchange and we’re expecting kikuna to
take it out but right now we got a mommy in the lead my pick is in the lead right
now with an 83 followed up by poppy star Olson what do you think it takes with
mommy’s skating why is her spy she’s scoring so high she’s got an 81 she’s
grinding block block block block block around the coping and she’s doing super
technical tricks and she’s getting air and she’s just nailing it and what
adjustments is that does the rest of the field need to make to catch up to mommy
they’re gonna have to watch what she’s doing in there got to grind farther and
go higher amazing in that speaking of which we are gonna get right back into
the action Kahana Ogawa is in for the third run let’s call it Alex all right
kahana’s over there with the invert on the big wall transferring it over stakes
so high with this being our world championships Kiana Shane smooth oh I
love that one like a curb trick and gap option there slide as your nails the
blunt slide in again that’s been cursing her so far in this contest
yeah scores she’s gonna want to work to beat right now fifty-seven point seven
seven and a forty nine so kahana’s definitely gonna try to put it all
together for a fourth run yeah the crowd is pumped she’s giving it her
all Nikki Honda’s only seven years old too so a lot of these skaters
are so young here we’re all teenagers except for Lizzy Armando who’s 26 is it
strange that busy is a bet she’s fairly new to my generation so faces another
teenager here at poppy star Olson who’s 19 years old she nailed her first run
she looks like she’s doing the same thing right now with the judo yeah right
into the Smith grind she’s stepping up a little bit yeah and poppy nice board
setup the extension has a seventy eight point nine seven from her second run
she’s trying to best that yeah mommy Poppy’s really stepping up a notch that
invert kick-out that was amazing poppy is having a day out there she’s getting
really good stalefish transfer yes the fact be homeless I love how she’s mixing
old school for such a young skater poppy is really nailing it today she’s on wow
that was so quick on the fastplant love it yeah poppy another a perfect run from
poppy star Olson the crowd is going wild out here for poppy all the way from
Newcastle Australia and her mom up there so excited to Tama yeah yeah her mom is
at almost every event here supporting poppy so props to the Olson family for
coming out supporting skateboarding yes and we are awaiting scores and we’re
gonna watch Cody Tom and aha drop in all the way from Hawaii got the insight on
Cody Cody’s got that real smooth surfs down she’s only 15 years old I mean this
field is so young and they come from all over and Cody’s getting coached by the
one and only Christian Hosoi so you know he’s giving her some good tips yes we’re
so stoked Cody is here ripping and has his soy on the deck here joining us
rooting her on get him Cody cardi coming around big frontside air on the vert
wall ah man her feet were just hanging on there
five Oh can’t emphasize how smooth she looks on
the board seriously she makes it look too easy Chris love it
board side through the corner house with Brian River this is an amazing run from
Cody at 15 years old that she has all these tricks under her belt so
unbelievable oh right before the buzzer but still put it all together there
before that fall nice work from Cody Tom and aha we’re
seeing like Cody and Kaukauna at the last 10 seconds it’s on those like
little transition tricks that they keep bailing so if they can just put it
together at the end they’re gonna nail it yes and we are gonna throw it back up
to the booth so thank you Alex where you enjoyed all your insights we appreciate
you and yeah take it over Chris and Tony thanks guys
right on thank you dude and the Alex white here we go Lizzy our Monto she
needs an 81 8 for if she wants to get up into the top spot she finished second
place in Paris she’s got momentum but she’s got this
one trick right here Tony not yet front Center vert I’m just gonna
watch you walk talking what happened all right
ooh nice little nose block there and here we go
she’s got it it is a blunt slide oh that was a good setup see she will not hold
back little frustrated right there I’m gonna give her credit though for just
not holding back at all she was not playing conservative I thought that she
would try to get one run like in the beginning just to have something to put
her on the board she’s not gonna hold back and now that I
think about it I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Lizzie not go for it in these
events she’s the first woman ever to do the loop on a skateboard correct that is
correct she’s she’s gnarly and she’s got one
more run we’ll see what happens grace marha for now 16 years old from Cocoa
Beach Florida currently in fifth place with at 70 307 and she goes down she was
trying to do a 5 oh she’s trying to mix up her run so you got to give her credit
that usually is a 50/50 right up there and this time she was trying to go only
on her back truck and it’s a little bit more risky
all right after making her debut here on the Vans park series in 2018 at 17 years
old our current leader here at the Vans Park
series world championships of Park skateboarding this is mommy
Tezuka currently sitting on an 81 83 go this is the same run we’ve seen but I
have a feeling she’s gonna mix it up a little bit so precise I mean every trick
is done so proper that feeble she’s staying on the edges there
oh nice backside Smith grind feeble kinda over the hip that do I even say
again how much oh here we go this was though that was gonna be how she stepped
it up just trying to do a axis all up on that logo crowds loving it mamita Zuka
right there currently your leader with an 81 83 her run before pretty much
flawless this one just had a well that was it she was building on that last run
she was doing pretty much the same routine but saving the hardest trick for
last which is risky because you’re already so tired and a trick like that
requires a lot of energy a lot of speed and as you can see she just couldn’t get
her back truck on it and I think it’s just because she was tired well for
those of you watching at home next time you go skate your local park
set your timer for 40 seconds and skate hard for 40 seconds and see what it
feels like and then try your hardest trick at the end try your hardest tricks
yeah do what Mommy just did you see it’s not easy
this is Sakura yosuzume Wakayama Japan one of four
skaters representing Japan out of eight finalists here today now right there
just that backside ollie on the vert wall looks like a basic trick that is
low nice 360 holding on to its squatting it
out that’s the spirit the judges notice they have a sugar cane is beautiful
front sight blood there we go that Sakura ghost assuming the difficulty
factor is way higher now that’s not gonna count last Rose right at the end
of time so as you’re coming up for your last trick if time stops as you’re going
up towards the coping they will count that trick but if you’re in the flat the
runs over so what do you think here Sakura Yoshizumi
I think that that’s gonna put her on the podium at the very least that could be
the top scoring run right now although having to do a recovery like that is is
gonna mark you down but then these two tricks sugar cane a frontside blunt up
one after another that’s the highest difficulty fact we’ve
seen this whole this whole contest the judges agree eighty five six seven
sakura yosuzume is your new leader Wow what a run to the judges loving that
high-tech approach you know and mixing all her tricks up now it’s up to our
youngster 11 years old COO Konoha rocky he’s currently in fourth place now she
needs an 85 6 7 or better she’s capable of getting it especially if she can put
this entire run together and do the kickflip at the end it’s almost like
she’s on autopilot until she gets to that last trick at this point because
she’s done this run twice already to the end but missed the kickflip over the hip
frontside nosegrind here we go make it and then trail slide
into kickflip OH heartbreaker so close he’s got one try
left so now what do you do with your fourth run you get that first trick
rebate do you just try that kickflip on your first trick or does that kind of
set you up for some weirdness going into the final 35 seconds I feel
like that’s just not her flow is to go straight into a kickflip so do you think
she’s gonna stick nice predict that she’s gonna just stick for that same run
but who knows maybe someone will convince her otherwise
alright skateboarders skate fans from around the world it comes down to this
fourth and final runs who will be our world champion for women’s Park skating
take a look at the leaderboard as it stands now Sakura Yoshizumi mamita Zuka
and poppy star olson will make up the podium with Sakura in the top spot 85 6
7 Toni will we see a leader change right
now 4th and final run no press we see the act clip ok maybe I don’t know
that’s tough I don’t even know if the Cape it would still put her above Sakura
because Sakura just got those two bangers at the end all right we’re gonna
go back to the top of the order eighth place qualifier from yesterday
key Hana Ogawa from Kanagawa Japan 18 years old will she be our world champion
here we go she’s got 30 seconds to prove it whoa of that SmithGroup little slide
it’s good cuz it mixes her up when she oh I was gonna say when she does the lip
slide right there it’s not like she’s repeating tricks well that was the one
we want and see but unfortunately for Kiana Oh gah whaa
that’s it after about 20 seconds in she goes down but a solid effort
tejana her highest score of 57 7 7 it’s enough for 7th place for now
congratulations just making the finals of the World Championships that is huge
talk to the best Park skaters in the world here’s one of them
poppy star Olson currently in third place with an 86 7 you can see poppy I
was gonna say poppy is trying to go higher on this run you could just see
the way she pumped on that first wall was laughs I am NOT holding back so that
was that a first of all rebate that wasn’t the first wall first trick rebate
so the pump on the wall I don’t really count that as the quote unquote wall so
it’s really that first trick so she will get that was a 50-50 though so oh you’re
right questionable so now it’s up to the judges we’ve never seen this discussion
be really bending the rules here no I would expect that she doesn’t think that
was the first wall rebate it’s almost they’re gonna give it to her
all right so that the judges had the conversation they’re gonna put for 40
seconds on the clock so that will be a setup for this first big trick she gets
it it’s a World Championships not a little bit of controversy Tony right I
guess yeah sure I like that boardslide transfer landing
a little low but sticking her tail out Oh 1 foot an
ember with very little speed lipslide to hang up
she is just forcing these tricks that and even the backside boneless 10
seconds for poppy star Oh missing the tail lean to tail she is not going to
get off her skateboard nice everything about that last part of the run was a
compliment it wasn’t it was scheduled she didn’t have the speed to do those
tricks but she was forcing them out and that was admirable sometimes sketchiness
is good it makes it exciting poppy star did just that that’s my
favorite trick right there right here are the stalefish and then the bonus one
barely had enough speed to get her foot on there she just did it anyway that’s a
scary trip there’s a lot that can happen with your feet there we go poppy star
all since she will remain in third place for now than 80 six seven there’s the
career right there Jordan Barrett yeah she’s he they’re not even skating today
but they’re here to support you like to see that Cody humming AHA currently
sitting in fifth place with a 73 to 0 no need for that first wall rebei here we
go 30 seconds left so far so good
so this is the same run we’ve seen Cody do already
nice boardslide around the corner Oh Smith grind reverb big fan switching
things up a little bit adding some difficulty ten seconds left
people to fakie wow this is a nice one switch crook of sorts finished strong a
clip on the end here and then air to fakie well good run into a shove it
bonus on the crowd the Salt Lake City skate fans going wild for our skater
representing Hawaii Cody Tom and aha that last track is probably not gonna
count sort of a fakie shove disaster how’s it but the wrestling Khalid yes
absolutely it’s gonna be your best score by far we’ll see if Cody can get herself
up in that top three with that run was it better than a 74 5/7
I think so yeah wait that Smith grind revert is no joke into back lip on that
uh that big wall it’s Christian Hosoi right there and she does improve but
just not enough to get in the top three a solid effort though seventy seven
eight three four Cody Timon AHA so that plays are up from fifth to fourth
you know what fourth place in the world is pretty good that is pretty good so
congrats to Cody Tom and odd here we go final chance for Lizzie Armando so
Lizzie is going to go first wall rebate of I’m not sure if they’re gonna count
it oh my goodness invert up the hip right stay on your
board Lizzie thirty seconds left I was an insane start
