What’s up guys Jimmy Or cows welcome back and if You have entered the PS4 Pro Gaming console Giveaway there are some new Entries Available Right Now so if You want to Max out Those Entries the link Is in the Description and You Guys go Take advantage of that and Today, we’re Going to go Over Three Steps, or Three ways you can Possibly Make your Downloads Quicker in Playstation 4 and This is Frustrating for A lot of People Including Myself Big Shout out to Long Sensation for The Gameplay and the Idea on the video Link in the Description to his Video as Well in his Channel you Guys go Check them out and we’re Going to go Over Three Steps That May be able to Help you Download a little Quicker and Right out of the gate You want to Make sure you’re on ethernet Or land over Wireless Whenever you Can if that IS an Option for you Make Sure You’re using A Lan Cable [and] ethernet Cord if That’s an Option not everybody has That Option and I Fully Understand That but if You Can Make sure you’re doing it and I just went Through this When I was [downloading] Infinite warfare a Month Or two Ago and it took two Days to Download so I’m going to show you three steps that May be able to help you Increase your! Download Speed At least a little bit and some of These you May Know Some of Them you may not so the first one Is Taking [Advantage] of Google Changing your Primary and Secondary Dns is to google’s dns which some People Would Say Well Are we allowed to do that is Google Going to get Mad No They aren’t and as you can See on the Screen here that is the Primary dns and then when You go to, secondary it’s the same Thing except for it’s you Replace The Last Two eights With Fours now what this is going [to] do is A Piggyback you on Google’s dnS and This Helps A lot of People I’ve Seen A lot of Feedback from People That State This One Helps out A lot but let’s Say This, one doesn’t Help out you Can Also use the Open dns Address Which I’m going to Show you Guys Here Once again you [are] going to be Replacing your Primary and your Secondary and Anybody Can Do this so the Primary for the open dns Address if the Google One doesn’t Seem to help Is 2-0 8.6 7.2 To 2.2 to [Two] and This one Is Way longer than The Google dns and then You go Down to the Secondary and you input There as, well to Zero 8.6 7.2 To 0.2 to Zero so you replace two of the two’s from the Primary With Zeros and don’t worry you’re not going to mess Anything Up if you’re New [to] this and You’re Putting Stuff in There it’s not going to hurt Anything and then you want to of Course put in your ip Address Default Gateway Now I’m going to show you Guys Really quick if you’re New to this all you have to do is go to command prompt This is Windows 10 There is a Desktop App for it you Can type in CMD and this will Take you to Command prompt and Once You are on Command Prompt it’s Really, Easy all you have to do Is type in ipconfig And is going to Pop up all of the Stuff you need to Manually enter in There your default Gateway your subnet Mask Everything Or line so that’s step Number, one Step number Two is a little Easier but it’s, also a little more Tedious But it does Seem to Work for People it Actually helped me Download Modern Warfare Remastered a, little Quicker so you Need to have A land set up you need to have ethernet hooked up for this one You can’t be Doing Wireless and it’s Really Simple This one Is pretty Simple all you do Is Disconnect your [ethernet] Cable from your Playstation 4 Wait 5 10 15 Seconds Plug it back in It does something Internally and Resets the Speeds and for a Minute or two your Turbo-Charged You’re on this super Boost now Some People Said There’s a slim Chance of Corrupting your game Files or downloading I’ve Never Heard of Feedback on this but I Will Just Let you Guys Know as a Warning but that One Works [Pretty] Well and The Final one Step 3 and This One also Works This one to me May Be the most consistent and it’s, also the easiest Putting your Playstation 4 in Rest Mode or Standby Mode and what that does Is it closes all the Applications as you Can See right There you go to the power settings the PS4 will Keep Operating at A, lower power level Consumption you Can change Control it will Still charge Controller to download Update Files and It’s it’s just a way [of] Getting Rid of All the busy Work that it’s Trying to Handle and it Focuses [More] on Those Downloads so if you put your Playstation 4 in Rest Mode While you’re Doing A download some People Don’t Think that it will Continue to download trust me it will that was Another Way That I sped up My downloads When I was downloading Call of Duty and I was Having super Issues trying to get the thing downloaded rest Mode Was Probably the most Consistent? Way so There you go Guys? Three Easy Steps [to] Hopefully Increase your Download Speed if You’re Trying to get games Around the Holiday Season [for] your Playstation 4 if Any of This Helped, Be Sure to share the Video [Around] drop a like on the Video and I’ll see you later