“The brush holders support the motor brushes
and align them with the armature. It consists of the metal holder bracket and
the brush tension spring. The most common issue with the brush holder
is a damaged brush tension spring. If the motor is overloaded, heat can damage
the spring, causing it to lose its tension. A badly overloaded motor can also cause damage
to the holder itself. Replacing the brush holder is a repair that
you can do yourself and I’m going to show you how. Hi, I’m Mark Sodja. Do-it-yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor grills, our how-to videos walk you through each repair from start to
finish, so doing it yourself means never having to do it alone. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the rear cover from
the tool. With the cover removed, now I have access
to both of the brush holders. To remove the holder, first I’ll remove the
brush. I’ll pull the tension spring away from the
brush, remove the wire lead, and pull the brush from the holder. Next, I’ll remove the wire that leads from
the field to the brush holder. The brush holder is secured with a screw and
I’ll remove it. I’ll use my pliers to remove the brush holder. Now, I can install the new brush holder. I’ll line it with the housing and push it
into place. I’ll secure the holder with the screw, reconnect
the wire, I’ll pull the brush tension spring out of the holder and place it off to the
side. Now, replace the brush. You’ll notice the holder has a slot inside
of it. I’ll line the wire on the brush with the slot,
reconnect the brush lead to the holder, and place the tension spring back over the top
of the brush. I’d repeat this on the other side if the second
holder needed to be replaced. Now, I’ll reinstall the rear housing
and secure it with the screw. That’s how easy it is to replace the brush
holder in your power tool. Be sure to check back often for new videos
and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
thumbs up and leave a comment.”