I’m nervous 20 seconds she was working this out in practice I saw her working
some of these tricks Wow front side never with no speed up there on top nose
bonk she’s gonna get that blunt here it’s gonna happen create weight do it
here it is but at least she made it to the end of her run this time so she only
had three seconds left that’s gonna be your best scoring run and there was some
solid part of tetrode tricks wild there’s India ASP right there no one
went home I tell you even if you weren’t entered in this contest you’re here
represent women’s skateboarding at its best what a way to start was yeah that
one of the tricks of the day so far I did I haven’t even seen her attempt
that or I it up yet so oh wow silent as we wait for the scores
Lizzy wait for it a 68 3-0 seventh place for Lizzy our Monto the judges that
really want to see that full song is hinging on that once on that uh
bluntslide alright well hey again seventh place in the world that’s huge
this is the world championships were talking about grace marhaba right here
currently in sixth place with a 73 zero seven forty seconds on the clock let’s
go it’s like grace is setting us up for
something here first of all rebate Oh slob plan on the logo oh that’s scary
those logos that we’ve been seeing around at a contest a really cool to
look at its incredible to watch people try to skate him but when you walk up
and look at them they’re scary they’re sharp they’re slippery there’s there’s
not a lot of area I got my foot stuck in the one in Paris rolled my ankle yeah
you tell us first hand sketch of those things are but again thank you to vans
and thank you to the Utah Sports Commission coming together to build this
incredible skate park and guess what in three two hours it’s it’s it’s for you
Salt Lake City and for the world make a trip to Salt Lake I mean it’s not just
about skiing and snowboarding it’s also about skateboarding so grace mountain
biking climb grace is going back for more get it wants that slob plant on the
logo Oh almost had it there okay you know what I’d like to see that all or
nothing right there from grace Mar Hoffer she represented Cocoa Beach
Florida well 73 0 7 oh no this is skateboarding she’s going back in for
more fill it up pop it up four runs over this will not count except for all of us
watching and all the fans here I wanna see this trick made why not be that this
is it this is skateboarding right here oh so close
I don’t think you’re gonna see someone jump into the ball after time is up in
the Olympics I’ve just projected maybe right now so grace Mara hopper that’s gonna be at
4.13 she did have that one solid run the 73 0-7 that was enough to get her in
sixth place congratulations to grace I’m just making the finals
Willie Santos is here all the legends came out it is awesome all right here we
go no pressure mamita Zuka currently in
second place with an 81 83 here we go Tony is this a world
championship run Oh going first of all rebate well that was
terrifying accessed all up on the Vans like she did that in Paris almost every
time what do you think’s gonna I think she’s going again yeah I think she’s
going back for it for Cano but he’s also hold back her conscious results have
just gotten better and better she got eighth place in Shanghai sixth place and
Montreal third place in Paris there’s not you know from third place it’s not
much room above that second first right now she’s sitting in second three skater
two skaters after her so uh I’m no coach and I could not do this trick but if I
have my say I’m saying go go back to the logo use that vans 50/50 grind right
there I think she heard you making there we go
mommy to Zuka Wow the hard work was done Wow one more crowd knows what they want
they want exactly what we all want to see this trick made they like a bit of
Anarchy they like for the determination this is unscored unscripted 100% that
she had that one she just drew Adelaide squat on the last part the transition I
love mommy to Zuka she is so awesome make it yes so granter psyched the crowd
site cats and dogs commingling together that’s exactly what we wanted to see she
doesn’t she just wants to run just keep going this is a mummy – just hit that my
run that’s all we can’t do a rule change just give her score this one it’s our
only fair maybe next year we do a second second wall second first wall rebate or
something where does it end Chris all I know is mommy Tezuka is an amazing
skateboarder and as it stands right now she is the second-place skater in the
world they’re in vans Park series one of the best female Park skaters on the
planet right there mommy – Zuka and now your current leader
here we go 17 years old from Wakayama Japan representing hard this is Sakura
yosuzume here we go Tony oh wow big spin disaster no problem it was easy for
Sakura I was gonna say it’s it doesn’t look like she was caring about the first
of all rebate but that was a pretty risky move so she was using strategy
there so far she’s beating that eighty five six seven go nice 360
last time she bobbled a bit on that landing nossek her looking good 14
seconds left Oh sugar cane here we go frontside blunt
how does she stop there to do the Hat is so frightening the longer you wait the
hard way more frightening and the more likely you’re gonna fall Oh backside
nose might revert goodnight we’re looking at 90s that would be the best
scoring run I’m by far throwing my paperwork into the air that’s it
because that wasn’t World Championship run right there and only one
skateboarder has anything to say about that and she’s coming up next but before
we get there Tony this was just technical prowess all day long this 360
was only a way to get speed right there and the sugarcane grind into the front
slight blunt stall that just shows a level of confidence that we’re not
seeing out here right now I was probably the best run i’ve seen of the of the
year from sakura the judges agreed 90 to 83
it could be looking a world champion right there wow starting it off with big
spin disaster don’t crown her yet though we got an 11 year old also representing
Japan cook Kona Iraqi if anybody can do it it’s Kaukauna here we go
cacoa is going to stick with her old run not using that first of all rebate all
right 30 seconds left if you wind it up stay on go fast hack these tricks in
that frontside nosegrind getting way in the corner there I think she’s gonna
make the kickflip here calling it find out what’s good oh nice
five seconds left that’s what you came here for right there backside air at the
end well she made her run but was it enough no good not to beat Sakura the
fireworks from Sakura was just out of control
it was great to see her sick without run on all four attempts and finally good
last one they’d lost him because she got to the kickflip every time and let’s not
forget she slammed from the top of the coping into the flat yesterday and came
back to skate like this that is a true warrior age 11 look at that foot
adjustment caught it not ideally with her feet but moved it on her landing
like that’s the market of someone that’s that’s got it dialed well she’s locked
herself in second place with an eighty three nine zero that means you’re world
champion of park skateboarding is Sakura yosuzume or 2019 vans Park Sears world
champion and just does it effortlessly packed in the most high-tech tricks
flying on backside airs securly osuzu me soaking it all in it’s almost as if the
crowds in shock of what they just saw let’s go down to Chris pastors on the
deck thank you guys and Sakura such amazing skateboarding thank you and
congratulations our 2019 women’s world champion I want you to describe what
this win means to you and we have a translator here a minute that was a
month yeah I don’t come on katsu gonna cut you need him you know you can Jesus
go let’s get any Oni dissing us get my
stuff okay I don’t sorry she said she’s really
excited about even though coming up to this point
having been able to win this time and going forward she’s really excited about
all that and she has been progressing every single event tell us about that
my mother no event oh it’s monk eyes instead so they need a total estimate even though then you called us today
Leone yeah so she’s she’s doing her best to just put forth her best foot and just
keep trying every time amazing and let’s put our hands together for our 2019
women’s world champion Sakura yo so sue me congratulations Sakura yes
you killed it an incredible display of tech sorcery from Sakura yosuzume and
get this you top three all representing Japan an incredible finish for our
Japanese skateboarders and what a way to wrap up vans Park series for our women
Tony as we look back as to what we just witnessed I mean mamita Zucca kakuna
Hiraki sakura isuzu me through three skateboarders that have been pushing
hard each and every event and getting better and better at every stop where do
we go from here well you women skating you’ve seen each
of them make a podium almost throughout throughout the entire series but we’d
never saw a full Japanese takeover like we did tonight and it just shows how
focused they are I mean they’ve been improving their skills the whole time
the sky’s the limit like they just keep getting better and the tricks keep
getting harder I mean that that was ramped up to the finals to the very last
run and that’s what we saw the best skating when it shows you too you know
for anyone representing any other country around the world when you get
behind your athletes when you get behind your skateboarders results follow that’s
what we just saw here’s a recap of just an incredible display of skateboarding
starting with mommy – Zuko what a ripper she is absolutely you
can’t teach the passion either the fact that these girls were getting up and
going after their runs after it’s not gonna count and trying their hardest
tricks again and again that’s the kind of heart that you can’t just pluck
someone say you’re gonna be a skateboarder that that’s way more
internal this right here that sugar cane into the front side blonde it’s awesome
when I really shows you mean this one shows you while we’re looking for do
your heirs big do your grinds long fit technical tricks in there mix old school
new school that’s what all three of these skaters did to get themselves in
those top three spots you can’t talk about the corner without talking about
the nose grind first what Kokoda lacks in speed and strength she makes up for
it technical with the nose grinds with the kickflips and she was trying that
every single run finally got on the last one and that was a celebration and
forget the future I mean it’s happening now women’s skateboarding has reached a
level that is it’s unprecedented we’re seeing it happen right in front of her
eyes here are your results quijano Ogawa 8 Lizzie Romano 7 grace Mon hopper sick
Cody atomic AHA in fifth poppy star Olsen right there in 4th place but in
the top three spots mommy Tezuka Coco Nawrocki and your world champion
Sakura Yoshizumi and you just you see it on her face she lives and breathes
skateboarding she loves it and she puts that passion in every run she takes and
that last run that was just everything we wanted to see that’s a week she came
here for absolutely and and to add the little flavor in with the big spin
disaster for starting it off which was the first wall rebate but then just
annihilating and after that her on her best Iran I mean that was undeniable
that was the best room by far was a clinical approach to we saw I mean the
strategy to do your first line get that one in the books and then start adding
tricks you know she’s playing at a trick with herself and it worked you saw her
have multiplying tricks and then doing different combinations throughout so for
full 40 seconds right there I mean she was doing a trick a second basically
rapid you’re skateboarding I mean the backside
noseblunt revert but that was the cherry on top that was just that in Iran itself
is gonna place you high well we want to thank of course the Utah Sports
Commission in partnership with Vans creating and leaving this incredible
skate park that will be here for hundreds of years so we’re very excited
and let’s not forget vans Park series comes from a DIY background it’s all
about skaters who did it themselves to create these incredible skate parks we
took that at those and we put it into play here so for more on that I’m gonna
take a quick break but we’re gonna leave you with a love letters to skateboarding
from Jeff Cross oh and after that we’re gonna have an epic round table here
myself Tony Hawk Jeff draw so in the Alex White don’t go anywhere
more skateboarding to come they have not dug a hole or poured some cement up
against a pillar at Burnside then that entire skatepark building revolution
probably would have looked a lot different or not gone on at all once we knew that somebody put something
there then Carlos stepped in and said let’s make this thing better teamwork
makes the dream work if everybody chips in something then we could pour
something yard just didn’t start with a couple dudes it was like three crews the
dudes came together they just like everybody else they’re sure that actions
going down shit’s happening this is where the sessions going down dudes are
building shit and boom there they were ready to skate ready to build ready to
park taken at all FDR is freedom at its finest and just like that we have a new Vance
