– [Presenter] Today we’re
going to talk about how to make a standard payment
online at creditonebank.com. It’s an easy process,
so let’s get started. The first thing you want to
do is sign in to your account by entering your username and password. Then click on the orange Sign In button. Once you sign in you’ll be
taken to the overview page. This is where you’ll see such information as your balance, your payment due date and your minimum payment. Click on the blue Pay Bill button when you’re ready to make your payment. You’ll then be taken to a
page where you have the option to make an express payment
or a standard payment. Click on the blue Make
Standard Payment button when you’re ready to make your payment. You can now make your standard payment. On this screen you can
select your bank account and select the payment
amount you’d like to make. Today we’re going to
pay our current balance. Once you select your current balance you can then click Continue to proceed. On this page you can verify
your standard payment amount. If everything looks good please click on the orange Submit button
to submit your payment. If everything went alright
you’ll get a confirmation screen. This is where you’ll see your
payment has been authorized. If your payment doesn’t
go through it may be because there is a problem
with your bank account number. To verify that your information is correct click on the Add/Update bank account link under the bank account field. This will take you to a screen where you can update your
bank account information. Please check your financial institution, your routing number and account number. And once you’re done,
click Submit to proceed. Your bank account information
has been updated successfully. You may now scroll down
and click on the blue Make Standard Payment button to try again. If your payment still does not go through please call Credit One
Bank customer service at 800-797-4299 for additional assistance. A couple of things to keep in mind. In order to avoid a late payment fee your online payment must
be entered and confirmed by 5:00 p.m. Pacific
Time on your due date. A standard payment can only
be made with a bank account, either checking or savings. If you wish to make a
payment with a debit card you can only do so using
the express payment option. With the standard payment option your funds will be
available within seven days. To learn more about when
your payment will post or about the differences between a standard and express payment. Visit the frequently asked questions at creditonebank.com and click
on the pay bills section. Thank you for watching and
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