L: nothing happened it doesn’t matter what they say.. nothing happened Clarice: but would you have wanted it in your heart? Lucrezia: Clarice, he will come back Lorenzo: you will be in my thoughts Clarice: i find no consolation in these words and you in mine.. always Lorenzo: since the first time i saw you, you had my respect it’s a honor to have you as my wife I noticed a distance between you and Lorenzo Clarice: it’s more from him than from me Lorenzo: i can’t go on like this
Clarice: yes, you can Clarice: but you don’t have to. Not alone, i promise Clarice: you think you can do miracles. You’re made of flesh and bones! Lorenzo: and Pistoia? Lorenzo: who do you think saved you in Pistoia? Prayers? Clarice: Lorenzo please if you had stayed in Florence at least you would have died with your family Clarice: let it be a new beginnig for our family he sent you to my home to kill my children and my pregnant wife Clarice! Lorenzo: i don’t want to leave without your love Lorenzo: i don’t want to leave without your love Clarice: my love is always with you Clarice: you are at the center of your father’s world Clarice: we will call her Maddalena Lorenzo: Maddalena! if you give me your heart i promise before God that i will take care of it