Park series world champion in Sakura yosuzume I’m Chris Cote this is Alex
white Jeff Grasso Tony Hawk this is time out with Jeff Grasso and being that
we’re gonna start with Jeff I know you’ve been a huge supporter of women’s
skateboarding since the jump tell us about what you just saw what excites you
about the finals we just watched mommy was rad and mom I like mom I like
mommy’s skating did the Japanese girls are coming on strong there’s a little
changing of the guard this season seems like I really wanted grace to do good
and it’s unfortunate she fell and I really really liked Poppy’s performance
she put in a lot of heart Coco’s awesome especially the big mark on her face I
see you light up we talked about women’s skating and throughout this entire
season you’ve been cheering from the sidelines
louder than anybody from the deck when the women drop in was it but what is it
about this crew that we have advanced Park series that get you so fired up and
I see it every contest it’s just been a long time coming you know we like to
think that we’re so progressive in skateboarding and you know we were a
little late to the show with the girls and so it’s nice to see
them catching up and getting their due yeah you know it wasn’t more than a
handful of years ago that we couldn’t even get them float boards and shoes and
stuff let alone something like having a whole ecosystem for them to flourishing
yeah you know so it’s it’s rad to see you know the original set of them and
what they’ve done it’s it’s cool to see the younger ones coming up and what
they’re bringing to the table I’d like to see the format change a little bit
and let them off the hook a little so that they could just skate rather than
performing a routine a set routine I think that would probably do everybody a
little bit of justice but it’s exciting they’re exciting they got a lot of
passion and they rip now Alex you have your name on escape or you’re a
professional skateboarder I seen you getting chased down this tree
getting tackled by security guards we come a long way and what we just saw I
know you’re fired up I see it on your face you’re excited so tell us where
we’re at in the state of women’s skateboarding right now I said it before
I’ll say it again women’s skateboarding has arrived we’re here we came out
everybody shows up they give it their all I mean poppy put everything she had
into that mommy wanting another chance to hit the van sign the girls want it
and I love seeing it Tony we just watched you know four runs each from
eight of the best park skaters on the planet where do we go from here what’s
next for women’s park skating sky’s the limit I think that that they keep
getting better they’re getting more strategy and there’s no I just we’re so
far beyond the novelty it’s just like they’re here they’ve arrived they’re
doing the hardest tricks and they’re only getting better and they’re getting
more well-rounded in terms of skating all kinds of terrain and that was really
exciting I love seeing the heart especially if the Japanese girls trying
tricks after time with no with just for themselves and for the crowd that was
the best part it wasn’t about the points it was about it shows that they have the
passion the passion that we that we’ve all had well we just witnessed
incredible raw skateboarder sort of the best Park skaters somebody should say
Sakura Sakura in the world chattering yeah Sakura the Eddie Elgar of female
skateboard ruled text go for it an epic show and of course so much more
skateboarding to come going to take a quick break but we’ll be back with more
from Salt Lake City Utah here at the Vance Park series world championships of
Park skateboarding stay tuned thank you to this epic panel we’ll see more of
them later on in the show we’ll be right back stay tuned a whirlwind tour across the globe
spanning four countries in five months and countless memorable moments
culminates with an official grand finale the 2019 fans Park Series World
Championships in Salt Lake City Utah the state of sport
the van’s Park series Pro Tour is the premier competitive series for Park
terrain skateboarding the fastest growing disciplined in skateboarding
today combining all aspects of skate culture stream and transition the park
series is home to the most exciting showed skateboarding hosted in the
United States for the first time this year’s VPS world championships will be
held at the brand new permanent bans Utah Sports Commission skate park in
Legacy Park terrain skateboarding facility designed and built for the Utah
community Alex or gentei will be looking to defend
his world championship title against an intimidating field of powerhouse Park
skaters like Oscar Rose Burke Albert Roman cleavage and Luis Francisco can
sort gentei play the impossible and get through this incredible field to get the
unprecedented third van’s Park series World Championship title or will
newcomer Jake wouldn’t steal his thunder and win the title for himself
the Utah Sun is beaming down on the brand new permanent skatepark and the
best park skaters in the world are about to show us how it’s done the 2019 Vans
Park series world championship starts right now all right skate fans it all comes down
to this you’re about to witness the VINs Park series world championships live
from Salt Lake City Utah here at this legacy skate park built by fans and the
Utah Sports Commission a beautiful skate park that in about 45 minutes will
belong to the Salt Lake City locals we built this park it will stay on Chris
Cote this is Tony Hawk we’re about to watch the men’s World Championships of
parks heating here at the Vance Park series I’m ready are you ready yeah it’s
been leading up to this moment right now we’ve hit five other stops and or four
other stops it’s gonna be crazy the this parks best one by far but we tell you
from experience I saw you this morning ripping this Park we got a stacked house
behind us there is a the crowd is just raging right now the men are practicing
but before we get to the finals let’s talk about how we got here we’re gonna
go way back to the beginning of the year where we started our vans Park series
for 2019 in Shanghai China so Shanghai was a surprise for a lot of
us when we saw teenager Roman Pabich absolutely blitzed through the field he
got his maiden victory and did it in a big way this skateboarding was
next-level from Roman it was we saw him putting pieces of this run together
during practice but never the whole thing and the woods once the contest
started it was like oh he’s here to win and it was a big surprise he was you
know one of the younger guys relatively unknown but has made a name for himself
throughout this whole series look at that wall ride to quote fast a
kickflip that should not be almost touching us that was an incredible
victory you saw an all teenager final right there
Shanghai from Shanghai we went down to the skate city of Sao Paulo Brazil where
a legacy skate park was built two years ago and as you can see good as new right
here and the Pedro show started and it didn’t finish till Pedro was on top
Pedro got the convincing victory there and I think the crowd was kind of behind
him yeah you can say that I’d say the entire crowd wanted him to win he had
the advantage of being able to escape this part for a couple years but also
he’s Pedro so he’s gonna find lines no one else does and speed from nowhere
like that with a 540 into a squat I mean it was undeniable he definitely won that
event yeah Pedro burrows definitely one of the winningest Park skaters in the
history of this thing we do call parks skateboarding and he went ahead and went
back to back from Sao Paulo Brazil we went up to Montreal Canada and yet
another incredible bands legacy skatepark built right there by the
Olympic Stadium this park was tricky for a lot of these skateboarders except for
Pedro burrows he was riding high from his wind but you got to know that this
was his last run he didn’t make a full run until this one right here and then
it’s 540 into a varial flip indy sealed a deal that was it I mean to be able to
get speed out of the landings like that in a squad it was like he’s here to win
once again Pedro borrows show yeah he he has the ability somehow we raise it to
new levels in the last second of his run so from Montreal Canada we made the trip
to Harris forget another vans Park series the legacy skate park filled this
park set in the hills and the outskirts of beautiful Paris France became an
instant classic and courage you know we were expecting a win from quarry a long
time ago and but this was his first one I mean this is just how Corey skates day
in day out perfect every trick done his time especially some of the hardest
tricks going sliding along just like that front board around the corner
backside noseblunt back live around the corner to revert I mean these are all
just standard Corre tricks but he took them to the hardest places well Cory on
a heavy slam yesterday and we wish the best get well soon Cory’s no doubt
watching probably from the deck and a big shocker as we make our way to the
advanced Park series world championships here in Salt Lake City no page oh no
Cory so the field is wide open again this Park built together in partnership
with vans in the Utah Sports Commission so we thank you guys for creating this
Park which is a pretty unanimous everybody loves this park including this
guy he’s on the deck he is doon AKA chris pastors what’s up buddy yeah
what’s up brother thank you so much and you nailed it the best course yet the
skaters are feeling it the crowd is on fire here in Salt Lake City super
intense energy and from what I’m seeing the skaters are either excelling with
power like our leading semi-finalists Alex or Jenn take Lake reiner Luis
Francisco going high or they’re using creativity and unique obstacle unique
obstacles on the course and we’re seeing that from guys like Roman Pabich and
Oscar Rosenberg so yeah the energy is high we’re ready
to get this thing underway so thank you guys stay tuned men’s finals coming up
I’m envious of pastors his spot on the deck they’re right in there amongst the
crowd we’ve got thousands of skate fans here standing-room-only Salt Lake City I
mean this is a skate town and they are well deserved to have a park like this
now in their backyard yeah there been a few parks sprinkled throughout Salt Lake
kind of off the beaten path and to have this one front and center it’s probably
the state of the art best one that’s what we’ve seen on this whole series and
best one they probably seen in the city it’s a great addition to the skate scene
here yeah and as you can see behind us of course everybody is ready for this to
start we’ve got legends on the deck I mean Willy Santos a soy they’re all here
including two of my favorite skateboarders on the planet I’m so
excited to introduce to you John Cardiel Grayson Fletcher what up hey what’s up
everybody I’m here with John cardial every pro skaters
favorite skater the all-terrain vehicle what do you think about this new park
John oh it’s insane man and the fact that
they’re leaving it here for the people of Salt Lake City to bat fucking insane
man red and I also want to know everybody likes DIY skate parks you saw
Pedro borrows and Ronnie Sandoval and Jeff rallies take it back part what do
you think about that how they killed it and amazing man and even the work that
they did at the old dinosaur parks all that shit was so fucking amazing man
it’s like I love seeing because you go through the generations of skating and
seeing how its progressed and especially with the DIY parks and all that shit
you’re like damn man like this place is crazy like the fact that every the whole
community got behind it has a place to chill and I all go to go drink a beer
and kick back like that’s fucking awesome I love it so there was a lot of
DIY like I said huge impact in skateboarding and on these vans Park
events what do you feel is the DIY approach here like really like the hips
and everything like a lot of hips yeah man I mean well this is pretty skatepark
out so I mean but real real talk I mean you you could add extensions and
add and make it DIY you know what I mean but as far as skate park vibes go this
places in saying I’m just tripping out seeing Pedro and like asking him to
maybe do a gap or some it’s just amazing who do you thinks gonna win oh I don’t
even want to say man everybody wins how about that Salt Lake City wins yep there
we go Salt Lake City wins thanks guys back to you at the booth – yeah John
yo hey I got chills that’s John Carr – yo John Carr do Hale that was that was
epic and basically how you gonna win this contest well channel your inner
cardio and you could potentially win that’s not gonna be an easy thing to do
but we had some of the best Park skaters on the planet here yesterday for the
prelims and the semifinals and I’ll tell you it was a brutal afternoon there were
some heavy Slams but there was also some incredible skateboarding that went down
so let’s take a look back at what transpired here in Salt Lake City
yesterday leading up to the finals today the beds so you want to be a Vance Park series
world champion you’re gonna have to skate like that again some brutal Slams
went down yesterday you saw Jake Wooten there slammed came back advanced into
the finals unfortunately we did lose Cory Juneau who had a vicious slam and
then right after that Pedro burrows had to go so you know how tough that’s gonna
be to follow up and try to stick your run after seeing your friend slam right
in front of you the good news is we have a course preview so we will get to see
some Pedro Barrios today and like we’ve been saying all day long this park is
perfect don’t take our word for it take Pedro boss word here we goes around the
outside to turn off the logo no one’s really using these back banks that’s my
favorite part yeah you can see Pedro has to slow down he always gets so much
speed that it’s it can’t contain him nice big alley-oop it’s got a little bit
of hurt it’s got some banks she’s got some mini ramps and it’s got some balls
but it’s it’s you got a you got to get everything if you’re gonna win this
thing yeah it’s not gonna be easy when you’re competing against the best parks
heaters on the planet and that’s what we will have for you today well throughout
this entire vans parks series we’ve been making our picks who do we want to see
skate it’s been really fun we’ve made some really entertaining picks but today
it’s all business who’s gonna win starting with Tony Hawk oh wow it’s just
so much pressure throwing it right at you there I’m gonna go with clay Kriner
I feel like he’s a bit of an underdog he’s podium in a couple times but he’s
so fun to watch and he has the absolute hardest ver tricks
he’s got the hardest mega ramp tricks but he can do them on these walls
somehow magically and he goes too fast through every section so he covers the
whole park in a very short time that way he they know that he’s got a lot of
variety and he’s hit every single piece of the park and he’s got the best energy
I mean at one point in one of the previous events the best trick was over
and he wanted to see people keep going so he started throwing money out of his
wallet own money like let’s keep it going
I love it that’s contagious and I think the judges
love it you can just see how much fun he’s having
I could see clay crying as a world champion he’s earned it alright so Tony
Hawk’s picked to win clay Kriner now let’s go to my pick to win of course
mold this over for some time but after yesterday’s display of 100% raw
skateboarding I’m gonna go with Jake Wooten I am in the wu-tang clan okay
Tony he’s possessed to skate literally nothing can stop him try to stop him see
what happens his signature tricks are otherworldly he’s got cab variations he
does things no one else can do and if he can stay on his board
that’s gonna be the difference Jake Wooten is going to be your 2019 world
championship world champion of Park Skating Tony there you go okay let’s go
down to the deck Chris pastors who’s gonna win what’s up boys my pick is the
one and only Oscar Rosenberg for a few reasons he came through with the
creative last run under the gun in semis was so fun to watch I call him the jazz
man because his lines are fun and improvisational and lastly he’s our 2017
men’s champion he’s missed the 2019 VPS podium oski is due for another win the
park during practice and I’m gonna you don’t know we’re a little torn yeah it
was very impressive to see what he can do in this thing well we’ve got eight of
the world’s best Park skaters on hand for our finals here we will be crowning
a world champion today and here’s how we’re gonna do it so eight skaters came
from the semi-finals they’re gonna get four runs each 40 seconds max you skate
until you fall and on your fourth run you got your first wall or first trick
rebate everything starts over if you don’t make it if you do make it you
could be going on to glory I feel like with this field it very few people are
gonna take advantage of it they are just going all-out no one is holding back
anything no one is being conservative or even feet using strategy they’re just
they’re just going in and if they make it they make it if they don’t it’s over
but we’ll see with that first wall rebate it could be
an advantage a little bit every wall will be destroyed but don’t worry this
Park was built well by fans in the Utah Sports Commission it will last here’s
your men’s finals Tristen Rennie, Kreinerm Roman Pabich Oscar Rozenberg Hallberg CJ Collins Luis Francisco alone
representative from Brazil Jake Wooten and Alex or gentei this is an awesome
group of skateboarders and we’re very excited to see what these guys get to do
here at this purpose-built Bands legacy skatepark we’re gonna start it off with
the man from Rialto California 21 years old
Tristan running what a huge disaster what a way to start Oh
kickflip Indy over the hip even these small you know these tricks on the
smaller walls count for a lot that back Smith and nose grind oh there we go
the van’s logo getting some love wow that’s just another trick in his run
usually that would be the highlight of someone else’s run she’s coming out
firing nine seconds there I go Valon five a crazy finisher there only left
five seconds on the clock so that was a solid 35 seconds of skating come Tristan
Rennie 21 years old from Rialto California
he got third place in Brazil third place in Montreal a fifth in Paris he knows
what it’s like he knows what it takes to make the podium does he know what it
takes to get the win Tony he makes that run he could all right so part of the
teenage contingent coming through here vans Park Series World Championships you
got second place in Shanghai China score comes through 70 point one seven four
Tristan Rennie coming up next from Anaheim California Pro for Toy Machine
vans team rider just chillin in the shade right here no pressure on CJ
Collins come out Anton here we go 40 seconds on the clock oh that’s one
way to start nice lot of speed big stalefish into the
corner CJ has incredible bag of tricks o nosegrind kind of overturning it their
backside noseblunt on the biggest wall Wow
no comply tailslide that’s the CJ signature move ten seconds for CJ’s
frontside flip wow we got him we got a run here from CJ Collins this will be
the best run so far good call one second lap last trick here nice okay
did you see where he pivoted right there on the tip of the V for each square
piece of real estate right there that’s a difficult aim that that was I mean
that could be a world championship run right there to start us off throw out of
number Tony what do you think for his score we’re gonna go mid to high
eighties I agree I mean look at that was a risky move at the end tonight
I just don’t even I can’t even explain you have to come to this park and go
look at that thing and see what he just accomplished right there I was wild in
8307 for CJ Collins that’s a solid score what can he do to improve on that huh
– sure – higher faster longer unless we see a 540 in there all right clay Kriner
coming up next 22 years old Tony Hawk’s a pic for potential world champion
because the tricks like that giant stalefish – a Smith grind around the
corner kick clipping Oh missing that grab he’s got a 540 varial in his bag of
tricks yes several several ya get several bags of tricks he’s got a bunch
of 540 variations body varial regular varial alley oop varial 20 feet out on
the mega ramp he’s so good he’s pretty comfortable way a high more comfortable
about 8 to 10 feet in the air than thing else all right so from clay Kriner
we go to Luis Francisco who’s been an absolute standout and his rookie seasons
here on vans parks here’s here we go 40 seconds on the clock from some Paulo
Brazil little Tweaker it there kickflip Indy dropping the tail down his kid does
his old school tricks so proper like he grew up as a baby being just spoon fed
Tony Hawk videos 60 no time to think there or setup
I was just rapid-fire skateboarding over the front feeble you know I’m sensing
urgency right out the gates here three seconds slap for Luiz Francisco needs
something else here nice beautiful you’ll flip nd frontside
5 o to fakie that’s not gonna count but I think that’s one of the best runs
we’ve seen I’m not like when I like when skaters pop out like that just total
control right showing the judges they have great command and control also then
he just kept going beyond time still doing hard tricks just to show that he’s
got it look I love that how he drops the tail and then this varial flip combo
it’s like you know you’ve got to land with your feet perfectly setup and then
this heel flip ending it was so solid even to smack the tail a little bit
showing some 90s flair on that come to there’s Pedro burrows Pedro doesn’t have
to be here but you know what he wants to be here you can help coach Luis
Francisco if you’re gonna listen to anyone about how to skate a park listen
to Pedro burrows all right here we go Roman Pabich started his year with a
win in China got third place in France and here we go
again Roman Pabich solid start here look at
that you can see that little D pump we had to lose speed to go over the to go
over the volcano volcano just that is it that’s a technique in itself losing
speed is not easy nice now the lipslide 10 seconds left he’s already done 40
tricks we’re gonna see a 540 here saw him have trouble with that in once he
saw Paulo as well now that wall is deceiving it looks like it’s flat when
you’re approaching it but there is a very distinct corner in it and if you
don’t hit the right spot especially on a 540 you’re you’re gonna land in the
corner by accident you know this which is what he did that that volcano just
it’s like a projectile right or when you land in the proper spot it just launches
you doubling your speed a little bit too much speed for that wall maybe Roman
payments comes through the 7177 as it stands right now it’s gonna be CJ
Collins in the lead with an eighty three point zero seven here we go join the
wu-tang clan this guy is a maniac love how he skates always a crowd favorite
Jake Wooten is in see right there the the way that you land on that volcano
gives you a little bit too much speed to go into a grind
unless you’re gonna slow it down and you can see there he was his body was almost
too high up well just for it for Jake I mean he’s already accomplished something
major this is his first final on van’s Park series so already congratulations
we got more to come from Jake Wooten all these skaters get four runs remember
your best one run counts you can fall on three runs in a row but if you nail that
fourth run you could be a world champion there you go get it
oski fan support coming through for Malmo Sweden zone Oscar Rosenberg
Hallberg nickname is oski he has the Vans Park series world champion from
2017 nobody knows what a skis gonna do oh right there and then he goes that
that’s how you start a run right there representing polar skate company pastures calls him a free jazz skater Oh disaster to revert I’m claiming he is
the Aleut king he is just stream-of-consciousness style skating
right here 7 seconds left back tail the Vance logo ending my don’t think he
wanted to slide but he slid any Wow Oscar Rosenberg ah backside 360 Wow that
was right there in the edge of time if that trick made it in time we’re
definitely looking at your new leader oski came through this season didn’t
make a final and now he skated like this that’s a good start right there pushing
the needle on the difficulty factor I mean this this runs gonna take a minute
to sink in what he just did right here otherworldly skateboarding from Oscar
Rosenberg Hallberg Wow some of the hardest fur tricks – and then that tail
just clutch I mean talk about silky smooth that style right there that is
just so the last trick did not count but doesn’t matter all the tricks he did
leading up to that counter for an 87 1 7 a massive score from your 2017 vans park
series world champ Oscar Rosenberg Hallberg right back in
the driver’s seat watch out we got champs on champs with 2016 2018 world
champ Alex Sergent a here we go bindis Wow way up there – whoa thank you all a
nosegrind 360 is that does everyone have to lose their hat everything you know
you have to at least wanna Tory yeah mandatory hat fly Wow sir gent a 15
seconds in our hands logo oh all the way over to switch crook well sir gent a is
a two-time world champion for good reason
runs like this Oh al you caballerial using his bird skills there to their
fullest now that trick right there in and of itself is not the most difficult
on a vert ramp but with that wall it doesn’t have much vert it’s super risky
and he was going way higher than I would recommend he was carving around that
corner yes it I mean sergeant a he just has a different gear he can kick it into
he I mean his consistency is I love this right here that’s kind of a sugar cane
but it’s really like a 270 switch crooks I mean talk about board control
it almost appears his boards just stuck – yeah
sir gent a comes through a 79 3-0 if he gets that last trick I mean this guy is
a he is that he is a skate savant when it comes to being able to put runs
together and replace and add tricks so he’ll be coming through with three more
runs Oscar Rosenberg Hallberg currently in
the lead with an 87 one 7cj collins in second Luiz Francisco but oscar has that
big lead so the judges basically are looking for what Oscar just did
creativity is key go fast do your tricks big do your grinds far that fourth line
emphasis on distance travel is coming in key for our potential world champions
here go fast have a good style skate with power use flow easy right Tony you
do all this stuff it’s yeah not today not today no no this morning maybe I had
one or two of those that’s about it I think you all come on you got all four
of those let’s go here we go Tristan running back to the top of the lineup
Tristan has been quietly dominating the podium throughout the year every event almost flipping it too far
double flipping me Tristan ready we talk about control his trucks are
finger tightened they are wobbly Wow and you can see he’s he redirects
himself very quickly at 45 seconds left still has time and
this would be the last trick right here back lip that’s that’s a good way to end
it that’s a hard one that was a hell of a run from Tristan Rennie is that a
world championship run no that’s a tough call did make you think about it though
yes it forced you to think about that but I mean this is where you just you
don’t want to be a judge you know all the tricks are hard everything he’s
doing is with full speed yeah that 540 might have put him over the edge so the
score to beat for now 87 1 7 put up by oski and score for Tristan Randy comes
through 80 to 1 3 that’s enough to get him in third place so ah skis run a full
5 points above that why what’s the difference there I think it’s the way
oski uses that the course it’s not just your typical this quarter pipe this
quarter pipe is actually going around the outside of it as well do big
transfers now CJ Collins starts off with a heavy grant Taylor asked boneless
you’re gonna do a Bowman o-ring real high on that stalefish
almost hanging up Oh Ollie out roll out kickflip in that’s what the judges want
to see especially tricks like that after we’re it’s backside noseblunt and he is
just hammering his tricks no missing the front of all the things in that run I
didn’t think he’d missed that one CJ Collins that signature ollie out onto
the deck kickflip in he’s done that in some of the most precarious positions
we’ve in this place you know in this case he had no time to do it because
right there was a he had won 5050 yeah it all out I mean even though he didn’t
finish this run it’s gonna be a huge score I was wild
from CJ Collins a teenager 16 years old barely have his driver’s license he’s
already pro skate like that 70 point four zero he’s still in second place
sitting on that 8307 he’s ready for more it will get two more runs from CJ
Collins here we go coming up next Clay Kriner from Simpsonville South Carolina
clay needs to channel his inner vert demon here like that stalefish most
massive it’s Smith crying around the corner kickflip Indy he missed the last
time now we’re on our way Oh frontside ollie a good landing on
that those are hard to land hi-c he’s hitting every wall of the park look at
this setup for his feet then he’s gonna speed back over to the
deep end no walls wasted for clay Kriner here we go big finish something here big
540 oh I told you body burial 540 he’s got it in the bag I jumped out of my
seat and turned away yeah I get it I can’t stress how much harder it is in a
bowl like that than it is on a vert ramp or even one of the big air mega ramps
you have no you don’t have the air time to do all that stuff to switch up your
stance clay doesn’t care he launches it up and he makes it happen and I think
we’re gonna see him do that we’re gonna see him do that run in the final in one
of his last two runs for sure I love the crowd reaction to clay Kriner right
there I mean that is just pure power skating I’m surprised he went for the
body varial five instead of just a standard five it’s just to get one in
the bag you know that’s just how he is I mean all the all these skaters know
what’s on the line here as we go to 19 year old from Sao Paulo Brazil Luis
Francisco nice it’s like blood he’s switching up already and a great start
to his year third place in Shanghai second place Malo
fourth place in Montreal least knows that the judges were a little bit
critical of his last run so he’s mixing this one up in a big way you’re watching at home and you’re
you’re seeing these tricks done so easily make no mistake about it this
whole park is big this is this is a proper skatepark I don’t think that five
is gonna count if he could have gotten to that 540 in time and made it it would
have it would have increased the score quite a bit but I don’t think the judges
are going to be kind but a couple these tricks were solid that keep up Indy and
then into the frontside blunt he just lands his tricks bolts every time this
kid is automatic louise francisco comes through seventy three point three three
still gonna sit on that eighty point five three so far enough for a fourth
place we’re not yet halfway through here the finals for the vans park series
world championships coming up next Roman Pabich from Ocean City Maryland
seventeen years old he has a van select Pro for the first time in 2019 on his
first VPS championship in China earlier this year probably has the deepest bag
of old school tricks of anyone in the field I love that Indy 360 over the
volcano now right there that kickflip Indy he caught his board on the wrong
side we call that dark side and still tried to roll it in but that is the kind
of trick that only ever happens in competition no one is rolling their
board in when they catch at the wrong side in practice or in a regular jump
off right yeah it’s the only time you see it in competition and people try to
make it and sometimes they do Bob Burnquist is notorious for making those
no matter what 46:40 score comes through for roman payments now we go to Jake
Wooten from Gallatin Tennessee oh wow missed the truck there and in a
desperate move grabbed it and pulled it that was not what he intended for that
trick right there he will not give up on any trick oh here we go there’s that
frontside alley-oop it’s 50 that trick is may not look like much but it is
difficult and very scary oh this trick ollie frontside 360 to
rock to fakie to swing whatever you want to call disaster I don’t know that was I
mean and that’s Jake Wharton right there he just tricks no one else even tries he
had probably the most vicious slam yesterday cuz that would put him in
first right there those tricks and again there’s a there’s a documentary about
Jake Wooten that the homies at Santa Cruz skateboarding made and it is I mean
it is just a really beautiful picture of this kid who went through a lot as a
youngster and he’s come through it all would be one of the come through as one
of the best Park skaters in the world definitely the people’s champion I mean
crowd favorite wherever we go finals are not the kid has a following around the
globe now he hasn’t made the finals and in the events but what he does in the
best-trick after the event is usually what people are talking about was he’s
the people’s champ that’s it yeah Oscar Rosenberg Hauberg your current
leader with an 87 1/7 and definitely has the hardest scariest as a start that was
way more speed than he’s had every time you know that logos only so long he
needs to realize that he was grinding into the void on that last attempt
auskey is uh I mean a skater skater this is a guy that everybody looks at as you
know how would I dream of one day skating well who do I want to skate like
most people’s will say Oscar Rosenberg Hauberg sickest style
our current leader so good here we go if anybody can take out aa ski it’s this
guy right here two-time bands Park series world champ Alex Sergent a
big star keep the bindi just like a bird better oh nice crooks to fakie and
that’s what the judges want to see I mean all this right here it requires
such a quick setup to have those three tricks go down right there over out
cruising high detail right there all you switch crooks backside disaster revert
what are we doing with the switch zone here caballerial alley-oop that’s it’s
the last time we got it that’s the whole run Alex or gentei so this is going to
be cool to see because now we’re gonna see what the judges think about right so
he didn’t get that last trick on his first run which was a 79 3-0 so now
we’re gonna really see what kind of weight the judges will throw on that
last trick he had the well that was crazy
all that the makings of a veteran vert skater but then all this stuff is where
he really shines on the ball tricks like that on the logo and then this sugar
cane for lack of a better explanation alright so that was a look back at that
run we wait for the score to come through 85 5-7 for Alex tour gent a2
enough for second place what do you do to jump up three points how do you add
three points to that run I don’t know he’s got to add another trick somehow
one more trick could do it he’s to bend the time-space continuum and get himself
more time in the ball all right you can hear the crowd going wild that means we
go back to the top of the lineup Tristen Randy coming up next for the call let’s
go down to Chris Posterous with Grace and Fletcher yeah boys thank you so much
and Grayson were stoked to have you here I know you’ve been following the action
via twitch describe what you’re seeing so far here in Salt Lake
yeah I’ve been seeing everybody kill it and everybody had some big Slams
yesterday which sucked but they’re all good so that’s cool and
to see him come back today and kill it even harder is amazing and we saw
coconut do those big back nose grind and then another big front nose drying right
after she slammed and it’s been rad man everyone’s killing it right on and I
hear from everyone that it’s a favorite park this park is her favorite are you
hearing the same feedback on your end yeah you know I’ve been hearing it and I
was like okay you know usually you hear people talking about the market they’re
like oh I don’t know if I like this though I let in low fight like that but
you can really tell everybody’s ripping so they must be like in the parking lot
and everyone’s finishing their runs speaking of ripping Tristan Reni is in
ball in the park and let’s call the action ah we jinxed them haha right put
the pressure on him yeah he’s going far we’ve got a ski in the lead what’s
what’s your thoughts on that and what’s it gonna take to top a ski you know it’s
really hard because Oscar comes with a different approach
he’s random while I’m still having fun and uh he gotta watch out he hits the
deck a lot Manuel’s across everything hits all the obstacle men have no idea
where he’s going no I did jazz man it’s awesome and then we have Alex or gentei
on his heels with a closeout alex is power yeah so Alex goes fast and goes
big he grew up skating from Florida now he lives in LA but skated all the big
parks in San Diego and there’s a lot of big training there so he’s going big
beginning going big CJ Collins is in nice backside tailslide go ahead and
help us call the action gracious Dale fish looks like he’s keeping his speed
pretty good coming in for the kickflip that is so difficult I can’t stress that
enough it’s so crazy to kickflip on it into a big transition like that CJ makes
it look just seamless the know complied tail saw a technical trick but smooth
big wall Wow how you like seeing that one Chris man dude CJ it’s like magnets
it’s crazy so what would you say CJ’s skates compared to like Oscar kind of
similar very studying creative you never know what they’re gonna do kind of have
a street style approach so some of my favorites to watch really helps their
creativity in their street style yeah I really like how the hip and the thrash
wall are a little bit mellower than usual quarter pipes lets you get extra
technical on those walls and allows a little bit of forgiveness as you’re
coming in yeah and you got the rainbow rail and the band’s thing that ever go
that everyone’s flying out hitting it’s super fun course yeah that thing’s gonna
take a beating today I already know it that’s what we want to see and CJ
Collins currently in third place with all that creativity had an 80 3.07 on
his second run his first run excuse me saw this guy goes wah big clay Greiner
used to skating mega rams as we see right there huge selfish on the burn
wall massive kickflip Indy looking to avoid the ski job no looked like he’s
trying to skip that was coming a little too fast towards that thing and a bump
you awesome well Grayson I’m so stoked
you’re out here follow him on the twitch app he’s been killing it all weekend
long you’re a legend Grayson much respect
back to the boys in the booth thanks Chris to legends right there I don’t
throw that word around willy-nilly either Tony Chris Posterous Grayson
Fletcher I mean not only do we have some incredible skate fans from Salt Lake
City in attendance but also just the the Vans team is here cardio skier Hosoi
yeah everyone all out for the finals yeah have to will the responses go be
our world child no it’s not yet on the heel flip indy
there not yet so he will have one more run as a quick in-and-out hey there’s
Mike grind for life check out grind for life an awesome
organization that helps people with cancer get around here’s Roman Pabich
35 seconds on the clock Roman payments currently sitting in
sixth place with a 71 77 oh nice 83 only see that in competition
he caught that on the wrong side of the board and then rolled it under his feet
no shock and a wing in a prayer that was shocking only Roman Pabich and
there’s that 540’s got it what the how caught his hat in the squat I mean those
things aren’t going to count for extra points the fact that he squatted out and
caught us out she lied okay yep but I give props props from hawk
that’s worth more than points who’s Ronnie sand of all ten for bands
nobody’s out here look at this backside tailslide in d3 such a good landing
there too and this was the trick keep up in Econ the wrong way doesn’t
care that is miraculous looks like that 540 did not count towards the run is
that correct well the score comes through and it’s an 82 7-0 cooling down
there for Roman Pabich one thing we haven’t mentioned it’s hot out here it’s
about 80 85 Plus here at Salt Lake City it’s good skate whether it’s a nice
breeze Jake Wooten right now Jake wouldn’t sitting in eighth he can stay
on his board and do all his signature tricks he’ll be in the top three got
that front side people they’re only late shoved body burial did not disaster and
then this one oh no that’s his signature move right there I did not see that
trick coming it puts awesome Jake wooden I mean this kid is a
battling through a year’s worth of Slams when you skate like that you’re kind of
slamming that’s just that that’s a given he’s a warrior and this has got to be
one of my favorite tricks of the right there it’s almost a backside disaster
and then does late shove a lot that can go wrong in that trick Jake wood a lot
of faith nobody skates like Jake wouldn’t a lot of faith in that trick but it’s
all gonna work out when your feet land on the board the Oskie fan club is fired
up get it oski here we go Oscar rosemary Hallberg
your current leader with 87 1 7 she’s his third run crowds got his back I
think we got a new fan favor here and Oscar go that fit 50 oh man he’s just
pushing it to the edge of the logo – OH 50/50 – drop down disaster is that
possible right back into the nose blood did that really just happen
yes force it right there that back lip low to high oh this manual is so
brilliant is whack approved the hotel touch who might have our
winning run right here 8 seconds left finish strong Oskie cocktail looks good
his crowd is just eating it up a clip that’s gonna do it he’s gonna do it
backside 360 was not going to matter a deafening roar
from the skaters and fans in Salt Lake City
Oscar Rosenberg Harvard I think that was the championship run of 90 plus run here
oh I don’t know about 90 but I think yeah sure why not crowds chanting oski for good reason
he’s just on a different level right now yeah considering that would let’s let’s
put him in the 90s just for that one right there the drop-off yeah that’s
such a great idea ray look at any of these spots so narrow that deck is to
makes it extra extra difficult you know it’s like when this is why we invite the
world’s best parks wow I didn’t see that back foot on the first angle this shows
you what is possible here there you go 93 Oscar Rosenberg Hauberg improving
rocketing himself higher further into the lead at the 98 applying the pressure to two-time Vans
Park series world champion Alex Sergent Amy will be coming up next
this guy’s a terminator do not do not doubt what Alex Sergent a is capable of
40 seconds on the clock here we go third run force or Genting kickflip Indy up on
the vert wall this is the same room we saw Alex two before so far
big body jar so he sets up for that trick almost kind of makes it an al you
that’s just using the corners Oh what is going on there 272
nose picture switch switch pivot and we’re seeing Envy piece I wonder what
the exit strategy was on that trick that’s what I’m more concerned with all
right not that he tried it but just how he’s
gonna get out of it if he makes that I mean that is that’s an impossible trick
made possible by probably one of the only people in the world that can do
that trick Alex or gent a score comes to it to 51 to 7 and that means as it
stands for now going into your fourth and final runs here at the van’s Park
series world championships Oscar Rosenberg Hallberg from Malmo
Sweden with a 98 3 sir gent a 85 5 7 CJ Collins 8307 Roman pave it’s Tristan
Rennie Luis Francisco clay Kriner and Jake Wooten to follow but it all comes
down to this Chris Cote here with Tony Hawk on the call for the fourth and
final run here at this legacy skatepark built in partnership with vans and the
Utah Sports Commission this is our grand opening party for this Park that’s gonna
be here forever we’re gonna start from the top of the
lineup this is Tristan ready start to that back Smith wow that is a sir his is
beautiful in frightening Oh mixing it up bluntslide nosegrind yeah this is like a
it’s a lot of faith that you’re gonna land with speed on the blunt slide into
this stuff right here totally different second half of this run the Abba Tristan
knew we had to mix it up by forwarding that’s it still has five seconds left
it’s gonna do it right here Oh backside three and that’s that’s
probably gonna be his best scoring run I don’t know if he’s gonna break him into
top three yeah I remember I was gonna be close I remember a mode and Tony Hawk
pro skater we had to paint the walls right there Tristan Randy just painted
every wall of this Park and the judges of course barely want to see you use the
entire park just like Tristan did here that’s a good
run right there the the bluntslide into the nose grind I think this is gonna
break him to the top three do you have to hit that Vance logo to win this I
don’t think so you don’t have to actually not contractually I don’t know
nice that backside three was that’s no joke to that pocket the the round wall
creeps up on you it’s hard to navigate that last trick counted and here we go
83-73 for Tristan Rennie that’s enough to get him up into third place for now
we’ve got seven skaters left to go on their fourth and final runs here’s one
of them CJ Collins 16 years old from Anaheim California CJ always gets the crowd fired up one of
the few actually just ollie over the volcano solid landing – oh here we go
that kickflip in oh my goodness he landed so low 17 seconds for CJ not the
way he wanted to end his season with a slam but the damage had been done on
previous run CJ Collins at 83 point zero seven for his highest score
he gets up walks it off crowd goes wild for CJ Collins no matter how you slice
it CJ one of the best park skaters in the world already at the young age of 16
years old this right here is so scary look at that
Oh barely catching it with his front foot
I talked to watch that sketch I do not understand how all these guys can have
their truck still loose well so far the highest score of the entire season
Pedro borrows in Montreal with a 91.5 records are meant to be broken Tony all
right cliff still Chander here play Kriner stalefish
like he’s an overt contest in 1985 picture perfect every time
Mindy over here I mean his setup tricks are gnarly
powerful all right stay on reserve some energy
for the last five seconds of this run once that once that body Baro five I can
tell it’s the same run they did before they clear it is body Baro five yes play
Crowder the bone is tail side to finish oh well
the Salt Lake crowd going wild for South Carolina’s play Kriner sure don’t know if is gonna put him in to
podium contention because there were a few setups there that you probably
didn’t need but all of these tricks were solid and this body varial 540 look how
far out he has to pull so he doesn’t hang up that’s the trick right there
that’s the hardest part of it is trying to snap it off the wall because there’s
not much vert the mechanics of that trick are out of control a sixth place
run for clay Kriner 81 point three three hey not bad as it stands right now he’s
the six best Park skater on the planet there you go according to us here at
Vance Park series haha hey that holds weight Luiz Francisco from Sao Paulo
Brazil or lone Brazilian in the finals which is rare oh go to fakie that was
using the first of all rebei he’s 19 years old spins it’s so fast one foot
came into this advantage your top Tour challenger whoa he’ll flip with not much
speed Oh perfect landing there he’s got the
fastest spin on his 540 in the 360 over that Oh No yeah he got the round he wanted right
there but was it the run the judges wanted it’s it is so tight between third
and seventh is less than three points that is wild I mean that and that’s
exactly what we want to see we want to see this the battle from beginning to
end that was your fourth and final run for
Luis Francisco these kids already a household name now in parks skating
I never heard his name a 20-17 now he’s one of the big dogs yeah he’s definitely
been honing it through all this series to realizing what it takes how to use
the course and the score comes through it’s an 81 seventh place for Luis
Francisco India ASP right there it looks like it’s a low placing but he’s only
two points away from third place yeah this is it this is a crazies hopping
night crew oh not sure what was roman trend disaster that trying to do
something scary roman pay which uses that first wall AKA
first trick rebate I don’t know if he was intending to use it I think that
just went awry he’s lucky roman Pabich or widows
shanghai it was a disaster i take that back it’s hard to aim for all of these spots
especially when you do an alley you because you can’t see your landing zone
and you just have to have faith that you’re going to be pointing in the right
direction when you land whoa how do you clip slide ten seconds
for roman payments currently in fifth is high score in 82 7-0 Oh little
off-kilter there hold it together usually we see it fly off that’s
important yeah Roman Babbage comes through a complete run for his fourth
and final run here in the van sparks series world championships head dunks
straight into the ice bucket every run from this kid is like a highlight reel
to get the best tricks judges are taking a close look at what Roman just did this
is 540 it looks like he got a little access as a little off axis but he saw
the landing and he made it work all right the score comes through an 82 83
that’s an upper fifth place for Roman Pabich he has made his mark on the
world of skateboarding with what he’s done here on the van’s Park series he
won the first stop there you go coming up next
Jake wooden who told told us between runs he told us between runs who thinks
he’s got a broken wrist that’s what he said that’s his word so that’s
unofficial but that’s what he says I believe him I believe him too and if
anybody could skate while broke off it’s Jake Wooten I love this kid so that was
a massive kickflip disaster using the first ball rebate
and guess what snitch right again Jake wouldn’t fan-favorite or does kickflip
disaster of missing it that’s it well the good news is is he’s safe okay
anytime Jackie comes through just a little worried but that’s why we love
him so much we love to see him escape and guess what
Jake Wooten will be back for the Thrasher best trick you know this all
right eighth place for Jake Wooten a 51 to 7 bad for his first Finals and he’s
just gonna go ahead give one more for the crowd it looked like I was gonna say
that looked like an intentional board break maybe he will not be in the
crasher best if you watch if you replay that that disaster you can tell that he
landed with his feet way far apart trying to break his board it’s a secret
I used to use in demos that were going on – I used to I used to do like
disaster and just my brats demo maria oscar rosenberg Hallberg will he be our
2019 bands Park series world champion yes I’m gonna I’m gonna call it right
now well it’s between him and a guy who’s done it twice Alex Sergent a true
so Oscar will use his first wall rebate stoked to have Gary here from skate line
Brasher magazine what up Gary on the deck with Tim O’Connor getting the crowd
fired up Gary Rogers always gets the crowd sparked here we go Oscar Rosenberg
Halep our fourth and final run uses first wall rebate going back at it
perfect perfect that’s how I started every run so far and it’s scary every
time and now what where do we go from here nobody knows there we go we go to
the probably the first place podium ending what Alex does alright here come
the sports cliches Tony hail-mary buzzer-beater whatever you
want to say it comes down to this we’re to put 40 seconds on the clock we’re
gonna leave it up to a guy who’s done it twice a two-time world champion Alex
Sorge Entei has one more opportunity don’t crowd him yet guy coming up next
is pretty good at skateboarding he’s your 2016 and 2018
Vance Park series world champion for good reason here we go Alex Sergent a is
this a world championship run Alex does not know how to keep it mellow
that was his first full rebate okay don’t panic yet
do you see where that was heading it was going somewhere crazy no it was going to
go Accra all the way across and then he was gonna have to ollie into the deep
end with the vert like it gives me shivers to think that that’s what he was
trying guess what he’s going to do it it gives progress right he’s Alex urgentiy
were talking about him Alex Sergent a fourth and final run 40 seconds back on
the clock 50/50 across and then into the deep end
you can’t do that is just that is the drop of doom there is no transition to
land on he basically gave up his opportunity to be the first place
finisher just to chase that trick and I believe that that is the core of
skateboarding right there it’s more about doing it for yourself about the
passion not about the winning it’s more about just having
fun and Oscar what a great ending here he hasn’t he hasn’t won one of these
events since last year when he eat when he’s on he’s on stop will your champion
Oscar Rosenberg Hauberg with the one I like Chris pass just take it away down
yes Oski Rosenberg first off congratulations put your hands together
for Oscar ladies and gentlemen 2013 best part
series winner then oski I call you the Jazz man because that you’re just so fun
to watch it’s improvisational or those lines all plan thank you a little bit I
try to plan it but try to mix it up you’re coming all the way from Sweden
you won this crown in 2017 what’s it mean to you to win it again here in 2019
just feels so good it’s just like winning a contest feels insane yeah
anything we’ll go celebrate with the crew Oscar Rosenberg our 2013 Vance
Clark Series men’s winner congratulations brother you will buy who
to watch yeah well he’s a gentleman the low-key soft-spoken skater from Malmo
Sweden comes through again it’s magical when Oscar Rosenberg
Hallberg is on he’s unstoppable he showed us that in Malmo a few years back
and he showed us again here in Salt Lake City at this legacy skate park built in
partnership with vans and the Utah Sports Commission there’s your look how
tight that field is and he’s five points above it so it was obvious that he was
the clear winner and everyone else was killing it they were all vying just for
a second and third at this point and he was amazing I mean that that was that
was the way to use the course it’s unique it’s not anything you’d expect
and it’s solid well think back to the judging criteria all right what what did
the judges see in Oscars run that was just that much above the level of
everybody else I think it said he used the whole space but also when he does do
any of the like lip tricks he grinds it as far as he can he pushes it too
I mean he’s right on the edge of that of the logo he’s right on the edge of of
dropping debt in fact one point he ran out of room and just landed disaster
that shows exactly what the judges want yeah and it’s just pure creativity talk
about just the the mind of Oscar Rosenberg Hauberg you have no idea
what’s going on in there until you see his full run we’re gonna take a look at
that right now this is your world championship run from the one and only
Oscar Rosenberg Hallberg from Malmo Sweden grew up at the brewery at skate
school and uh that education pays off now a two-time Vans Park Series world
champion just the beginning there is so frightening and solid and something no
one else is doing and this right here 50/50 just drop down to the deck
disaster into a backside noseblunt like nothing slows him down he sees something
different in in any part that you skates than anybody else in the field Yeah
right there I’ve got to lipslide it wasn’t you did back to the lips laid it
low to high and then the manual around the pocket with just narrow narrow deck
well you know and when you look at this runner you just see the speed the style
everything shining through and the tricks were dangerous right there that
is scary into the backside 360 that didn’t even
count towards his final score imagine if he could have snuck that in during time
oh how high the score would have been well that that kid stopped right there
get it oski and he got it you’re world champion here at the van’s Park series
is Oskar Rosenberg Hallberg along with Sakura Yoshizumi so a history-making day
today skater from Japan taking the win for the women and a skater from Sweden
taking the win for the men it just shows how far skating is coming here
nationally that it’s people are coming you know it used to be so I mean skating
was born in the USA obviously mostly on the west coast and now it’s just
international and the playing field is even parks like this are cropping up
we’ve left a couple behind on this series including Montreal Sao Paulo
Paris and now there’s one in Salt Lake City and it shows you world and Tony you
know this full well the more skate parks you build the better the skateboarding
is going to be on a global scale Oscar Rosenberg Hallberg comes from a
school called bryggeriet in Malmo Sweden a school that has a skate park on campus
so part of that education is through skateboarding it’s paid off in a huge
way here we have a world champion from Malmo Sweden a skate city in Sweden and
then you look at Sakura yosuzume from Japan comes you know from a place that
is supporting skateboarding from the very roots of it all and again for
skaters in the field of eight for the women came from Japan so there you have
it anybody out there watching on city council local government build a skate
park in your town taking help he’s got the Tony Hawk foundation call Tony he
can help build a park in Europe we can give you the resources and the direction
yes absolutely but we want to help people help themselves we want you to
take the initiative and then we will give you the tools you need teach a
skater to fish and yes yeah it’s something like great let’s watch more
awesome skateboarding here we go some highlights of the finals day today
so as we lead up to the World Championships this Park I mean
and basically this is how you want to open it up hit the best park skaters in
the world to cut the ribbon if you will and that’s what happened here so Louise Francisco came through San
Paulo Brazil Roman payments always fun to watch I mean fun is the keyword here
what a fun contest to watch I can’t believe how quickly these guys can set
up to four tricks just one out to the other and the danger factor I mean right
their backside 360 and these guys are skated like it’s their own program but
the backside noseblunt give it up to our top eight everybody threw down if you
looked at first through eighth place just a couple of points separating the
entire field types we took it just took it the last trick in under time yeah
fitting that last tray put you on the podium but another epic event in the
books a world championship just went down Oscar Rosenberg Harvard gets it we
will have more skateboarding to come you’re tuning out here we thank you for
watching but if you want to stay tuned for the Thrasher Magazine fest trick
timeout with Jeff Rosso go to thrash magazine calm or Vance Park series the
show will go on there’s a lot more skateboarding to come stay tuned buzzer beater winners are timeless
winners that was Vincent math around and in dr.azz and now it’s time for timeout
with graça with special guests Christian Hosoi Tony Hawk I’m Chris Cote and we
just saw creative skateboarding at its finest our champion Oscar Rosenberg
Hallberg basically using the park inside and out I mean it was wizardry from
beginning to end started off with Jeff draw so I’m
excited to hear what you have to say the look on your face I can’t quite read it
yet you tell us what you just saw what you think about it oski won that contest
with a manual seriously wrap your fucking heads around that he won that
contest with a wheelie that’s how fucking brilliant the kid is Yeah right
there he said it Jeff cross I just said it brilliant skateboarding and right now
we’re gonna talk to this kid from Malmo Sweden who is now a two-time world
champion here for vans Park Series Oscar Rosenberg Hauberg you did it again that
was a magical run congratulations you’re our world champion two times over and it
looks like you’re feeling just very calm and you know the party hasn’t started
yet what’s going on auskey what’s up thank you so much I’m feel fucking
insane right now but I’m super happy I don’t know why maybe I look calm but I’m
really happy thanks to Oscars you have your entire
run planned out on that last one or it did anything end up being a little
improvisation I had yeah I had most of it planned out but since I already did
one run I was like I want to do something more so I ended up doing the
manual because I I don’t know the crowd liked it so I was like I would be nice
to make it in the contest too I did it before and like when you filmed yeah
yeah it would be sick the crowd would be hyped if I do it in the concert wait so
I feel like I kind of participated in his run I’m filming with Tony Hawk right
now like shit insane okay I better like fire up this manual right here and then
it was the first time I made it and then I
ok let’s do it again so ah see I love how you make it look so spontaneous and
not planned and it’s it’s beautiful to watch and then you you you tend to feed
off the crowd does the crowd helped you in your skateboarding when you’re in
your runs and in your head yeah for sure because the crowd helps you like get
into that zone where you like just it’s all about getting into that zone cuz
it’s like a mind game and then when a crowd gets hype when you skate you just
like in like you don’t think about anything you just hear the sound of the
crowd and it’s like okay let’s go next one I got this like you do skate like
fired up I could definitely feel it and I love
looking at that because that’s the adrenaline that’s the spontaneousness
that you connect with the crowd and of course you’re skating obviously does the
talkin so thank you so much hey man if I if I pack my bags and I move over to
yours like neck of the woods can you guys get like a scholarship to get my
kid into that school you went to okay yeah I’ll hook you up I got some
connections in there yes sure man everybody that comes out of
that school is insane yeah like you got you know about like hate or yeah and
like villa villa Wester hatred ah Silva a bunch of homies Fernando Bram’s mark
we all went to that school and I don’t know it’s pretty it’s a pretty insane
school every time I talk about it people trip out but yeah it’s you guys all
fucking rip so you guys are doing something right you kids should
definitely go to this night some Swedish it just like every kid should go to that
school thank you so much Oscar Rosenberg
Hauberg did two-time Vans Park series world champion Yeah right I’m soaked in
you’re the bastard year-old Val Victorian hi and you know what I mean
that’s a skateboarders skateboarder i watch oski skate and I just please could
can I skate like that even in a dream I would love to skate like Oscar nobody
doesn’t like you got a point no one else could have done a manual and
won it with that I know like the fact he chose to do it there and put it in the
middle of everything else yeah like anybody who actually knows and I know
there’s a bunch of people that good people to watch this know like the fact
that he would inject that yeah and and then it would work and it out like it
was man yeah it’s dumbfounding it’s so it’s that brilliant it’s really cool I
think it’s something that you know you have to like choreograph in your head
that this is what like he said the crowd fed off of it he realized it you were
filming him earlier I watched it and just the the the adrenaline that he was
having transpired to the crowd and obviously the judges caught it and I
think that’s where skateboarding is so brilliant in its uniqueness of its how
it affects you and even in skateboarding contest you know I mean obviously we’re
in a course that’s you know what we used to skate we would consider this kind of
like a mini ramp contest but these kids are actually really starting to take it
to another level with the technicality bringing street into it and then you
know obviously bringing their own personality flair to it and so it’s cool
to see I’d love to see some some more vert added and maybe some more technical
Street stuff added for next year but uh you know that’s my my take on like what
we should do for future you know what I mean because I want to see let’s talk
about the few really their wings you don’t mean because I know there’s more
in them yeah I know they got a lot more to give and they’re doing an amazing job
with what we have and it’s beautiful to watch and it’s pretty cool park syriza’s
has really changed the the culture of skateboarding because it brought
transition skateboarding back to a place of popularity where street was
everything we felt that when vert kind of like died me and all of us here
and it’s like now kind of like trannies back Bert’s back and I want to see Bert
skateboarding come back as well so it’s it’s pretty cool what’s happening in one
box and one thing that vans has done along with the Utah Sports Commission by
building this part and leaving it so now we’ve made an indelible mark on the Salt
Lake City skate scene and that is something that obviously I mean we all
know Vance has gone hard this year in making these parks permanent so what do
you think in terms of what we’ve left this year we left Sal Paulo 2 years ago
Montreal Paris now Salt Lake I mean it might be too much to say but do you
think we’ve changed skateboarding as a whole by building these parks showing
what’s possible and then unleashing them on the public know maybe I don’t know
that’s a heavy question man this is a fucking circus man and the
circus comes to town and the best the best thing about the park series and the
best thing about his foundation is that there that that we’re trying to they’re
trying to spread the word by by building skate parks and leaving them for kids to
grow up in and that can’t possibly be a bad thing right like giving kids a place
to skateboard I’d personally like to see the parks in in regards to the park
series if you’re gonna build a park this is one run at a park I’d like to see
them build the whole park and leave the whole park and just have our little
contests in the one section or whatever but not that harks back to the skate
park days right like we had a lot of variety in the skate parks there was
there was the keyhole there was the clover yeah it was the bank one yeah
there’s the street nowadays there’s the street Plaza and there’s the 60-foot
long curb and and all the things that you need to make a complete skatepark
and this is just one facet of that of that whole thing you know and I
personally really like the fact that they brought Deluxe and Thrasher in
and and that they they were trying to support local skate shops because the
mom-and-pop skate shop is dangerously close to being extinct and so two for
each stop we go to deluxe and everybody that you know they’d support the local
shop in the local shop could could get a bunch of eyes on it and so thanks to
deluxe and Thrasher for like participating in that that’s super cool
and with this I mean this this series though this series you’re right it’s
it’s inspired by DIY skate parks and by that DIY ethos and we received some
incredible news as part you know like you said it’s a circus so everyone’s
talking there’s stuff happening all over got a call earlier that Channel Street I
know a park that’s near and dear to your heart
Ronnie sound of all grew up there I mean that is a park that built him personally
I hate channel screen it broke my hand there well is that that Park you know
and this is one DIY Park in the world that is very important rub my hands they
are getting clearance from the local government so it’s happening and by
putting on events like this by having you guys representing skateboarding it’s
it’s helping it’s spreading the word so for better for worse these type of
events are telling local governments hey skateboarding is fun it’s cool yeah the
skateboarders skate yeah yeah don’t get me wrong like I love Andy and and all in
everybody that that built channel Street and all the kids that came out of it hey
Robbie you should come enter these things yes
please you make a couple bucks you look great anyway like it’s it’s fantastic
that they got it I would have bet my I would have bet the mortgage that Channel
street wouldn’t reopen and and they saved the place and now bands is
stepping in to help them out financially and it looks like that it’ll be open
much quicker than they thought it provided everybody pitches in they need
help work but it’s also these televised events are validating all that in the
city councils are seeing that seeing how it’s
on the rise and seeing the popularity and they go oh well we have this park we
just haven’t been allowing people to use it
so yeah that’s going to open up and probably going to make room for brand
new parks down the line yeah totally I mean they clean they clean the giy
people they clean up really really ugly dirty zones that you know and they make
them livable again it you know in areas that you did not want to go to repurpose
so sound like repurpose yeah whatever there’s drugs there’s there’s lots of
drug addicts there’s lots of prostitution and they come down there
and they clean it up and and they make it worth something other than something
negative so these events serve as multiple levels of inspiration we
inspire you to go skateboarding we inspire your local community to support
DIY parks to support your local skate park clean the place up
don’t graffiti up your local park keep these spots open for skaters of the
future so it’s all about inspiration when you watch what these guys do what
these men and women have done out here today take all of that and apply it to
your local scene apply it to your own skateboarding have fun I love what Jeff
Grosso says at the end of every episode of love letters now you go skate go
fucking skate turn the shit off check it out I stood this morning it’s amazing
Tony Hawk ripped it these guys killed it I didn’t it’s amazing thank you to vans
for like you know really stepping up to build the park and leave it like to me
I’ve wanted everyone to be left but you know what I understand sometimes we need
to put it in places that it needs to be for for showcasing but this is amazing
what’s happening now we’re gonna leave parks and that’s the future right there
you know some people to skateboard through it and more inspiration coming
at you right now the Thrasher Magazine best trick is going on behind us here
are a couple of tricks that we’ve picked out that have just happened so far some
highlights from our best trick these Thrasher edits at
the end of these things are always insane there’s Luis Francisco double
flip so Genting here whoa that’s what he was trying to just run there Pedro’s
back thought he thought he wouldn’t be now this is where things get a real buck
jiggles he came back guys Wow
Pedro makes tricks just look good clay is just throwing The Verge tricks out
there yeah cuz there’s nothing better than the vert trick talk about I rest my
case yeah personally like Lizzie had to go
catch a plane because she had to get back to South Paulo for the Olympic
bullshit but I wish the girls had come out and ride the best trick they never I
think they feel a little intimidated or whatever but they could make a couple
bucks SOI SOI is going down to the deck right
now you grab some of those women get them out there we want to thank all of
you for watching congratulations to our multiple world champions
Oscar Rosenberg Hallberg and Sakura Yoshizumi it’s been another epic event
here in the van’s Park series a world championship so for any of you out there
watching find your local skate park and go skateboarding fire it up go do it
Charlie you guys at home man thanks for wasting your time with us we know you
love it and I hope we put on a good show for you guys to like waste your morning
or your night or whatever so thanks for watching man it really means a lot to us way better I promise
Chris past respess trick is on Chris she go to work what’s up crowd yes and
viewers that was amazing I loved tuning in and getting perspective from the
legendary Jeff cross out Christian Hosoi thank you guys and we are in our best
trick there are seven minutes left on the clock it’s a 20 minute Jam as the
guys would say has said it’s open to all competitors both men and women
we’ve got Norah vasconcelos out there we had pedro burrows through the hugest
frontside air i’ve ever seen in my life I’m gonna let you guys watch this thing
the entire park is in play $5,000 cash being handed out by Tim O’Connor Gary
Rogers and the one and only Christian Hosoi I’m gonna let those dudes take it
away Big Love watch this action yeah yeah Effie Wow
get a Dora oh my never never in a thousand years never yeah go for that back blonde oh my god xscape las’ be sue give 20
bucks for getting out of that yeah oh my the back does blondie di Ken we
got money for you five minutes you want to do it again we still got money for
you Oh dodge support Oh jakey echo that is
gnarly right there back I think no speak see the sideways yes CJ called that varial flip over the
hip yeah Curren keep foot back tail slide attempt that’s gonna be the one for me what he
does at that nose Mayo is ridiculous Christian Hosoi anybody that gives me a
no grab nose one on the band sign and that knows we are just gonna be the cake
right there what are you thinking what do you feel in Christian no stall of
fakie off the sign Pedro borrows one of my favorite skaters in the world every
my favorite to hate rotors so make no sense sometime which I bother weirdo
Cash Giveaway Thrasher Cash Giveaway tricks Oh Tricia wanted that one for
tricks go ahead Tristan stoked to be down here
I know we just did the little last call upstairs right here Nora you got that
I thought the adrenaline was going during the finals this is a little bit
height knows blue a soldier sign by bad girl you got to make that Pedro Pedro he’s
got to go down this is messed up rainy with a backline
amazing no-handed Tristan come on over here we got money for you you were
prepared oh wait why we’re my met ya slob fastplant off the ferry under the v
come on over here Cedric yeah Cawood 540 attempt to jog a minute 50 left, yeah Alex, I
will take the money it’s Pedro got Owens going dumb fast
yeah yeah come on Nora yeah I know yeah go blackie putback tailslide a couple seconds winded down on the
clock all right time is up right there yo you
can speed skating but we want to keep Nora won’t police five tries we want to
keep Nora at least five tries for that key flip if she’s up to it if you’re
feeling it we’re gonna give you at least five tries to Nora so we got 800 bucks
we got 1,800 still to get out yeah that’s one right there I just want to
see her land one like that gap it up to eggplant you seen them put em on fading
oh yeah if you get that will give you a thousand bucks Nora
what was it smackeroos Oh that’s not your board that’s why I don’t
look at the board like what’s going on you don’t know it yeah hey the front nosegrind revert attempt all
the money put his fate only one plays about it get that clays body
whoa smack nose blowing slide on that who’s not just a speech Acker gymnasts parkour over the pommel horse Josh we got money for you about Josh
it’s been back tail on the big wall doors got three tries left Wow Louise Louise Louise keep with body
down 540 clang-clang clang-clang 540 you know that was absolute lunacy clean get
on over here I’m too high that’s not supposed to be done without pads that
big wow it’s really more dangerous if he Wow I’ll come for the eggplant on the
inside No two more for Nora I’m confused keep without downside current cables we
got money for you Curran who is that current cook get over here buddy
Oh Archy Oh safe Romy’s shipping yeah Roman whoa Danny
Way my son Oh jealousy the capelet we just go for
wine that was amazing kickflip go she squirts
oh my Jake I love that he’s not even riding on his own board he not riding on
his own nothing but give it Nora one more key game popper where we got money
wise guys Nora Nora Nora Nora Nora 400 tap one
more door we got one more one more yeah no no I like I always just put all
that pressure on her she’s like the deciding factor for the best trick every
day she just wants to concentrate yo I was sick
capelet knows it he’s got it pulled all the way in that was really sick ah yes Cedric yeah eggplant on the van
side so close yeah Norah you’re speaking up Nora if you want alright we’re gonna keep going until
Kyle runs out of money but speaking of Nora if you want to go
meet Nora after this she’s gonna be doing a signing over at the swatch booth
going over and see you’re up close and personal not too personal Oh CJ missed
it camp it up to that nose bluntslide get on up here CJ we got money to your
right to your right don’t act a few what’s wrong with your
other right what’s wrong you still cover it CJ we got money we got money boys a
little money CJ we got money for you what uh is that a 1280 oh good going blind in my eye
we got 260 left o P V front does Dr Weber get out of here yeah JB 140 bucks left for one last trick whatever the next big trick is that gets
100 and that’s it well it depends who whatever the last big trick is yeah and
I gap up the tail side from the all the way from the low no close he tried it
would be well worth that last chunk of money yeah Nora she did that the other
day amazing popped it so high Nora one more Oh
all right we gonna give Nora one last try this is so screwed yeah Roman what’s
wrong with him what’s wrong with him you don’t just do that we have public Randolph oh you’ll make some noise for
Nora we’re shutting it down right now that’s gonna be it for the Brassard best
trick get on up here Jake get on up here Jake
nobody even knows what you did you didn’t hear the trampoline move I was
waiting for the nollie up big spin Jake will we get up again also picture
bars get out over here we got a thousand bucks for you for the overall thousand
bucks right there yeah pity true a cheek would we get out of it we got money for
you that is it we are shutting it down Thank You Salt Lake City for coming out
thank you Vance for an amazing year once again wow what an amazing event we’ve had here
first off we would like to thank you our loyal fans and our viewers for your
continued support thank you for helping us grow the participation of
skateboarding and the Vans Park series mission statement which is growing the
participation and promoting creativity and skateboarding and leaving behind
legacy parks like this one we’d also like to thank all our skaters forgiven
it a hundred and ten percent and of course our broadcast hosts
including a legendary Tony Hawk we’d like to thank Thrasher Magazine DLX SF
of course vans for your continued support to deliver this mission and this
quality programming and we’d also like to thank our partners of vans Park
series who have made this all possible that is the Utah State Sports Commission
the Utah State fairground California skate parks swatch watch flex fit the
border you TMG Adobe and all of you viewers for making the 2019 season our
best one yet thank you for watching congratulations to our champions Oscar
Rosenberg and Sakura yosuzume big love we will see you next year peace you you